Here We Go Again: Globull Warming To Create More Snow

This time it’s the Financial Times making this absurd pronouncement (via Real Science)

This winter is turning out mild over the mid-latitudes of Europe and north America but we should not feel complacent. The severe cold experienced in 2009/10 and 2010/11 could turn out to be a feature of northern hemisphere winters over the next few years, according to research by US climatologists.

Their study, published in the journal Environmental Research Letters, explains the apparent contradiction between recent harsh winters, global warming and the loss of Arctic sea ice.

The past two decades have seen strong warming during the summer and early autumn over the Arctic, which has caused unprecedented melting of sea ice. The result is more moisture in the atmosphere, which, in turn, results in increased precipitation over the northern Eurasian continent — where it is still cold enough in the autumn to fall as snow rather than rain.

So, just a continuation of the “warmer weather causes more atmospheric moisture which leads to more snow, and it is all caused by people daring to use cable boxes.”

Except for that pesky beginning part about “severe cold” over the past few winters. If it is that cold, how could there be more warm induced moisture? But, these people really do think you’re stupid: by their own silly explanations, the last Ice Age was created by global warming.

But, let’s consider, even if their hypothesis is true, it in no way indites Mankind as the main or sole cause of this warm period.

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