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Al-Qaeda Help Wanted

Written By : Ronn Torossian
September 5, 2012

Just as Iran is a problem for America & Israel, its amazing to learn that Al Qaeda has been posting ads online for suicide bombers. Apparently, Shumukh al-Islam, an Internet forum for Al Qaeda under the heading “Area of activity: The Planet Earth ”has placed ads where the applicants must be Muslim,mentally mature, dedicated, able to listen, and utterly committed to completing their mission.” Interested candidates are instructed to submit the completed application to email addresses provided in the ad, including details of their nickname or handle, their age, marital status, languages spoken and a list of passports in their possession.


With that in mind, how can one ignore the words of the great leaer Ze’ev Jabotinsky:

“Three generations of Jewish thinkers…have come to the conclusion that the cause of our suffering is the very fact of the Diaspora, the bedrock fact that we are everywhere a minority…The phenomenon called Zionism may include all kinds of dreams…but all of this longing for wonderful toys of velvet and silver is nothing compared with that tangible momentum of irresistible distress and need by which we are propelled and borne…

Whenever I hear a Zionist…accused of asking too much…I really cannot understand it…Yes we do want a State; every nation on earth…they all have States of their own…the normal condition of a people. Yet, when we, the most abnormal of peoples, and therefore the most unfortunate, ask for only the same…then it is called too much…We have got to save millions, many millions. I do not know whether it is a question of one third…half…or a quarter. I have the profoundest feeling for the Arab case, in so far as that case is not exaggerated…I have also shown to you…that…there is no question of ousting the Arabs. On the contrary, the idea is that Palestine on both sides of the Jordan should hold the Arabs…and…Jews. What I do not deny is that in that process the Arabs of Palestine will become…a minority…What I do deny is that that is a hardship.

It is not a hardship on any race, any nation possessing so many National States now and so many more National States in the future. One fraction, one branch…and not a big one, will have to live in someone else’s State: Well, that is the case with all the mightiest nations of the world…That is only normal and there is no “hardship” attached to that. So when we hear the Arab claim confronted with the Jewish claim, I fully understand that any minority would prefer to be a majority.

It is quite understandable that the Arabs…would also prefer Palestine to be the Arab State No. 4, No. 5. or No. 6…but when the Arab claim is confronted with our Jewish demand to be saved, it is like the claims of appetite versus…starvation.”

Ronn Torossian is CEO of 5WPR.

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