Castro Regime Secretly Tapes Hollywood Liberals

Listen to the Hollyweird elite gush with their love of the brutal communist dictator Fidel Castro, who took over a prosperous country and reduced it to a slave state so hellish that people take to shark-infested waters in inner-tubes to escape:

Naomi Campbell: “Fidel Castro is a source of inspiration for me! It is a great pleasure to be in Cuba. I’ve really enjoyed myself, and I plan to come back!”

Jack Nicholson: “Fidel Castro is a genius! We spoke about everything. Castro is a humanist. Cuba is simply a paradise!”

Chevy Chase: “Socialism works. I think Cuba might prove that.”

Oliver Stone: “Castro is very selfless and moral, one of the world’s wisest men.”

Harry Belafonte: “If you believe in freedom, if you believe in justice, if you believe in democracy, you have no choice but to support Fidel Castro!”

Kevin Costner: “It was an experience of a lifetime to sit only a few feet away from him (Castro).”

Stephen Spielberg: “The eight most important hours of my life” (describing his dinner with Castro).

High-ranking Cuban intelligence defector Delfin Fernandez reveals a possible explanation for why they would lavish such grotesquely extravagant praise on such a wicked man:

My job was to bug their hotel rooms with both cameras and listening devices. … Famous Americans are the priority objectives of Castro’s intelligence. When the celebrity visitors arrived at the Hotels Nacional, Meliá Habana and Meliá Cohiba, we already had their rooms completely bugged with sophisticated taping equipment. But not just the rooms, we’d also follow the visitors around, sometimes we covered them 24 hours a day.

Communist Cuba is prominent in the child prostitution/sex tourism trade [PDF]. Who knows what secrets are being held over the empty heads of Tinseltown Trotskyites who made pilgrimages to the island prison?

Then again, the public statements listed above are so vile, it’s doubtful anything Cuba’s secret police could reveal would damage their reputations — unless they were recorded saying something good about America, which could sink their careers, but isn’t very likely.

Where moonbats are concerned, it’s best not to ascribe to blackmail what could better be explained by ignorance, stupidity, insanity, and/or pure evil.

Oliver Stone Fidel Castro
Lovers cuddle.

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