Michele Bachmann Dances On Stage, Signs Men’s Chests, And Owns The Crowd In Myrtle Beach (11 pics, 2 videos)

Broadway at the Beach was a great place for Michele Bachmann to hold a campaign rally. There’s lots of parking, lots of shops, and a gorgeous view.

Broadway at the Beach

Still, since it is early in the campaign season and Myrtle Beach has a much smaller populace than most think (roughly 27,000), I didn’t expect more than say, 200 people to show up. Well, although estimating crowds is always tricky, I was surprised to see that the crowd was probably closer to 500 people, which is big for a political event in Myrtle Beach.

The crowd, other than a couple of Truthers who happened to be there, also seemed to be very enthused about getting to see Michele Bachmann up close and in person.


Bachmann fan

Bachmann fan

Bachmann fan

It was good news that the crowd was hot for Bachmann, because even though it was sweltering, her plane was late, and the event got started an hour and fifteen minutes late, very few people left.

Happily, Bachmann did eventually show up in her brand spanking new tour bus which she said she was using for the very first time at the Myrtle Beach event.

After getting a raucous welcome from the crowd, Bachmann received some glowing introductions and waved to the crowd.

Bachmann waves

Apparently, Bachmann was really feeling the love from the crowd because she broke into a dance with her husband right as she got started.

After that, as per usual, she delivered an outstanding speech. Bachmann has a lot of charisma, a lot of experience giving speeches, and she was in front of a receptive audience.

Michele Bachmann’s Myrtle Beach Tea Party Speech. 6/29/11 from John Hawkins on Vimeo.

When the speech was over, a couple of hundred people moved up to the stage to shake hands, grab pictures, and get autographs. The only person I saw Bachmann refuse (I couldn’t hear the exchange to verify) was somebody who seemed to be asking her to sign a dollar bill, which is technically illegal. Otherwise, she signed placards, baseball caps, people’s arms, and most notably, because I haven’t seen it done before, a couple of men’s chests.

Cute Little Girl and Bachmann

You're great, not a flake

John Hawkins and Michele Bachmann John Hawkins and Michele Bachmann

Bachmann signs arm

Bachmann signs man's chest

Bachmann signs man's chest

All in all, it was a good day for Bachmann. She gave an outstanding speech to a larger than expected crowd in a primary state, she had a good time doing it, and the crowd ate her up with a spoon.

PS #1: Thanks to Johnnie Bellamy and the rest of the Horry County GOP for helping to make this happen.

PS #2: Fun fact: Michele Bachmann’s first congressional campaign was in 2006 and she was one of only 10 competitive, first-time candidates the Rightroots group I led chose to back. 2006 was a horrible year for the GOP and even though we raised roughly $300,000 in a slapdash effort during the final three months of the campaign, almost everyone we backed lost. However, Bachmann did manage to win her race handily and today, she’s a rising political star. The money we raised for her certainly didn’t turn the tide, but it’s nice to know we got to do what we could to help someone like Bachmann make an impact.

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