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A Teleconference With RNC Chairman Reince Priebus
  7 Jun 2011      5:33 pm      John Hawkins

RNC Chairman Rence Priebus held a blogger teleconference today. What follows are my notes, not quotes from the teleconference (unless a quote is specifically indicated.)
Opening Statement
I’ve always felt that the Republican Party isn’t in a contest with the conservative movement; we’re part of it. There’s one question I get all the time. It’s my name. It’s R-eye-nce.
We’re having a debate whether we want to have a country of more takers or more makers. I promise all of you on my life, I don’t care about the title of “chairman,” I’m …

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A Teleconference With Jeff Sessions
  19 May 2011     3:17 pm      John Hawkins

Right off of his vote to filibuster Goodwin Liu (And, yes, he was stopped), Jeff Sessions hopped into a new media teleconference. Here are my notes, not quotes, from the teleconference.
Opening statement
It has been 750 days since Congress passed a budget. We have never faced a more predictable economic crisis than the debt crisis. We are headed towards a future like Greece.
Democrats don’t want to produce a budget because if they produce one their members will support, it will be rejected by the American people.
For the first time in …

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A “Meet The Press” Teleconference with Newt Gingrich
  17 May 2011     1:28 pm      John Hawkins

Newt Gingrich, who’s still getting pancaked by conservatives for his harsh comments about the Ryan plan on Meet the Press, has been doing full throttle damage control efforts since then. Today, he did a new media teleconference. I was in on that and what follows are notes, not quotes, from the teleconference.
Opening Remarks from Newt Gingrich
Obviously, the Meet the Press comments were more controversial that I intended.
#1) My comments about food stamps were not, as Gregory claimed, racist.
#2) I oppose Obamacare on every front. There’s 2 1/2 years of background …

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A Teleconference With Herman Cain
  15 Mar 2011      4:08 am      John Hawkins

Ah, the first teleconference of the 2012 presidential cycle! Here are my notes, not quotes from Herman Cain’s first presidential teleconference.
Intro by Ellen Carmichel
Hermain Cain has won a straw poll, been to Iowa 20 times, and has been supporting Scott Walker in Wisconsin. He hasn’t officially decided to run, but it’s going well.
Hermain Cain’s opening remarks
My toe is no longer just in the water; it’s all the way up to my neck. So, I’m very interested in running.
I’m from Georgia, worked for the Department of the Navy, climbed the corporate …

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A Teleconference With Rand Paul: 500 Billion Dollars In Cuts
  27 Jan 2011     3:49 pm      John Hawkins

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul has announced 500 billion in suggested cuts and he’s having a teleconference to discuss the cuts. What follows are my notes, not quotes, from the meeting.
Opening Statement
We introduced a bill that would cut spending by 500 billion dollars. We also had our first Senate/Tea Party caucus today.
Q&A Session
Q: You don’t seem to be suggesting any Social Security cuts. Do you plan on addressing that later?
A: Yes. The reason we chose this tactic was to show people that we could cut 500 billion dollars without even touching …

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A Citizens Against Religious Bigotry Teleconference: Kill Comedy Central’s New Anti-Christian Show: “JC”
  3 Jun 2010     11:01 am      John Hawkins

I was invited to participate in a teleconference featuring a lot of socially conservative heavies who want to complain about the new anti-Christian show on Comedy Central, “JC.” Here’s a rundown of the participants:
Bozell will be joined at a Thursday press conference to protest the show by Tony Perkins, Family Research Council president; Michael Medved, syndicated talk radio host; Bill Donohue, Catholic League president; Tim Winter, Parents Television Council president; and Rabbi Daniel Lapin, The American Alliance.
Now admittedly, South Park has always been pretty hard on Christians — but, South …

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A Blogger Teleconference With Senator Tom Coburn
  27 May 2010     2:18 pm      John Hawkins

Here are my notes, not quotes, from a teleconference I just got off of with Senator Tom Coburn.
Opening remarks: We just saw two amendments defeated that would have paid for the (emergency war funding). We only lost one Republican on each vote, but still lost. If we want to get out of fiscal trouble, we need to start now. Since Feb, we’ve added 200 billion in addition to all the debt that was already projected.
Q&A Session
We’re now at 13 trillion dollars in debt. We’re at 97% of gross debt. Should …

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A NY-23 Teleconference
  1 Nov 2009     9:30 pm      John Hawkins

This teleconference about the NY-23 race was a bit of a jumble. It featured a Rep from the Doug Hoffman campaign, Dede Scozzafava’s former spokesman, and a couple of bloggers all talking and answering questions. What follows are my notes, not quotes, from the teleconference (Two quotes from the teleconference are listed. Both are in blockquotes.:
Matt Burns, spokesman for Dede Scozzafava campaign: I wanted to elect a Republican first and foremost to help stop Nancy Pelosi. I worked hard to help Dede Scozzafava and thought, when she decided to drop …

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A Teleconference With Senator John Thune About Health Care
  21 Oct 2009     12:10 pm      John Hawkins

A few minutes ago, I just finished up a teleconference on health care with Senator John Thune. What follows are my notes, not quotes from the teleconference.
Opening Statement
We have a 250 billion dollar addition to the debt by paying more to doctors. The Democrats are saying that this won’t add to the deficit, but it does. They’re trying to take this out of the bill to help make the bill look less expensive.
There are three bills that have passed various committees in the Senate and two in the House. They …

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Healthcare Conference Call With Representatives Shadegg and Rodgers
  14 Oct 2009     6:01 pm      Warner Todd Huston

Today at 4:30PM eastern a blogger conference call was held by Representatives John Shadegg (R, AZ) and Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R, WA). The subject we spoke about was that of House Republican’s ideas and problems on healthcare reform issues in both the Senate and the House. The following are my notes of the call, any direct quotes are in quote marks but the rest is my summation of what was said.
The call opened with a welcome from Cathy McMorris Rodgers who introduced herself and Rep. Shadegg. Rodgers talked of …

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A Teleconference with Michael Steele On The New GOP.Com Website
  13 Oct 2009     4:31 pm      John Hawkins

What follows are my notes, not quotes from a teleconference with Michael Steele and Todd Herman from the RNC on their new webpage,
Opening statement
Michael Steele: Welcome to the new RNC platform! Users can blog, create and find events, join events, create videos. I think it’s going to be very exciting. This is a launching of a new era, a renaissance. It taps into creativity. This beta site is a chance for us to communicate directly with activists and others. It will allow social networking — it’s unprecedented in politics …

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A Teleconference With Joe Wilson
  8 Oct 2009     10:17 pm      John Hawkins

I was a touch late and missed the beginning of Joe Wilson’s opening statement and unfortunately, coming in during the middle of it, I had a bit of trouble following it. Usually in that sort of situation, I don’t write up the teleconference. However, the Q&A session was so good, I thought it merited a post. What follows are my notes, not quotes, the questions posed to Joe Wilson and his answers:
There is a high level of unemployment and homelessness with our troops returning from overseas. What do we do …

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