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UN: “If You Don’t Believe In Tackling Climate Change (Hoax), You’re Immoral And Hate Those In Poverty”
  3 Nov 2011     9:00 am      William Teach

Yet another breathless report from the United Nations (which is going to be holding it’s latest conference in the lovely vacation spot of Durban, S.A., at the end of the month, of which Anthony Watts writes “I’m not sure what it celebrates, perhaps they are celebrating being given prepaid tickets and receiving a salary plus a per diem to fly halfway round the world to a lovely remote spot to listen to people talk about wasting fossil fuel.”), and discussed in the NY Times, which kills lots …

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If The Science Is So Settled, Why Intentionally Hide The Discussion?
  17 Oct 2011     8:19 am      William Teach

Some very interesting, and disturbing, information from the Competitive Enterprise Institution’s Christopher Horner, via Watts Up With That?
Although this is seedy and unlawful at any time, it also goes in the ‘bad timing’ file. Or it’s good timing, depending on one’s perspective.
Just as a brand new book further exposes the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)(which scam I dissected here, and in more disturbing detail here), and on the heels of the weekend surprise of a 2005 memo showing President Obama’s cooling/warming/population zealot of a ‘science czar’ …

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GOP Advance Bill Defunding UN Population Control Agency
  6 Oct 2011     8:46 am      William Teach

Obviously, Democrats have a problem with this
(CNS News) U.S. House Republicans fired another shot across the bow of the United Nations Wednesday, advancing a bill to defund a U.N. agency accused of complicity in China’s coercive population control policies.
By a 23-17 vote along party lines, the House Foreign Relations Committee approved a bill, introduced by freshman Rep. Renee Ellmers (R-N.C.), that would save $400 million over ten years in funding to the U.N. Population Fund (UNFPA).
The 1985 “Kemp-Kasten amendment” …

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Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges
  9 Sep 2011     9:07 am      Courtney Messerschmidt

Leggy bay bee!
As best understood, Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges is ancient Romanspeak roughly (very roughly, mind ye) xlated as “In combat time, attorneys can like STFU”
During the decade of war (so far – nicht wahr?) Attorneys and their legion of the discombobulated detached detachment of inapropriate handwringers, boring assetted, worrying about the wrong thing
collective of cats in heat with defeat, retreat and repeat have been vocal with uncritical thinking critique of Great Satan and her new millennium wars.

Intended consequences?

“Nothing undermined the British and the French in 1939/1940 more than …

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Decade Of War
  7 Sep 2011     10:31 am      Courtney Messerschmidt

The last ten years has seen a semi unbound Great Satan – using her fire power, brain power, will power and staying power all across the globe in war. 
Wars occur at unpredictable times, take unpredictable courses and have unexpected consequences. 

Some wars are carefully planned, but even those wars rarely take place as expected. Think of the Germans in World War I, having planned the invasion of France for decades and with meticulous care. Nothing went as planned for either side, and the war did not take a course …

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If 911 Never Happened…
  6 Sep 2011     10:04 am      Courtney Messerschmidt

“And it came to pass in the decade after 911, alternate response and historical revisonary visions  did abound“
The events of 9/11 reverberated through many spheres of American life but nowhere more profoundly than in American policy toward the outside world. 

We launched two wars, in Afghanistan and Iraq. We organized counterterrorism operations in far-flung places such as the Philippines and Yemen, changed the culture of our military and reoriented our foreign policy. We sharpened our focus on al-Qaida and its imitators. And we spent, according to one estimate, $3 trillion. 
And …

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Al-Qaeda Affiliate, not Famine, is Responsible for Somalian Genocide
  5 Sep 2011     12:21 pm      Rachel Alexander

Somalia is in the midst of a famine, suffering from the worst drought in 60 years. 29,000 Somali children have died within the past three months, and 100,000 Somalis are expected to die in the next few weeks. The al-Qaeda affiliate al-Shabab has destroyed the country, taking over much of the southern part of the country where it has imposed a strict version of Sharia law. The Taliban-like organization refuses to allow humanitarian organizations associated with the West to provide aid to the starving people. Al-Shabab expelled the U.N.’s World Food …

