How Many Lies Can Harry Reid Tell In A Single Sentence About Health Care?

One of the reasons people have grown to despise politics so much in general and the Democrats who are in power in particular, is because of how shamelessly they lie about everything.

Here’s one sentence from an article in the Politico:

“The key elements of this health care reform bill, I repeat: reduces short-and-long term debt, expands coverage, promotes choice and competition, reforms the insurance market, improves quality of care,” Reid said.

Let’s look at these one at a time:

reduces short-and-long term debt, expands coverage

This bill will cause the debt to EXPLODE. Even setting aside the fact that entitlement programs always end up costing far more in the real world than they do on paper, this bill is full of accounting gimmicks. They start collecting taxes now and not providing services for 4 years, because the CBO is only allowed to score a 10 year period. They have more than 200 billion in doctor payments they’re leaving out of the bill. There are huge Medicare cuts in the bill that may or may not ever come to pass. This is going to be staggeringly expensive and everyone, Democrat or Republican, who is following it knows that. In fact, if someone denies it, it’s a good bet that: he either thinks you’re ignorant or have no qualms about lying to you.

expands coverage

That’s true. More people will be covered under the bill. Of course, it’s worth noting that we could cover all those same people at a fraction of the cost and without having to rewrite the health care system for everyone else in the country if Congress was inclined to do it.

promotes choice and competition

This is horsecrap. When liberals talk to each other, they admit that the public option is all about destroying the insurance industry and converting over to a single payer system. But, when they talk to the general public, they deny that’s what they’re doing. It’s rather bizarre — but in any case, having the government providing your insurance instead of competing insurance companies, which is the end game of all this, does not promote choice and competition.

reforms the insurance market

In the short term, it will reform the insurance market. In the long-term, it will destroy it utterly. So, it is reform, in the sense that pouring sugar into your gas tank will “reform” your car.

improves quality of care

Really? Death panels, rationing, less doctors for more patients, the government denying people needed treatments to save money — these things will improve care? This bill will destroy the quality of care in this country — but, the government will be in charge while it happens — and that’s what people like Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and Barack Obama really care about.

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