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Fish Rescued From Global Warming by Llamas and British Taxpayers
  25 Apr 2011     2:20 pm      Dave Blount

Just because there hasn’t been any “global warming” since the 1990s is no reason not to carry fish by llama into the mountains where they’ll be safe from it. From the moonbattery-ravaged farce we once knew as Great Britain:
Thousands of rare fish have been given a lift up a mountain on the back of llamas in an extraordinary move, led by the Environment Agency, to help the species survive climate change.
The endangered vendace, that has been in Britain since the Ice Age, is in danger of dying out as lakes …

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Great Moments In Multi-Culturalism: The Saudi Black Magic Edition
  6 Apr 2011     4:17 am      John Hawkins

Wow, who’d have ever thought a nation famous for tribalism, religious extremism, and their frighteningly backwards attitude towards women would actually have a government agency that deals with black magic?
JEDDAH, (Saudi Arabia): A total of 30 officials of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice (Haia) have been trained on how to deal with cases of black magic.
The three-day training program was held in the Eastern Province city of Al-Ahsa.
The excerpt goes on, but it was worth stopping here just so you’d pay special attention to …

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Hugo Chavez: Capitalism Ended Life on Mars
  23 Mar 2011     6:37 pm      Dave Blount

No wonder Comrade Obama has essentially pulled the plug on NASA, reducing it to a propaganda ministry devoted to publicizing the ancient scientific achievements of Muslims. He just wanted to stop the genocide. His pal Hugo Chavez reveals that capitalism may have snuffed out life on Mars:
“I have always said, heard, that it would not be strange that there had been civilization on Mars, but maybe capitalism arrived there, imperialism arrived and finished off the planet,” Chavez said in a speech on Tuesday.
So fellow commie Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) …

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If You Didn’t Want People To Laugh At You, You Shouldn’t Have Become A Witch
  7 Mar 2011     3:14 am      John Hawkins

This time Charlie Sheen has REALLY done it. What has he done now? He’s made Harry Potter and company mad at him,
In a week in which the embattled actor described himself as having “tiger blood” and other apparently super-human aspects usually found in the pages of comic books, the star described himself as a “Vatican assassin warlock” during a radio show.
The description evidently did not sit well with the witch community in Salem, Mass.
There’s a “witch community” in Salem, Mass of all places? Isn’t that kind of ironic given …

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Eco-NutMobile to Tour USA
  28 Feb 2011     12:53 pm      Dave Blount

Apparently advertisers haven’t gotten the word that most of us have been fed to the teeth with the politically correct eco-craze. The greenwashing of every imaginable product continues. Now Planters wants us to associate eating peanuts with saving the polar bears from their imaginary plight:
A new peanut-shaped NutMobile is the latest in the line of eco-friendly rides. Mr. Peanuts’ new vehicle boasts of being environmentally friendly from its structure to fuel, and to usage of sustainable sources of energy to power lights and radio. …
The NutMobile is a modified version …

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Homosexual Brainwashing on the Battlefield in Afghanistan
  28 Feb 2011     12:45 pm      Dave Blount

Due largely to absurd rules of engagement that tie their hands and a “Commander in Chief” who is uncomfortable with the concept of victory, our troops in Afghanistan have been left hanging in the wind. They aren’t allowed to win, but they can’t come home either, because admitting defeat before the 2012 election would make Obama look bad. But they aren’t dying for nothing. Their presence allows our moonbat rulers to experiment with social engineering conducted on the battlefield:
American combat troops will get sensitivity training directly on the …

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Moonbat Romance
  14 Feb 2011     1:18 pm      Dave Blount

Valentine’s Day is as good a time as any to examine the current state of romance in once great Britain, the canary in the coalmine of moonbattery:
In this day and age, when a thrice-married former fireman who has become a woman meets a Jamaican lesbian chef online there can only be one outcome — wedding bells!
Or, rather, civil partnership bells.
This is 66-year-old Kerry Whybrow, dressed in a full-length custom-made lilac dress, tying the knot for the first time as a woman three years after undergoing a sex change on the …

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Snap! Wikileaks Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize
  3 Feb 2011     9:23 am      William Teach

Well, well, well, it would be interesting if it won. It would join a long list of idiocracy in giving it to Yassar Arafat, Lê ??c Th?, Al Gore and the UN IPCC, Barack Obama, IAEA and Mohammed ElBaradei, Kofi Annan and the UN, and Jimmy Carter.
A Norwegian politician said he has nominated WikiLeaks for a Nobel Peace Prize, citing the website’s contribution to “democracy and freedom of speech” worldwide.
Stortinget parliamentarian Snorre Valen said he nominated WikiLeaks because it has helped “redraw the map of information freedom.”
“Liu …

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That Was One Hell Of A Speech You Gave On Salmon Last Night, Mr. Obama…Wait, What?
  26 Jan 2011     8:29 am      William Teach

Apparently, according to NPR, what people got out of the 2011 State Of The Union Prom was….salmon
Right after President Barack Obama finished his State of the Union address, we asked our listeners to describe his speech in three words. We received responses from more than 4,000 of you. We’ve run them through a word cloud generator and this is what all of you said:

Independents, Republicans, and Democrats all named “salmon” as the number one thing. I wish this was a joke or a spoof site, alas, it …

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Child Hauled Off to Prison for Using Magic Marker in Class
  23 Dec 2010     1:46 pm      Dave Blount

When will miscreants learn that unless you’re an illegal alien, crime doesn’t pay?
A 13-year-old boy was arrested Friday for using a permanent marker while in class at his Oklahoma City middle school, a violation of an obscure city ordinance.
According to an Oklahoma City Police Department report, the boy was spotted “in possession of a permanent marker” by Roosevelt Middle School teacher DeLynn Woodside. The 50-year-old educator told cop Miguel Campos that the student was “writing on a piece of paper, which caused it to bleed over onto the desk.”
Woodside, pictured …

