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Is The RNC Relevant?

Written By : Michael Fell
December 8, 2011

The current White House occupant spewed so many lies during his taxpayer funded December 6th campaign stop in Osawatomie Kansas that I had to turn his speech off before screaming objections to his rubbish filled remarks destroyed my vocal cords.


When speaking of Conservative economic policy…and I quote: “But here’s the problem:  It doesn’t work.  It has never worked.  It didn’t work when it was tried in the decade before the Great Depression.”


Then why were they called the roaring twenties?  Facts are, detailed IRS data shows that the Mellon tax cuts resulted in greater tax payments and a larger tax share paid by those with high incomes.  Meanwhile they also led to an annual average growth rate of 4.7%.

Conservative economic policies have never worked?  Then why did President Ronald Reagan’s economy esperience a 7.2 % growth rate in 1984?  During the Reagan expansion of 1983-89, the economy grew by an average annual rate of 3.8%.

Facts show that the results of the 20s and the 80s were far better than FDR’s, Jimmy Carter’s…or yours.

So quit borrowing from Karl Marx to play the pro-big government class warfare card, claiming the middle class is “under siege” by rich people.  Getting ahead in America has never been about big government stealing from the rich to give to the poor.  Positive results occur when government doesn’t needlessly interfere in the private sector economy.

Now, the Republican National Committee wants the administration’s opponents to ”refrain from personal attacks”.  Why?  How well did that strategy work  for John McCain back in 2008? 
The RNC want Republicans to give occupant a fair shake?  Let’s give him what he deserves.  Let’s call him what he is…a liar.  Calling a liar a liar based on verifiably factual information does not reveal an inability to debate issues on merit.  Just the contrary.
Want a safe bet?  Never will members of the RNC need a chiropractor.  Nor will they ever suffer from any form of testicular disease.  Can you say gutless? 
Here’s the fact based truth:    “progressives” lie, cheat, & steal any and every election they can.  Like every other Chicago based thug politician, the “progressive” occupying the Oval Office is a forked tongued, two faced, backstabbing, hypocritical, pathological liar who will throw his own allies to the wolves at the drop of a hat in order to save his own political hide.
If the RNC disaproves of speaking that truth to that power, then perhaps it’s time for Conservative Americans to render the RNC irrelevant.

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