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UN Peacekeepers Continue to Rape Children
  2 Sep 2011     1:43 pm      Dave Blount

Let’s check in on what our tax dollar has been buying us at the United Nations:
United Nations peacekeepers in Ivory Coast enticed underage girls in a poor part of the West African nation to exchange sex for food, according to a United States Embassy cable released by WikiLeaks.
The cable written in January 2010 focuses on the behavior of Beninese peacekeepers stationed in the western town of Toulepleu, an area that has been at the crosshairs of the nation’s 10-year-long conflict.
A random poll of 10 underage girls in Toulepleu by aid …

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Democrazy World!
  30 Aug 2011     9:28 am      Courtney Messerschmidt

The delightfully delightful tingly feeling of being absolutely correct on nigh ev matter of un and import.
Despite dissing dismissals as arrogant hubris (who what?) by the sad collective of unfun unexceptionals that for decency’s sake shall remain linkless (many of which most certainly would fail to recog a good time even if it sat on their face), ppl are catching on to the concept of democrazy world.
The truth is that a world without dictators may not be such a lark. Yes, it has never been harder than it is today …

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Regime Changing
  26 Aug 2011     10:02 am      Courtney Messerschmidt

Perhaps the most charming charm Great Satan has exhibited (aside from angling her body diplopolitaire’ to create other angles) is the killer cool heap of trashed out despots, dicts and autocrats she’s tossed on the junk heap since the new millennium broke unto us.
The guy with one eye (hot rumours whisper he’s a moped enthusiast) Mullah Omar, that S’Ddam cat, President General for Life Pervez, and now Colonel Khadaffy. Not counting cats in Pyramidland or the Tunisian Squeeze.
Let’s just cut right to it, shall we?
Libyarvention made a great deal …

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  23 Aug 2011     10:10 am      Courtney Messerschmidt

Tiny tiny Taiwan – a fun free choice little sister democrazy that hasn’t ever bothered anydobby
China’s lustful desires for Taiwan are a lot like THAT LOOK given by older cats who realize their dreamy dreams of snagging a precious little wikibit hottie – right off the vine – may forever remain unrequited.
President Hu’s ’5 No’s’ explain everything. Perfectly clear what will unleash this armada (DoD pdf China Military Power):
Formal declaration of independence or a military alliance by Taiwan with a foreign power 
Foreign intervention in Taiwan’s internal affairs.
Delays in resumption of …

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Revo Guards Rise
  22 Aug 2011     11:08 am      Courtney Messerschmidt

Sepāh-e Pāsdārān-e Enqelāb-e “Slāmi, bay bee!!
Perhaps the most charming ce je ne sais quoi about illegit despotries subtle, gross, horrid or benign is their magical ability to field praetorians. Throughout the manchile experience, the guardian guard of imperial imperators could perhaps best be scoped out as an uparmored posse of body guards sweetly functioning as political soldiers at the regime’s disposal.

Intended to be especial purpose troops for such duties as putting down counterrevolutions and strikes, conduct purges, and quell riots, praetorian guards are a regime’s actualizing enablers.
And in totally gay …

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AirSea Battle
  18 Aug 2011     6:22 pm      Courtney Messerschmidt

It’s complicated!
Collectivist China’s nat’l pride feel good sortee sexercise with Shi Lang aside, Great Satan’s Quad Def Review prophesied thatPeople’s Liberation Army Navy would focus without modesty or restraint on her twin dreams of area denial, securing needed resources and Taiwan:
First, China seeks to deny access by Great Satan and other naval powers to the Yellow, East China and South China Seas, dominating the natural resources and disputed island chains such as the Spratly and Senkaku Island chains giving PLAN the capacity to rehook upify Taiwan with the mainland by force and …

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  17 Aug 2011     3:10 pm      Courtney Messerschmidt

