Did Progressives Engineer 2008 Crash?

America would not have gone completely off the rails to elect a mysterious but obviously unqualified ultra-left community organizer President of the United States if it weren’t for the panic surrounding the 2008 economic meltdown, combined with John “More of the Same” McCain’s admitted incompetence on economic matters. But the excellent timing of the financial crisis from Democrats’ point of view was conspicuously absent from a Pentagon report on the likelihood that it was deliberately triggered by America’s enemies:

Evidence outlined in a Pentagon contractor report suggests that financial subversion carried out by unknown parties, such as terrorists or hostile nations, contributed to the 2008 economic crash by covertly using vulnerabilities in the U.S. financial system.

The unclassified 2009 report “Economic Warfare: Risks and Responses” by financial analyst Kevin D. Freeman, a copy of which was obtained by The Washington Times, states that “a three-phased attack was planned and is in the process against the United States economy.” …

“There is sufficient justification to question whether outside forces triggered, capitalized upon or magnified the economic difficulties of 2008,” the report says, explaining that those domestic economic factors would have caused a “normal downturn” but not the “near collapse” of the global economic system that took place.

Who says they were outside forces? Nancy Morgan at American Thinker recalls September 15, 2008:

Obama and McCain are virtually tied in their race for the presidency. Out of nowhere, in the space of less than 2 hours, the Federal Reserve noticed a tremendous drawdown of money market accounts in the U.S. to the tune of $550 billion. Rep. Paul Kanjorski of Pennsylvania said that if authorities had not closed the banks, $5.5 trillion would have been withdrawn from US banks, which would have caused the collapse of the US within 24 hours.

A panic phase was necessary to get Obama into office. That has passed, but the war on our economy continues, dovetailing perfectly with the hard left’s goal of reducing America to a second-rate power while imposing a collectivist economy.

George Soros, bankroller of all things radical left, has been fingered for engineering financial crises in Asia and Britain. Now he says the world’s America-based financial system has collapsed. There’s no need to wonder what this outspoken internationalist/oligarchical collectivist thinks we should replace it with. But it would be interesting to know how much he had to do with the 2008 crash.

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