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Eugene Robinson: Hey, We Need To Talk About Why People Are Scared Of Young Black Men
  16 Jul 2013     8:10 am      William Teach

Eugene is not a happy man….but, then, are Liberals ever happy?

(Washington Post) Justice failed Trayvon Martin the night he was killed. We should be appalled and outraged, but perhaps not surprised, that it failed him again Saturday night, with a verdict setting his killer free.
Except for one problem: we have a system of Law, not justice. There was a tragic series of circumstances that led to Trayvon Martin’s death. But, none of them were against the Law. Except perhaps Trayvon assaulting Zimmerman first. I’d suggest reading this article by William …

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Jamie Foxx Capitalizes on Trayvon Martin’s Death
  2 Jul 2013     6:52 am      Kevin Jackson

Jamie Foxx is at it again. Never let a fake crisis go to waste while pandering to an audience.

Think Jamie Foxx cares about all the other black kids being killed…by BLACK people? I doubt it, because you don’t get undeserved awards by being real. And Jamie and his Lefty Hollywood posse call black conservatives the sellouts!
Jamie Foxx and other fraudulent Liberals, especially the black ones, don’t care at all about black murders.
Don’t worry about Jamie Foxx going to Chicago, Detroit or [insert black indoctrination center hell hole here] to discuss …

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Supreme Court’s Decisions on Race Preferences Increasingly Meaningless
  1 Jul 2013     6:51 pm      Rachel Alexander

Conservatives are praising last week’s Supreme Court decision in Fisher v. University of Texas, which dealt a slight blow to affirmative action. The high court remanded a decision upholding affirmative action back to the trial court, with instructions to use a stricter standard of review, known as strict scrutiny. Opining for the majority in the 5-4 decision, Justice Anthony Kennedy held that in order for the University of Texas’s affirmative action program of race discrimination to be found constitutional, the university must prove that it has no feasible alternative to considering race …

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Why Attorney General Eric Holder is the worst in US History
  21 May 2013     8:41 pm      Josh Bernstein

Eric “fast and furious” Holder’s legacy of corruption, power, influence, and greed will be a tough act for any future Attorney General to follow. He is the only Attorney General in our nation’s history to facilitate the pardon of a convicted felon and fugitive. Like Barack Obama, he is a privileged minority with a chip on his shoulder and a fellow supporter of Black Liberation Theology.
But that’s not even the worst of it.
Here are the reasons why our current Attorney General is the worst in no particular order:
He represented Washington, …

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Soft Drink Mountain Dew Pulls Ad Over Charges of Racism
  6 May 2013     4:11 pm      Warner Todd Huston

PepsiCo, Inc, owners of Mountain Dew soda, has pulled an online video ad after viewers complained of its use of racial stereotypes. The ad also seemed to be making light of violence toward women.
The video ad begins by showing a police lineup of various thug-like African Americans–among them a goat–and transitions to the other side of the glass as a retinue of white cops urge a bloodied, bandaged women to identify her attacker. “Nail this little sucker. Which one is he? Point to him,” the cops say.
The goat is heard …

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Redneck Day Denounced as Racist Against Blacks
  3 May 2013     1:40 pm      Dave Blount

You probably thought rednecks were the one group our liberal masters would allow us to make fun of. Wrong. True enough, no one cares about white folks in Jesusland, but the tender feelings of blacks are always a top priority. See if you can make sense of this:
When members of the student council at an Arizona high school organized a schoolwide “Redneck Day” and encouraged classmates to dress — and spoof — accordingly, they hoped to build school spirit leading up to prom week.
Instead, “Redneck Day” at Queen Creek High …

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Alabama Lawmaker’s, Vile, Race-Tinged Email to Constituent
  3 Apr 2013     1:19 am      Warner Todd Huston