As best understood – Sudan’s chief exports are refugees fleeing misery projection, genocide, slavery, intolerance and a super suck of a self imposed 7th century mindset. 
Since seizing power in a coup d’etat eons past – Sudan’s Field Marshal President For Life Omar Bashir (the world’s only sitting Head of State indicted for war crimes and crimes against humanity) has actually been a long time fan of tormenting his own ppl and since June 5th this year has amped up visiting violence within his Sovereignity Dodge proof borders with tons of:

“…aerial …

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  15 Aug 2011     1:21 pm      Courtney Messerschmidt

Uniquely powerful – the only one of her kind!
Hegemonic unipolarity and the “Off Shore Balancing” act are facing off at the highest (almost) levels of Great Satan’s Academic and Actualizing apex.
As best understood, the Offshore Balancing fans are frightened that gap shrinking, global orderliness and reinforcing desired myriad nation state behavior will become more dangerous, more difficult and more expensive. Control of and over the internat’l system should shrivel as Great Satan radically redefined her interests to maintaining home turf integrity and maybe might sorta try to prevent a …

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R2P Or Not 2P
  5 Aug 2011     12:52 pm      Courtney Messerschmidt

Totally tweetable!
New Millennium’s doctrinairish Responsibility To Protect in statecraft moderne can sweetly be – uh – shrunk – to like 3 characters. Perfect for policy cats au courant and future to drop like a mind bomb in nearly any environ!
See, a new school concept of the state maintains that states have a primary Responsibility 2 Protect their own people from genocide, ethnic cleansing, war crimes and crimes against humanity. An internat’l commitment by govs to prevent and react to crises wherever they may occur. Recog’d partially by UN as …

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Designer Despotry
  3 Aug 2011     4:12 pm      Courtney Messerschmidt

“Is it any wonder? I reject you first…”
Autocrats, dictators, leaders for life!
The latter bit of the last millennium shows perfectly well what a world full of despots looks like. The last century was like the bloodiest ever and all thanks to dictators. It was bloody not only because of the wars; it was bloody because of democide—the sheer mind numbing number of ppl that these creeps and jerks killed within their own Westphalian Sovereignity dodge proof borders -169 million.
Tyrannies killed more of their own citizens than foreigners. Despots caused …

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UN Security Council Declares Globull Warming A Threat To World Peace
  21 Jul 2011     9:49 am      William Teach

If they really believed that, they would turn all the power off at every UN building in the world, and stop flying all over the world for climate change (hoax) conferences in exotic vacation locations. Anyhow
The United Nations Security Council has declared that global warming is a threat to world peace and stability, in what has been greeted as a diplomatic triumph by the current council chair Germany.
I’m still waiting for them to declare radical Islam a threat to world peace and stability (two things we’ve never had. You know, …

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Are You Ready For The United Nations’ Green Helmets?
  20 Jul 2011     9:28 am      William Teach

Because the UN does such a wonderful job with their Blue Helmets
A special meeting of the United Nations security council is due to consider whether to expand its mission to keep the peace in an era of climate change.
Small island states, which could disappear beneath rising seas, are pushing the security council to intervene in a threat to their very existence.
There has been talk, meanwhile, of a new environmental peacekeeping force – green helmets – which could step into conflicts caused by shrinking resources.
The UN secretary general, Ban Ki-Moon, is …

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Would Ottomans Do Syria?
  13 Jul 2011     12:54 pm      Courtney Messerschmidt

Since the traditional despot remedial activity in Syria seems to be an endless sexercise in futility (aren’t they all? Why even tolerate their existence?) and a destabilizing factor in regional stability  – What if – the Ottomans decided to do Syria?

GsGf’s Ottomanic expert Dr Soner Çağaptay (Oh! He got game bay bee!) shares re estabbing the ancient Imperium would be totally off the hook y’all! 
“…Growing unrest in Syria is increasingly spilling over the border into Turkey. So far 12,000 Syrian refugees have crossed into Turkey, and with a crackdown on …

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