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Sarah Palin Makes Liberals Act Like Weirdos
  9 Dec 2010     6:24 pm      Susannah Fleetwood

For some odd reason, Sarah Palin causes liberal elites to rabidly foam at the mouth. Professor William Jacobson of the blog Legal Insurrection wrote an insightful piece about how conservatives seem to reflexively defend Palin, because liberals seem to be perpetually attacking her. Furthermore, not only do liberals seem to revel in finding weird reasons to attack Sarah Palin, but they also seem to only be happy when they are attacking her family as well (probably because they see them as little …

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Birth or Butchery?
  19 Nov 2010     2:15 pm      Dave Blount

Life is cheap, where moonbats who believe in abortion are concerned. Should you let your child live, or kill it? You could flip a coin to decide. Or you could leave it up to strangers on an Internet poll, as Pete and Alisha Arnold of Minnesota are doing:
“Voting is such an important part of who we are as a people,” Pete told Gawker. “Here’s a chance where people can be heard about whether they are pro-choice or whether they are pro-life, and it makes a difference in the real world.” …

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Bureaucrats Warn Against Drinking Out of Toilets
  16 Nov 2010     1:43 pm      Dave Blount

Being predominantly liberals, our rulers know that we’re no more intelligent than dogs, so it’s their responsibility to use our money to protect us from ourselves. For example, in suburban Phoenix, bureauweenies have posted signs warning us not to drink out of toilets:
Chandler’s new City Hall comes with some features that have municipal workers and visitors scratching their heads. Like the restroom signs that tell people not to drink out of the urinals and toilets.
Here’s why you shouldn’t:
The environmentally-friendly five-story building uses recycled gray water from its cooling system to …

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Transsexual Changes Back, Denounces Sex Change Operations
  9 Nov 2010     2:54 pm      Dave Blount

Finally, a shaft of reason falls on the grotesque if politically correct sex change phenomenon:
A man who underwent sex change surgery to look like a woman — then changed back — says the NHS [British National Health Service] should halt all sex change operations.
Charles Kane, who spent £100,000 on operations to make him look like a woman, says he needed counselling, not surgery.
No kidding. Too bad the doctors couldn’t figure that out.
At the beginning of this year it emerged that a 16-year-old boy was to become the UK’s youngest sex …

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Maobama Still Big in Communist China
  3 Nov 2010     3:07 pm      Dave Blount

America has soundly rejected his malignant agenda, but Comrade Obama can console himself with the knowledge that he remains popular behind the Bamboo Curtain.
Americans may have fallen out of love with Barack Obama, but the president of the United States is still an object of affection for the Chinese, who have remodelled him as a blow-up sex doll.
A doll wearing a dark blue suit and red tie, and with Mr Obama’s face carefully screen-printed onto its head, was exhibited at the recent 8th Sex Culture Festival in the southern city …

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Add Tattoo Artists To The List Of People You Don’t Want Angry At You
  26 Oct 2010     6:37 am      John Hawkins

There are certain people it’s particularly wise to avoid conflict with — at least until you don’t need them anymore. For example, you never want to mouth off to your barber before he cuts your hair. It’s also wise to be extremely polite to your waitress before she brings you your food. The last thing you want is an angry waitress trying to figure out what sort of special sauce she can have slipped onto your burger to get back at you for complaining about the slow service. There’s now …

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House Taken Over
  21 Oct 2010     4:50 pm      Dave Blount

Britons thinking of going away for vacation might want to reconsider. With liberal ideology having rotted society to the point that it no longer functions, who will defend your house while you’re gone?
In the middle of completely refurbishing his five-bedroom house, Connan Gupta felt he deserved a week off.
It is a decision he is now regretting because 15 squatters took advantage of his short absence to occupy the £700,000 property.
The jobless Italians changed the locks and have taken up residence along with their three dogs and two cats.
They claim the …

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David Frum Weasels Out of a Morally-Suspect Corner: The 14 Errors in his Mea Culpa
  12 Oct 2010     6:35 pm      David Swindle

This post cross-posted from NewsReal Blog.

I was so eager to forgive David Frum and return to the status quo we had before he believed Alex Knepper’s lies about us. Politically Frum and NewsReal Blog might have some substantive disagreements but on the key issues of support for Israel and a hawkish response to Islamofascism he maintained my respect. And so I hoped we could return to a more cordial relationship akin to when he and David Horowitz debated the merits of Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, and the Tea Parties last …

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Prince Charles: West Should Emulate Indian Slums
  11 Oct 2010     3:32 pm      Dave Blount

What would England look like if Prince Charles were to become king, and it were to pursue his left-wing vision of multiculti envirosustainability? Like one of the miserable slums that fester in India:
Britain’s Prince Charles has cited the Mumbai shantytown setting for the film “Slumdog Millionaire” as a role model for sustainable living in Western cities, a report said Saturday.
The 61-year-old heir to the British throne writes in a new book being published next week that the Dharavi slum is better and more instinctively organised than many Western towns, London’s …

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Westboro “Baptist” Church Plans On Pissing Everyone Off On 9/11
  10 Sep 2010     5:14 pm      William Teach

And a put Baptist in quotes, because this “church” is not following the teachings of the Bible nor Christ. Anyhow
It is still unclear if a Florida pastor will go through with his plans to burn the Quran on the anniversary of 9-11 tomorrow, but one thing is for sure, a church in Topeka will burn the Quran, “and then some”. Topeka’s Westboro Baptist Church has angered more than its share of military families over the years with its protests at the funerals of American soldiers. On Saturday, they not only …

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