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Nancy Pelosi: I Was a Mother, Then I Got A Life

Written By : Warner Todd Huston
December 5, 2013

Former Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi thinks that women who are mothers “have no life.” At least that is what she said during a Politico event in Washington this week.


Cortney O’Brien reports at Towhall that Pelosi appeared at the event with her daughter to talk about how she left behind her life as a mother and wife when she ran for Congress.

Apparently, Pelosi’s daughter, Alexandra, told her mother to “get a life” when she announced she was thinking of running for Congress back in 1992.

The former Speaker was just so darn “amazed” by her daughter’s thought that being a mother wasn’t “a life” and that she should go run for Congress instead.

After the pair finished gushing about how great it was that Pelosi went and “got a life” by becoming a Congresscritter, it appears that Pelosi had a second of realization that it sounded sort of bad to say that mothers don’t have lives.

“I mean I had a life, but I had another life by running for Congress,” she blurted out in an attempt to mitigate her dismissal of motherhood.

Undaunted at how she and her mother were belittling mothers, daughter Alexandra gushed onward saying, “She stopped cooking before all the other moms did […] There were pieces of evidences she was moving on with her life. Now she has a life that’s all-consuming.”

Wow, how cool, eh? Alexandra had an inattentive, absentee mom long before everyone else did. How lucky for her, eh?

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