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Obama’s speech: translated so useful idiots and low information voters can understand it
  31 Jan 2014     4:16 am      Josh Bernstein

Last night was without a doubt the most vile, disgusting, and terrifying State of the Union speech in our Nation’s history. I do not mince words here. What the people that are paying attention witnessed last night was the first American dictator.
Comrade Obama’s speech was exactly what you would expect to hear from a Socialist third world leader. He did what all dictators do; he refused to take responsibility for his failures. He promised to rule without Congressional approval and he mandated, dictated, and cut off all debate; and he …

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My Amazing, Earth-Shattering, Dynamic, Never-Before-Seen Analysis Of The State Of The Union
  13 Feb 2013     12:01 am      Robert Cleveland

OK, I confess: I didn’t actually watch the speech.
I tried, I really did.
Well, okay, I didn’t even really try.
I did manage to muddle through the first few minutes of the speech as I waited for my wife to get ready to go out to dinner – which basically amounted to waiting until President Obama said something that made me want to utter several choice words that I try not to vocalize, since I don’t really want my 2-year-old adding them to her vocabulary.  As more time goes on, I seem …

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“40 Inspirational Speeches in 2 Minutes”
  20 Oct 2012     6:07 am      Craig Newmark

“Failure is not an option,” “This is your time,” “They’ll never take our freedom!” and more.

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What Obama Meant to Say in His DNC Speech
  9 Sep 2012     1:32 pm      Rachel Alexander

Fellow Americans and community organizers,

So glad to see all of you people here tonight! I apologize for moving the location inside, unfortunately the turnout was drastically lower than we expected, so a smaller venue became necessary in order not to make the convention look like a failure.

How do you like all the change since I became president? Increasing taxes and spending is not working and we are in a depression. Real unemployment is around 24% which is Great Depression era levels. People are losing their homes at an …

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Bob Beckel, You Are Wrong
  31 Jan 2012     2:34 pm      Michael Fell

For those who’re unaware of the big dust up stirred by Fl Rep Allen West, here’re the remarks he made at a Lincoln Day Dinner in West Palm Beach Fl:
“We need to let President Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and my dear friend the chairman of the Democrat National Committee, we need to let them know that Florida ain’t on the table. Take your message of equality of achievement, take your message of economic dependency, take your message of enslaving the entrepreneurial will and spirit of the American people somewhere …

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Live Tweeting Obama’s Jobs Speech: More Big Government Boondoggles
  8 Sep 2011     9:31 pm      Warner Todd Huston

As I often do, I live Tweeted Obama’s address to the joint session of congress, but for sure this speech was little else but yet another plea from Obama for giant piles of government money to be thrown around in a bacchanalia of Keynesian spending. He may not have used the newly verboten word “stimulus,” but that is really all he was offering; another giant stimulus program.
His “jobs” program was nothing but a sop to government unions. Worse his claim that it is “aid for” by attacking the eeeevil rich …

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That Old Recipe for Success
  5 Sep 2011     12:32 pm      Warner Todd Huston

I wrote this for our monthly newsletter for HHH Consulting, thought I’d share it with everyone…
People have made millions on self-help books telling people how to take their first steps down that road to success. Whole aisles in the bookstores are stuffed with the things. 101 Ways to Succeed, if only one! But, really, what is a recipe for success? The truth is, the real recipe for success has never changed since the first human began to think farther than just his own immediate needs.
We here at HHH strive to …

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Obama’s Deficit Speech To Be About Sharing The Pain Democrats Created?
  13 Apr 2011     9:04 am      William Teach

This should be an interesting day, as Champ sets out his “vision” for reducing the deficit
President Barack Obama will describe his plans for long-term deficit reduction Wednesday, in a move likely to kick off a months-long debate with Republicans while alienating some members of his own Democratic Party.
In a midday speech in Washington, Mr. Obama will propose a plan that includes cuts to entitlement programs such as Medicare, limits on military spending and an overhaul of the tax system designed to bring in more …

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Obama Allows Anti-American Song to be Played at State Dinner for China
  23 Jan 2011     4:01 pm      Warner Todd Huston

The Epoch Times has a stunner of a story for January 22. Unbeknownst to most Americans, China insulted the United States right in front of Obama and the world by having its nationalist pianist, Lang Lang, play a Chinese propaganda song that called Americans “jackals” during the Chinese sponsored concert during the recent state dinner in Washington D.C. Chinese nationalists have been hailing this stick in the eye of the U.S. since it occurred at the state dinner on January 19.
There is little doubt that Obama knew this was going …

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The President’s Presser Proves He Just Doesn’t Get It !!!
  4 Nov 2010     7:45 am      Jeff Dunetz

On Election Day the American People sent Barack Obama a message, unfortunately he wasn’t listening. During his pres conference yesterday, he looked contrite (actually he looked as if he was passing a kidney stone), clearly he indicated either he didn’t hear, didn’t have a clue, or didn’t care what the voters were trying to tell him.
During his post-election presser the POTUS said  the country had made progress over the past two years. But, “Clearly, too many Americans have not felt that progress. Yesterday, they told us that.”As …

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‘Something Weird Happens When Presidencies Go Wrong’
  7 Sep 2010     4:51 am      Ed Driscoll

As John Podhoretz wrote last week, “Something weird happens when presidencies go wrong — presidents become incompetent at doing the things they were always able to do in their sleep, and their aides follow suit.”

