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Vote In This Right Wing News Survey On Chris Christie
  12 Jan 2014     12:01 am      John Hawkins

Chris Christie has been in the news because of Bridgegate. His aides deliberately caused a traffic jam on a bridge to punish a mayor for not endorsing Christie. Christie has denied all knowledge of their actions and has fired the people involved. With that in mind, we wanted to know what you think of Chris Christie.
So, vote in the poll and let us know what you think of Chris Christie.

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The Right Wing News Survey On Phil Robertson’s Suspension From Duck Dynasty
  20 Dec 2013     12:01 am      John Hawkins

As you may know, Phil Robertson was indefinitely suspended from Duck Dynasty for taking a pretty standard Christian position on homosexuality and we here at Right Wing News want to know how you feel about it.
So, you can vote in the poll here. Once again, you can vote in the poll here.

Also see,

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Poll Shows Americans Tired Of Nanny Government
  15 Dec 2013     8:16 am      William Teach

They’re tired of Ye Olde Nanny State Of course, when it comes to something individuals are against, they’re happy to ask government to pull out the banhammer
(Daily Caller) Americans want the government to stop acting like their mother.
According to a Reason-Rupe poll, Americans do not want government to ban trans-fats, e-cigarettes, online poker, violent video games or genetic testing kits.
Many Americans are becoming frustrated with the government’s growing involvement in what they believe should be their personal decisions.
Here’s what it looks like, via the link to the poll at Reason

The …

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One Poll That Shows How Cancerous Obamacare Has Become To Democrats
  7 Dec 2013     1:30 pm      Matt Vespa

One of the most irritating things that occurred after the shutdown was the notion that the Democrats got a huge boost before the 2014 midterms.  This ludicrous claim was reported by CNN, Mediaite, Huffington [re]Post, and the Washington Post to name a few.  What’s more ridiculous is that the PPP poll, which some news outlets cited, was conducted on behalf of!  Well, that’s not the case.  It was never the case.  Mitt Romney won more congressional districts – 227–  than Obama in 2012.  Additionally, there were few competitive races …

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A Right Wing News “War on Christmas” Survey
  7 Dec 2013     12:01 am      John Hawkins

We’re interested in finding out what conservatives think about the War on Christmas. Please take our short War on Christmas survey.
Once again you can fill out the suvery here.

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Poll: Majority Find Obama Not Trustworthy Or Honest
  25 Nov 2013     8:08 am      William Teach

The free-fall of Obama’s poll numbers continues
(Politico) A majority of Americans think President Barack Obama is untrustworthy, according to a new poll that also found doubts about the president’s management abilities.
Fifty-three percent believe Obama is not honest and trustworthy, the CNN/ORC poll released Monday shows, noting a “clear majority” for the first time on this issue since the president took office.
I’m surprised that the number is that low, to be honest. But, then, most Americans do not pay as much attention to politics as we do. And Democrats will generally …

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Poll Results: 993 Right Wing News Readers Voted On Invading Syria And….
  9 Sep 2013     5:58 am      John Hawkins

We’re going to be doing more polls of RWN’s readership over the next few months and this subject seemed like a good place to start. Do the sort of activist conservatives who read a web page like Right Wing News tend to agree more with Republicans like John McCain & Lindsey Graham who can’t wait to bomb or Republicans like Ted Cruz and Rand Paul who are saying to stay out of Syria? We’ve been polling RWN’s readers for a few days and here’s how it broke down.

That’s about as …

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Poll Results: Conservative Bloggers Hate The Senate Immigration Bill
  24 Jun 2013     2:22 am      John Hawkins

Right Wing News emailed right-of-center bloggers and asked them to answer 9 questions about the immigration bill that will be voted on in he Senate this week. Representatives from the following 37 blogs responded:
American Power, Argghhhh!, BizzyBlog, Conservatives4Palin, David Limbaugh, Dodgeblogium, Don Surber, Doug Ross, Ed Driscoll, Exurban League, Fausta’s Blog, Frugal Cafe, Hoosier Access, IMAO, Joe for America, John Hawkins, Liberty Pundits, Life News, Liz Mair, Lonely Conservative, Moonbattery, My Aisling, Neo-Neocon, Pirates Cove, QandO, Return to Sanity, Rosie on the Right, Russ. Just Russ, The Absurd Report, The …

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The 6th Annual Poll of Bloggers On The Most Admired People On The Right
  23 May 2013     5:33 am      John Hawkins

Right Wing News emailed more than 204 right-of-center bloggers and asked them to rate 75 prominent people on the Right. 51 of them responded.
101 Dead Armadillos, A Conservative Teacher, Althouse, An American Housewife (occasionally) in London, Argghhhh!, Backyard Conservative, Betsy’s Page, Cara Ellison, Comically Incorrect, Conservative Blogs Central, Conservative Compendium, Conservatives4Palin, Considerettes, Dodgeblogium, Don Surber, Doubleplusundead, Doug Ross, Dr. Helen, Fausta’s Blog, House of Eratosthenes, IMAO, JHPolitics, Joe for America, John Hawkins, Laughing Conservative, Lee Doren, Left Coast Rebel, Liberty Pundits, Life News, Liz Mair, Lonely Conservative, Moonbattery, My …

