Report: State Department Climate Change (Hoax) Program Is A Mess

Is anyone surprised? The data (we are shown) is garbage, the computer models fail, the people involved fail to disclose their (taxpayer funded) methods and raw data, their prognostications are political and tend to not come to fruition, and the leaders and disciples rarely practice what they preach

(Fox News) Inadequate oversight, lax bookkeeping, sloppy paperwork, haphazard performance agreements and missing financial documentation have plagued U.S. State Department spending of tens of millions of dollars to combat climate change, according to a report by State’s internal financial watchdog – and the problem could be much, much bigger than that.

The audit report, issued last month by the State Department’s Office of the Inspector General (OIG), casts an unflattering spotlight on a relatively obscure branch of the State Department that supervises climate change spending, and depicts it as over-extended in its responsibilities, unstaffed in critical monitoring posts, and more concerned with spending money than in monitoring its effectiveness.

The State Department branch is known as the Bureau of Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs and its Office of Global Change, or OES/EGC, which have become the nerve center of the Obama administration’s international climate change policy, and the epicenter of its foreign climate change spending, which continues to balloon despite serious economic problems at home.

Can’t blame this one solely on Obama, it’s been going on since at least 2006. In terms on money, it’s not a lot when compared to other Washington spending, a couple hundred million. Until we get into 2010, when the State Dept spent at least $5.1 billion out of country on “climate change” initiatives. The period in the study was 2006-2010

  • OIG looked at seven of 19 program grants totaling $34 million, and discovered they contained no specific plans for monitoring the results.
  • Oversight officers apparently didn’t do a lot of overseeing
  • Requirements that grant recipients submit quarterly financial statements were apparently ignored,

Those are a few of the major findings. I love that they didn’t bother with plans to monitor the results. Not surprising, since the climate change hoax was never about “reducing or slowing” global temps, but simply more Progressive programs where money is spread around and people’s lives controlled.

  • The only expenditures OIG could verify in all five inter-agency cases it examined were for travel costs.

Ah. Taxpayer funded vacations.

If they can’t control “minor” funding for programs designed to save the planet from combusting, how’ll that work for Obamacare?

You can read the whole report here.

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