Hot March In 2012, Cold March In 2013, Obviously Both Are “Climate Change”

Because everything proves their cultish beliefs

(Climate Central) March is finally on its way out, but not before leaving its mark in the unusually cold and snowy weather that affected much of the U.S., Europe, and parts of Asia. The chilly weather has come courtesy of a stuck weather pattern that has repeatedly directed blasts of cold Arctic air southward, while leaving Greenland and northeastern Canada much warmer than average for this time of year.

Think of the Arctic as the Northern Hemisphere’s refrigerator. The blocked weather pattern – which some scientists think may be tied to the rapid warming of the Arctic and the subsequent loss of sea ice cover – has opened the refrigerator door, causing cold air to spill out of the freezer that is the Far North and help develop winter storms in the northern mid-latitudes. One such storm occupied much of the Northern Atlantic on Thursday, stretching from just south of Greenland all the way east to Ireland and Spain.

The cold weather this month has been in stark contrast to last March, when an unprecedentedly long-lasting and intense early spring heat wave sent temperatures soaring into the 80s all the way to the U.S. border with Canada.

Ice Age Now calls the current Warmist talking point about global warming causing massive cold and snow a load of crap. Real Science notes a 35:1 ratio of cold to hot records. Anyhow, first the climate astrologers were telling us that the jet stream was staying northwards because of “climate change”. Now they tell us that it has come further south than normal because of “climate change”. I suppose the warmth has also seen Alaska’s climate go down 2.4 degrees F over the past 10 years.

In the UK they are concerned about people freezing to death, I guess because of all the warmth, if we use the Warmist prognostication.

I can also guarantee, using my super duper computer models (no, you aren’t allowed to see the raw data or methodology), that the minute it starts getting warm the climate astrologers will tell us that the “melting Arctic” is causing it to get warm. All because you drove an SUV and refused to turn your lights out for 1 hour this year.

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