A Jefferson County, Alabama man got a shock after he emailed a local State Representative when instead of a form reply, or a short, meaningless message, the state representative sent him a vile rant filled with taunts and race-tinged epithets.
When Jefferson County resident Eddie Maxwell sent an email to Alabama’s House members urging them to reject any new gun control measures, State Rep. Joe Mitchell (D, Mobile) responded with a virulent personal attack.
Using his official state government email account, Rep. Mitchell sent back a tirade that raised eyebrows across the …

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$1.2 Million Payoff for Being Racial Aggrieved
  29 Mar 2013     11:51 am      Dave Blount

Racially aggrieved homicidal maniac Christopher Dorner is dead, but his legacy lives on for the LAPD:
A jury Tuesday ordered the city of Los Angeles to pay $1.2 million to a black police officer who alleged he was the butt of vulgar racial harassment by a white supervisor and other officers.
In his lawsuit, Earl Wright, who joined the department in 1989, accused the supervisor, Sgt. Peter Foster, and a handful of officers of carrying out racial pranks and making comments that left him “embarrassed and humiliated.”
Think of how long and hard …

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Republicans clueless about minorities
  17 Mar 2013     1:54 pm      Rachel Alexander

Republicans are losing elections in part because they are losing key demographic groups. Some of those groups, like Hispanics, are growing, making them impossible to ignore. 37 percent of the country is nonwhite. Hispanics comprise 16 percent of the population, accounting for half the population growth within the past decade. 51 percent of children born in California are Hispanic, and 46 percent of the population in New Mexico is Hispanic.
Republicans have had difficulty making inroads with Hispanics due to their position on illegal immigration. The left and its other half, the liberal …

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Bloomberg Businessweek Apologizes for ‘Racist’ Magazine Cover
  5 Mar 2013     8:09 pm      Warner Todd Huston

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s media group has apologized for its February 21 cover of Bloomberg Businessweek over complaints that it used racist imagery to illustrate the feature story on the housing market.
With a title of “The Great American Housing Rebound: Flips. No-look bids. 300 percent returns. What could possibly go wrong?,” the cover illustration featured Latino and African American American caricatures awash in a sea of government money.
The image was criticized as racist by several organizations and media outlets.
Ryan Chittum of the Columbia Journalism Review praised Bloomberg Businessweek for …

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MSNBC: NRA Chief Wayne LaPierre is ‘Afraid of Dark People’
  17 Feb 2013     9:46 pm      Warner Todd Huston

Once again MSNBC has accused the National Rifle Association of being racists. Now host Alex Wagner claimed that NRA chief Wayne LaPierre employed coded racism in a recent op ed he wrote.

The day after the President’s State of the Union speech, LaPierre posted an op ed detailing the NRA’s response to Obama’s speech. In the op ed, LaPierre said that gun ownership was not just “paranoia.”

Hurricanes. Tornadoes. Riots. Terrorists. Gangs. Lone criminals. These are perils we are sure to face–not just maybe. It’s not paranoia to buy a gun. It’s …

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NY Dem. Calls Supporter of Opponent ‘N’ Word
  9 Jan 2013     7:14 pm      Warner Todd Huston

A Democrat candidate for a seat on New York’s Uptown City Council is turning to race baiting as his primary campaign strategy and recently went all in using the “N” word repeatedly to attack a supporter of his opponent.
Thomas Lopez-Pierre is running for the Uptown City Council seat being vacated by the term-limited Robert Jackson and is outrageously relying on anti-Semitic rhetoric to attack his opponent, Mark Levine. Taking his campaign into racial division, Lopez-Pierre said that Levine would “damage” the community because he is a “white, Jewish candidate.”
But Lopez-Pierre …

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Herman Cain: The New York Times is Racist
  23 Dec 2012     1:03 pm      Warner Todd Huston

Herman Cain has had about enough of The New York Times and its racist columnists. The latest is the hate that The Times and guest columnist Adolph Reed, Jr. offered for South Carolina’s newest Senator, Tim Scott.
In an editorial Cain posted to, the one-time GOP candidate for President was incensed that Reed and The Times were so presumptuous as to imagine that no black conservative is smart enough to understand conservatism or even believe in what they claim to believe.
Reed, a professor of political science at the University of …