And that was before President Obama’s was dogged by unforced errors on this holiday weekend

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A Glenn Beck Rally and Our Current Culture of Bias
  4 Sep 2010     12:07 pm      Heather Bachman

It is not news to hear that we are in an environment of bias which is fueled by our mainstream media. It is not even news when we hear that people who speak truth are pushed down by this sector. However, a recent situation has forced us to not only see the strength of this realization but also the danger. Can a Glenn Beck rally  turn the tide?
Recently, Glenn Beck carried out a rally to influence and enhance the honor of this nation in one of its most tumultuous times since the …

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What a Difference a Week Makes
  10 May 2010     3:45 am      Ed Driscoll

Another weekend, another Obama address to graduating college students. Only this week, the Media Critic In Chief was much more punitive in his take on news diversity than the week before. I wonder why

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Race Baiting at Philly Tea-Party: Anti-Tea Party Democrats No Better than Fred Phelps?
  15 Apr 2010     1:22 pm      Warner Todd Huston

On March 6, former George H. W. Bush speechwriter Michael Johns was speaking before a tea party gathering in Philadelphia when someone from the audience took exception to the fact that during his address he did not say “President Obama” but merely called him Mr. Obama. The heckler screamed a racial slur at Mr. Johns calling him a “white boy.”

“It’s President Obama, President Obama, white boy, President Obama,” the heckler yelled. Apparently this heckler did not recall the many times the Old Media called President Bush “Mr. Bush” all those …

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John Boehner’s Awesome Speech Before The Health Care Vote
  22 Mar 2010     12:01 am      John Hawkins

Last night, right before the health care vote, House Minority leader John Boehner gave an absolutely inspired speech. It was one of the best I’ve heard in a while and so I asked his staff to send me a copy of his remarks. They complied and here they are:

I rise with a sad and heavy heart.
Today, we should be standing together. . .reflecting on a year of bipartisanship, and working to answer our country’s challenge to address the rising costs of health care.
Today. . .this body and this institution. . …

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Senator Scott Brown Delivers Devastating GOP Weekly Address
  13 Mar 2010     8:51 pm      Lori Ziganto

Senator Scott Brown Delivers Devastating GOP Weekly Address
Associated Press Then ‘Blames’ Senator Brown for Failure to Pass Health Care Bill
Last month, I defended Scott Brown on his vote for cloture on the ridiculous jobs bill. While I obviously thought that it was a mistake, I wasn’t ready to break out the pitchforks. Scott Brown is a Massachusetts Republican and, at the time, I said “still better partially Red, than Ted.” I said that I’d maintain faith in him and that I’d withhold my judgment …

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When Did Dems Hate Reconciliation? When Bush was Prez, of Course
  24 Feb 2010     2:42 pm      Warner Todd Huston

Senate Democratic Majority leader Harry Reid is spitting more of his venom at the Republicans saying that they should “stop crying” about the Democrats desire to use the “nuclear option” — a process called reconciliation — to pass Obamacare despite that most Americans are against the bill. Reid says that reconciliation is common and that his Party is in control and should be allowed to do whatever it wants.
The thing is, though, Harry Reid was one of the loudest voices against this practice when Bush was in the White House. …

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Young Republicans 2010 book me?
  14 Feb 2010     1:58 am      Sharise Parviz

Conservative New Media booked (me) “Sharise Parviz” – to speak at the 2010 Young Republican Annual Convention; February 19-21st – Santa Clara, California. – seems they want me to make a Conservative impression on the upcoming next generation of the Republican Party! Come join me for a grand ol’ round up!

Speakers include: Brad Goehring, Carly Fiorina, Damon Dunn, David Harmer, Jed York, Jeff Denham, Mike Villines, Tom Del Beccaro, Sharise Parviz, and Steve Poizner.
Hope to see you there!

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Looking for a New ‘America’s Mayor’? I Choose Mayor of Las Vegas
  6 Feb 2010     1:26 pm      Lori Ziganto

Obama can’t seem to keep that “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” thing straight. He keeps forgetting that you have to GO to Vegas first and, instead, he is constantly deterring people from visiting the sin-alicious city.
The Mayor of Las Vegas has had just about enough.
“He has a real psychological hang up about the entertainment capitol of the world. An apology won’t be acceptable this time, I don’t know where his vendetta comes from but we’re not going to let him make his bones by lambasting Las Vegas, that’s why (the …

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Justice Alito: A Fancier “You Lie”
  30 Jan 2010     1:16 pm      Lori Ziganto

Okay, maybe not a fancier “You Lie”,  but more refined, shall we say. I wonder if  Maureen Dowd will hear an  “unspoken ‘boy’ in the air” at the end of this one, due to the “history of racism” in Alito’s home state of — New Jersey.
POLITICO’s Kasie Hunt, who’s in the House chamber, reports that Justice Samuel Alito mouthed the words “not true” when President Barack Obama criticized the Supreme Court’s campaign finance decision.
“Last week, the Supreme Court reversed a century of law to open the floodgates for special interests …

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