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Obama: “Yes We Did” USA: “Did What?”
Written By : Heather Bachman
July 9, 2010

       Throughout many articles, America continually sees that the Obama administration and his cronies live in a bubble where they are the greatest leaders of this nation and not the ones that are continually selling its future like the stock market.  Recently, Obama Advisor David Axelrod stated that America would be going backwards if they allowed the GOP to take the majority in 2010.  Once again, we see the backwards thinking of the Obama Administration. From day one, the Presidency has been against everyone who supported them, majorly the youth, via so-called reform as well as ignoring the real issues that need the Commander in Chiefs attention.


          The top one that has lacked real attention: Jobs. Employment, especially regarding private sector jobs, has resulted in risking the former fan base that is the youth of the nation. The same people who once upon a time gave their dime and time to Obama hoping for Change from an unpopular president and war.  Now, with the same volunteers looking for their first jobs, unemployment stands at 9.5 percent.  The response?

            With job adding predictions regarding his Stimulus activity ranging between a half-a-million to three-million jobs and themselves being consistently questioned and dissected, positive aftermaths for employment have been few and far between.  This, of course, has resulted in a lack of response when it was recently announced that a third is on the way.  Further, while the nation waits for the possibility of more Stimulus to hit the legislative floor, not only are college graduates majorly feeling hit by the recent situation but also the high school students who are currently reaching out for summer gigs.  In May, 6,000 jobs were created among 16-to-19 year olds, the smallest increase in more than 40 years. 
             At the same time Axelrod made his statement, Obama has attempted to change his now administrations slogan from Yes We Can to Yes We Did.  Today many members of society such has the youth are asking Did what?  The Congressional Budget Office projects cumulative national debt to increase in the next decade by $9.8 trillion. This generational theft will soon create lower standards of living for Americans in the future and, as an obvious result, a reduction on the youths available opportunities.     

           Staying on the aspect of future, not too recently the Labor Department attempted to revoke unpaid internships from the Craigslists and classifieds of the world because of possible subversion of federal rules.  Not only is the administration allowing the constriction and reduction of paid employment, but unpaid employment which assists the youth in gaining experience while they wait for jobs to come is also risked by the administration.  Hence the question of Did what? continually is cried out back to the new attempted alteration of the campaign slogan. 

          With the future fading more and more, covering like a California fog over the hopes of our nations youth; Not only being unaffected by the Stimulus but still waiting for the Change while they watch a great deal more than hope fade by the day.  Lack of impact of the assistance package and other Obama-lead actions, it seems the picture is bleakest for African-American teens, for which June unemployment stood at 46 percent and real changes do not seem to be possible at least for the near future.  Further, all ages from 19 and beyond are more impacted with the situation when it comes to the timing it has occurred: summer months for teens and college graduation day.  The result of this?  Despite what many political pundits may be hinting at, these are the people who will not forget in November and will work to burst the bubble that our current leadership resides.

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