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Obama’s Department of Injustice Targets Popular Republican Governor

Written By : Brian Garst
February 27, 2011

Eric Holder’s DoJ is not interested in prosecuting the Black Panthers, but they are pulling out the stops to take out a rising star in the Republican Party – Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal. The legal harassment is ostensibly to enforce “voting laws,” but political motivations are evident.


From The Washington Examiner:

Attorney General Eric Holder’s Justice Department has targeted Gov. Bobby Jindal’s, R-La., administration as part of a rushed investigation into whether Louisiana is complying with federal voting laws. Undercover investigators have flooded the state to interview welfare recipients to determine if state welfare offices are urging them to register to vote.

During a time when DOJ travel is purportedly frozen, these numerous DOJ staffers have been deployed for days in New Orleans and around Louisiana trolling for stories of state officials failing to urge welfare recipients to register to vote.

The DOJ will use the evidence collected from welfare recipients to support a lawsuit against Jindal’s administration under Section 7 of Motor Voter.

The “Motor Voter” law passed in 1993 contained an important congressional compromise. Welfare and motor vehicle agencies would serve as voter registration offices, while states would be obligated to conduct voter roll cleaning to purge ineligible felons and dead voters. The two provisions act together as counterparts.

The Obama administration has refused to enforce the voter list integrity provisions while making the welfare agency registration law their top priority.

DOJ Voting Section bureaucrats have been lurking outside welfare agencies in Louisiana trying to collect evidence to sue the Jindal administration. When people leave the welfare offices, investigators rush to interrogate them, asking if they were urged to register to vote. Sworn declarations of welfare recipients are snapped up.

Motor Voter also requires military recruitment centers to offer voter registration. DOJ tends to disregard recruitment centers in their undercover stings. Partisanship couldn’t possibly be the reason for the omission, could it?

The administration’s approach to voting rights is unquestionably political. Military ballots are of little concern, but felons, illegals and welfare leeches must be led by red carpet straight into the voting booths so that they can pull the Democratic Party level. Fictitious lawsuits are constructed against popular Republican Governors, while slam-dunk cases of racial intimidation are dropped because the victims were white.

The Department of Justice has been turned into an Orwellian body whose name not only no longer accurately describes its functions, but declares exactly the opposite of how it operates in practice. Under Eric Holder, DoJ is the Department of Injustice.

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