Another TSA Agent Who Deserves To Be In A Jail Cell

If you work for the TSA, you should be ashamed of yourself and your family should be ashamed of you. In other words, I hold people who work for the TSA in about the same esteem that I hold members of the Nazi party, Communist Party, or KKK.

People get upset when I say things like that. “Oh, it’s their job. You can’t say they should quit rather than do something immoral.”

The hell, I can’t.

I’ve never accepted the “just following orders” defense. The TSA is violating the 4th Amendment by engaging in “unreasonable searches” against their fellow citizens, whom they feel up in a way that we would consider sexual assault if it occurred on the street.

The ostensible purpose of these grotesque public molestations is supposed to be “security,” but not only have these procedures never prevented a single terrorist attack that we know of, there are fairly simple ways for terrorists to get around the procedures.

So there’s very little actual security value to the TSA’s fascistic groping of people like Amy Alkon,

After a particularly aggressive patdown in March that might be better described as a feel-up, advice blogger Amy Alkon graphically described how she sobbed loudly while a TSA agent put her hands “into” her – four times. She screamed “You raped me” after the LAX patdown and took the agent’s name with plans to file charges of sexual assault. Those plans fell through after consulting an attorney, but she did blog about it and included the agent’s name, thereby inflicting her own assault – on the agent’s Google search results.

The TSA agent then hired a lawyer who contacted Alkon asking her to remove the post, threatening her with a defamation lawsuit, and asking for a settlement of $500,000. “Rape is a very serious charge,” writes lawyer Vicki Roberts on Thedala Magee’s behalf. She also says that Alkon, on a return trip to the airport in May called her client “a bad person” who had “sexually molested” her.

We now have the TSA rapist, Thedala Magee, suing her victim — and, yes, rape is an appropriate description of what Magee did. Here’s more from Amy Alkon:

Nearing the end of this violation, I sobbed even louder as the woman, FOUR TIMES, stuck the side of her gloved hand INTO my vagina, through my pants. Between my labia. She really got up there. Four times. Back right and left, and front right and left. In my vagina. Between my labia. I was shocked — utterly unprepared for how she got the side of her hand up there. It was government-sanctioned sexual assault.

Upon leaving, still sobbing, I yelled to the woman, “YOU RAPED ME.” And I took her name to see if I could file sexual assault charges on my return. This woman, and all of those who support this system deserve no less than this sort of unpleasant experience, and from all of us.

Thedala Magee deserves to spend time in prison for rape after what she did — and she’s not the only one. The people who work for the TSA may think they’re going to get away with this sort of thing forever — but they’re wrong. Karma has a way of coming back to bite in ways you don’t expect — and the TSA goons are running up a bill bigger than they could ever imagine.

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