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Normalization of Pedophilia Proceeds

Written By : Dave Blount
December 26, 2013

According to the authorities, homosexuality is no longer a behavior or a disease, much less a sin, but an identity. It is therefore protected from criticism, and rewarded with special privileges that accompany identity politics. Inevitably, the same attitude will be applied to other aberrant behavior, starting with a closely related form of perversion, pedophilia:


Pedophilia has been widely viewed as a psychological disorder triggered by early childhood trauma.

Now, many experts see it as a biologically rooted condition that does not change — like a sexual orientation — thanks largely to a decade of research by Dr. James Cantor at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health [in Toronto].

Cantor’s team has found that pedophiles share a number of physical characteristics, including differences in brain wiring. It’s now thought that about 1 to 5 per cent of men are pedophiles, meaning they are primarily attracted to children.

That is about the same percentage that are homosexual.

Bolstered by this research, pedophiles who have never molested children are seeking social acceptance.

A guy calling himself Ethan Edwards is cofounder of Virtuous Pedophiles, a website explicitly devoted to “reducing the stigma against non-offender pedophiles.”

“We do not choose to be attracted to children, and we cannot make that attraction go away,” reads the website, which has about 200 members.

Anyone who has watched the top-down transformation of homosexuality from a psychosexual sickness to a source of “pride” that we are obliged to revere at the risk of losing our jobs for being “homophobes” can see where this is headed.

Dr Cantor appears to be another Alfred Kinsey — a creepy guy who uses science to advance a creepy agenda:

Sitting inside his office at the College St. research hospital, Cantor is surrounded by books on sexology and eccentric decor — a framed sign that reads “Data Is My Porn,” a throw pillow that spells “penis” in Braille.

Down the hall at the Kurt Freund Phallometric Lab, Cantor’s research team conducts experiments on convicted sex offenders. The men view nude images of children and adults of both sexes, while a device measures blood flow to their penises.

The Canadian tax dollar at play.

His team has found that pedophiles share many physical characteristics. They are shorter, on average, than other men. They are three times more likely to be left-handed or ambidextrous. Their IQs are about 10 to 15 points lower. Finally, they are more prone to childhood head injuries — which Cantor chalks up to a natural clumsiness.

These physical characteristics are determined before birth, so the explanation for pedophilia must be in part prenatal, Cantor says.

If they are born that way, they can’t help their desires — just as we are told is the case with homosexuals. Therefore, as with homosexuals, condemning their sexual fetishes equates to condemning their identities, which is hurtful, bigoted, intolerant, et cetera, ad nauseam.

The connection between homosexuality and pedophilia is clear:

Pedophiles are thought to be overwhelmingly men. About a third of those men prefer boys, about a third prefer girls, and a third will be attracted to both.

Whereas among non-pedophiles, less than one man in 25 is homosexual or bisexual.

Officially establishing pedophilia as a “sexual orientation,” as some already want to do, will designate pedophiles as an elevated class, with the de facto hiring and promotion priority entailed in laws and policies forbidding “discrimination.” From there the normalization of sexual relations between adults and children will follow inevitably. Anyone who objects will face the fate of Phil Robertson.

Progressives always have to push the envelope. Where else are they going to push it, now that we are required to regard homosexuality as normal?

On tips from Lyle and R F. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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