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Family of Teen Shot Attempting to Rob Store Says He Was ‘A Good Kid’

Written By : Warner Todd Huston
July 5, 2014

A teen who police say was trying to rob a clothing store was shot and killed by the store owner in Dayton, Ohio, last week, but the teen’s family is claiming he was a “good boy” and they dispute claims that he was trying to rob the place.


Sixteen-year-old Isiah Haggins Jr. entered the Step-N-Style clothing store on Monday, June 30 with another teen. The store owner says that the pair waved a gun and announced a robbery. But the store owner was also armed and he shot first, killing Haggins.

There is video of the attack and what is telling is that the police have not charged the storeowner with any crime. One would tend to think that the owner’s claim that the teens were trying to rob him are probably true or the police would be charging the store owner.

“At this point, it does appear to be self defense, but we are going through a full investigation to determine that,” said Lt. Matthew Dickey with the Dayton Police Department.

But all that is meaningless to the family that claims their teen was clean as the driven snow.

The family of a teen who was fatally shot by a Dayton clothing store owner this week during an attempted robbery is speaking out, expressing their frustration and seeking answers surrounding the teens death, local media reports.

Sixteen-year-old Isiah Haggins Jr. entered Step-N-Style Monday morning with another teen, intending to rob the place. One of the teens brandished a gun, but the owner was armed as well and shot Haggins.

Haggins was pronounced dead at the scene and the second teen, who has yet to be identified, is still at large.

The family has not been allowed to see the Haggins body. However, the coroner confirmed on Wednesday that his death was ruled a homicide and that he died from injuries sustained from multiple gunshot wounds.

The teens distraught family says authorities have provided them with no answers and very little information.

Why, of COURSE their baby was innocent. It’s always someone else’s fault.

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