Mayor Of City With Horrendous Murder Rate And Strict Gun Laws Calls For More Gun Laws

If there was a media that was interested in exposing facts instead of pushing a political position, someone might actually ask Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel “how’s that current gun ban working?”

(WGNtv) Gun violence is a daily occurence for mayors across the Chicago area and the state of Illinois, and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is leading the push for stronger gun control.

“Whether you are a Democrat, whether you are a Republican, whether you’re rural or urban or suburban, whether you’re from Illinois or Gary, Indiana, given what goes on in some of the transfers of illegal guns — having comprehensive legislation at the national level doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t do what we need to do here in the state,” Emanuel said today at a City Hall news conference.

Mayor Emanuel urged state legislators in Illinois and Indiana to pass an assault weapons ban and other common-sense gun control measures.

In urban areas, straw purchases and gun-running are huge problems, so Emanuel and others are looking for ways to better regulate and track the sales of guns.

Except, the criminals who have guns have them illegally, and really don’t care what the laws are. In fact, the Gun Control Act of 1968 prohibits most straw sales and transfers of guns to people who should not have them. Interestingly, they still get them. Weird, eh? Even more strange, murder violates the law, yet people still do it. Stranger still, gun running is illegal, yet, criminals still do it.

“I’m standing here today to support the call for stronger gun regulations and to ask more city leaders, regardless of the size of their community, and especially those who are in smaller communities, to join our cause,” Mayor Teresa Kernc of Diamond, Ill., said at today’s news conference.

All this does is take guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens, leaving them prey to the aforementioned criminals.

In fact, most handguns are banned in Chicago and many of the surrounding towns. And

Since January 1, 1990, an astonishing 14,973 people have been murdered in Chicago. Even worse, many of the victims have been children.

The ban has been in place since 1982. On the flip side, since 1990 the number of murders has dropped from the 900’s down into the 400’s, much of which can be contributed to serious law enforcement efforts to do away with gangs (the 1980’s and 1990’s where huge decades for organized gangs) and citizens getting the hell out of Chicago. Also, better medical care. Over 440 school age children have been shot in Chicago, but “only” 62 have been killed. That’s what’s happening in the city with one of the most stringent gun control laws.

If Emanuel, Mike “Nanny” Bloomberg, and others want to do something, they can get tough on the criminals that have guns. Of course, that’s difficult, and involves breaking Liberal tenants which require law enforcement to treat actual criminals as sociological studies, and, we surely wouldn’t want to infringe on their rights, now, would we? It’s easier for them to stick it to law abiding citizens and call it a day.

And, perhaps all those mayors would be willing to disarm their bodyguards. Practice what they preach.

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