Colorado Dems Pull Two Of The “War On Women” Gun Bills

However, the rest of their anti-personal protection legislation passed in the Senate

(Daily Caller) But two of the most contentious bills – one which would ban concealed weapons on college campuses and one that would make owners, sellers and manufacturers of assault-style weapons liable for violent acts committed with the guns – died when their sponsors pulled them from the agenda after it became clear that at least three or more Democrats would vote against them.

Republicans and pundits spent quite a bit of time highlighting the notion that Democrats want to disarm women and make them more vulnerable to violence. Since Democrats were quite obliging with their talk of rape whistles and telling wome to ask rapists politely to not rape them. So the concealed carry bad on college campuses was pulled before debate

But the assault weapons liability bill – which opponents characterized as a de facto ban on such weapons – was easily the most controversial of the seven that were up for consideration on Friday. Senate president John Morse, who introduced the proposed legislation, railed against the gun lobby before he pulled it from the agenda, effectively killing it.

So Morse whined like a 3 year old told he couldn’t have a cookie before dinner.

“The gun lobby has actually argued we need more guns and managed to convince Coloradans that they will lose their guns if we impose even reasonable restrictions on firearms,” he said. The bill would have opened the door for owners, sellers and makers of AR-15s and similar weapons to lawsuits if they cause damage. Makers and sellers would be liable under the bill if it was shown that they negligently sold the weapons to people they should have know would have used them in a crime.

Well, gee, perhaps we should have laws that hold car manufacturers and sellers liable if they sell a vehicle to someone they should have know would drive drunk.

“We have experienced hatred and vitriol that I have only seen on the street as a police officer,” Morse said. “This has included wishing rape, torture and death on legislators and their families.”

Yet Democrat gun control laws, which are surely the first step towards even more gun control, mostly affect the ability of law abiding citizens to protect themselves from the criminals that Democrat justice system policies coddle. Very little of what they passed in the Senate would affect criminals. Because that is not the intention.

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