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The Kwanzaa Con: A Fake Holiday Created by a Rapist and Torturer
  21 Dec 2012     6:48 pm      Warner Todd Huston

Every year I post a piece on the troubled truth about Kwanzaa. This year will be no exception. Note that some of the newspaper articles I quote are several years old and may no longer be online.
Kwanzaa, the purported “African” holiday celebrated only in the United States, is the ultimate politically correct holiday. It is little observed, even by our African American community, of course, but those that do celebrate it are wholly unaware that the faux holiday was created by a man with a very troubled past. For Kwanzaa’s …

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Indianapolis Religious Radio Host on Tim Scott: ‘Black Only in Skin Color’
  18 Dec 2012     3:42 pm      Warner Todd Huston

Tim Scott has been appointed to fill the South Carolina Senate seat being vacated by the retiring Jim DeMint and immediately the racebaiters jumped in with both feet to attack him. One of the early hatemongers was Amos Brown, a host on a religious radio station in Indianapolis, Indiana. Brown resorted to his Twitter account to claim that African American Tim Scott isn’t really a black man.
It has been reported that South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley will appoint Tim Scott, an African American, to fill DeMint’s seat. Scott is, of …

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Diversity: do as I say, not as I do
  16 Dec 2012     6:16 am      Craig Newmark

Diversity, as practiced by Ivy League faculty and staff.
Diversity, as practiced by the editorial board of the Washington Post. (These two links viaInstapundit.)
Diversity, as practiced by Silicon Valley.

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Slate: If You Like The White Turkey Meat, You Are A Racist
  29 Nov 2012     6:29 pm      Warner Todd Huston

You can’t even eat turkey on Thanksgiving without being called a racist by our friends on the extreme left side of the aisle in America today, especially if you prefer the white meat over the dark.
Just before Thanksgiving last week, the liberal site Slate dredged up a 2010 piece claiming that the reason Americans love the white meat on a turkey is because we are all racists.
The rant written by Ron Rosenbaum is a great example of all that is wrong with the race baiting left in America these days. …

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Minorities Disproportionately Worse Off Under Obama
  25 Nov 2012     12:44 pm      Rachel Alexander

It is puzzling that so many minorities voted for Barack Obama over Mitt Romney considering how disproportionately they have suffered economically during Obama’s presidency. Black unemployment under Obama increased at a higher pace than whites, from 12.7% to 14.1%, ending at almost twice the unemployment rate of whites. Now, one out of every seven blacks is unemployed. White unemployment barely increased under Obama, from 7.1% to 7.4%.
Blacks’ median income has fallen 11.1% under Obama, more than twice as much as whites. The disparity in wealth between whites and blacks nearly doubled during Obama’s tenure. According to …

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Racism-Alive & Well
  20 Nov 2012     5:09 pm      Michael Fell

Despite that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has yet to resign and Barack Obama has yet to nominate Susan Rice to take her place, “progressives” have already diminished that debate and brought it to a new low.
Rep. James Clyburn, D-SC claimed that Republican concerns about Rice being “incompetent” could be racially motivated.  In an interview with CNN, Clyburn attempted to make the case that “incompetent” is racist code:
“These are code words.  These kinds of terms that those of us — especially those of us who were born and raised in …

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L.A. Times: Hey, Did We Mention That You Romney Voters are ALL Racists
  6 Nov 2012     2:30 pm      Warner Todd Huston

Sandy Banks of the L.A. Times has figured out why anyone would vote against Barack Obama. Why, they are all racists, of course. Oh, you don’t use “the N word,” she tells us, but we know what you Romney voters really think.
Banks dropped all pretense of logic or fairness in her November 4 piece going right for the throat and claiming that the nation’s “kumbaya era” is over merely because a white man dared run against Barack Obama for the office of President of the United States.
Like all these hate-filled …

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