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“The Gold Standard”
  30 Dec 2012     6:39 am      Craig Newmark

Joe Posnanski:
These are the 32 players who were elected first ballot with at least 86 percent of the vote.*

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“Study reveals secrets to Sir Alex Ferguson’s success”
  15 Dec 2012     6:10 am      Craig Newmark

Sir Alex gets a Harvard Business School case study.
Bonus: one of the all-time great goals by a Man U. player.

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Dennis Bergkamp scores a famous goal in the 1998 World Cup . . .
  1 Dec 2012     6:31 am      Craig Newmark

. . . and a Dutch announcer totally, completely loses his mind.

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“Five Reasons The Clippers Will Shock The World This Season”
  24 Nov 2012     6:46 am      Craig Newmark

I do like CP30. But we’ll see.

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“NFL broadcasting cliches will come back to haunt you”
  18 Nov 2012     6:06 am      Craig Newmark

Norman Chad comments on some of the worst of announcer-speak. Two examples:
“He is able to walk off the field under his own power.” How else do you walk off the field? Heck, you never hear about somebody “walking away from a meeting under his own power” or “walking away from a marriage under his own power.”
“He’s deceptively quick.” How can you tell?

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“The 10 Trends That Are Changing The Face Of The NFL As We Know It”
  3 Nov 2012     6:29 am      Craig Newmark

One of them is “The no huddle is about to take over the league.”
We’ll see.

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  14 Oct 2012     6:35 am      Craig Newmark

Christopher Beam in GQ:
On my first day at Shichahai Sports School, the elite athletic academy in Beijing, Coach Chang introduces me to his ping-pong class. “We have a new American student,” he says, peering out from behind the prescription sunglasses he wears indoors. As all eyes turn toward me, I feel a rush of nerves. It’s like day one of kindergarten again, only this time I have chest hair. “He claims he’s been playing for more than ten years,” Chang goes on, “but from what I’ve seen, it looks more …

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Olympian Lolo Jones Scolds NYTimes for Not Supporting Our U.S. Olympic Athletes
  10 Aug 2012     8:33 pm      Warner Todd Huston

U.S. Olympic Hurdler Lolo Jones was slammed by The New York Times as a woman of little accomplishment, a flimsy girl not sufficiently woman’s libby enough, one that is all show and no go and during an August 8 appearance on NBC’s Today, the hurdler broke down in tears wondering why the U.S. media was so ready to tear competitors down instead of supporting our U.S. Olympians?

For the Times, longtime sports writer Jere Longman seemed to think that Lolo Jones’ image of beauty and grace was a strike against women’s …

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“How 21-Year-Old Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen Became Such A Badass”
  28 Jul 2012     6:16 am      Craig Newmark

Imagine how good he’ll be when he stops being “lazy”.

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“Call of Booty”
  28 Jul 2012     5:57 am      Craig Newmark

“Want to know the real key to being a superstar athlete? You’re sitting on it.”

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“9 Of The Most Infuriating Blown Calls In Sports History”
  14 Jul 2012     6:25 am      Craig Newmark

The ’72 Olympics was by far the worst (though not so much “blown” as political). The Hand of God goal was pretty bad, too.

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“The 11 Biggest Upsets In Sports History”
  1 Jul 2012     6:23 am      Craig Newmark

USA 4, USSR 3 and ten others.

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“Captain’s Log”
  30 Jun 2012     6:11 am      Craig Newmark

If you’re a baseball fan–particularly if you’re a Yankee lover or hater–this fake Derek Jeter diary is pretty funny.

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“My Daughter’s Favorite Sport”
  17 Jun 2012     6:34 am      Craig Newmark

Joe Posnanski’s oldest daughter, after showing little interest in sports, is now a rabid NASCAR fan. A charming story.

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“The 25 Biggest Tantrums in Sports”
  16 Jun 2012     6:08 am      Craig Newmark

Most with video.  I’d have voted Serena #1 with Dennis Green and Johnny Mac close behind.

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“The Beautiful Triangles of FC Barcelona”
  9 Jun 2012     6:25 am      Craig Newmark

Neat little video giving the basics of how Barca does what it does.

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“Whistling His Own Tune Joey Crawford Sounds Off on 35 Years as an N.B.A. Referee”
  27 May 2012     6:16 am      Craig Newmark

He’s had a good time.

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“It’s more like Err Jordan”
  29 Apr 2012     6:07 am      Craig Newmark

It’s hard to stay at the top.

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Larry Eustachy
  8 Apr 2012     6:10 am      Craig Newmark

It’s a lovely story. People who quit alcohol deserve an awful lot of credit.

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“The 20 Luckiest Shots in Sports History”
  31 Mar 2012     5:45 am      Craig Newmark

Interesting list (with video). The Immaculate Reception is doesn’t even crack the top 10.

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