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Romney Surges
  25 Oct 2012     9:27 pm      Michael Fell

With less than two weeks to go before Election Day, Mitt Romney has eliminated the 16 point advantage Barack Obama once enjoyed among women.  Last month, women preferred Obama over Romney 56% to 40% on the economy. Now, the difference is 49% for Romney and 45% for Obama.  Where understanding people’s problems is concerned, Obama’s lead among women has shrunk from 58%-36% to a 50%-43%.
The polls consistently show a real surge to Romney, away from Obama:
Rasmussen: Mitt Romney 50% nationwide, Obama 47%.
Gallup: Romney 50%, Obama 47%.
ABC News/Washington Post: 49% Romney, …

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Keeping the Faith
  25 Sep 2012     10:07 pm      Matt Vespa

It’s over! At least, that’s what the liberal pundits are saying 24/7. Romney is lagging behind in key states and since Barack Obama is awesome – this whole election is over.  In the words of Yogi Berra, “it ain’t over, til’ it’s over.”  We’re 41 days away from Election Day and some on the right are convinced that the Romney campaign is being eaten away by aflesh-eating virus.
Better yet, being undercut by your own (or supposedly your own) team by being labeled “incompetent.” At least, that’s what Peggy Noonan wrote …

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Walmart Moms Are Key In 2012
  24 Jul 2012     12:59 pm      Matt Vespa

The 2012 election is currently in a dead heat. Americans are evenly split with 46% favoring President Obama and 45% favoring Mitt Romney.  This current election cycle just crossed the 1 billion dollar mark and 9% of the electorate is still undecided.   One of those groups that can tip the balance and could pose a threat to Obama’s re-election bid is the Walmart Moms.  Walmart Moms are defined as a group of women who have hit economic hard times, have shopped at a Walmart store in the past month, and …

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Electability: Obama trails Santorum but leads Romney in FL, OH, VA, NC
  19 Mar 2012     12:00 am      Wintery Knight

Ask any supporter of Mitt Romney why they are supporting him and you will get one answer – electability. That’s what people keep hearing in the media – even on Fox News. Electability, electability, electability. But what happens when you look at the actual poll numbers in battleground states?
It’s a Rasmussen Reports poll - a reliable poll.
President Obama now trails former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum by four points in a hypothetical 2012 matchup in combined polling of key swing states Florida, North Carolina, Ohio and Virginia. The president continues to hold a modest …

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Voter ID and Your Kitchen Sink
  20 Jan 2012     11:34 am      Sarah Durand

A few days ago a friend forwarded me an email she received from  The email was in response to South Carolina’s attempt to change their voting laws, recently struck down by the Department of Justice.  In a tone of sheer panic, the good people of begged for money because South Carolina wants to require voters to show ID at the polls.’s apocalyptic prediction was that by requiring voters to show photo IDs, Republicans would “steal” the elections, because the “laws shamelessly target key segments of the Obama coalition …

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Surprise! Poll with ties to SEIU and Daily Kos says… Ron Paul getting close to leaders in Iowa
  13 Dec 2011     9:23 pm      Doug Ross

Before you put too much stock in the most recent PPP poll, you may want to review this April 2011 Hill article:
A top union and a top liberal blog announced Tuesday that they’ll team up to sponsor polling through the 2012 elections. Daily Kos and the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) said they will join forces to conduct issue and campaign polling in key states and races over the next two years…
…The SEIU/Daily Kos poll will use Public Policy Polling (PPP), a Democratic firm that uses automated polling …

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Poll: Whom Do You Support In 2012?
  28 Jul 2011     6:01 am      John Hawkins

If you had to pick a 2012 GOP contender today, which of the following candidates would you select?

Michele Bachmann

Herman Cain

Newt Gingrich

Jon Huntsman

Gary Johnson

Thaddeus McCotter

Ron Paul

Tim Pawlenty

Rick Perry

Buddy Roemer

Mitt Romney

Rick Santorum


Free polls from

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Obama’s Meager Post-Bin Laden Bounce Spells Political Trouble For Him
  4 May 2011     3:28 am      John Hawkins

Bush 41 went all the way up to an 88% approval rating after the Gulf War. His son W. soared from 51% to 90% in the space of 10 days after 9/11.
That brings us to the death of Osama Bin Laden.
This was a HUGE event. There were spontaneous celebrations in New York and people chanting “USA, USA, USA” outside the White House at 4 AM. Americans were THRILLED OUT OF THEIR MINDS that Osama Bin Laden was dead and that we’d killed him. Seeing as how Barack Obama was …

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Poll: Which Of The Following Candidates Would You Like To See As The Republican Party’s Presidential Nominee In 2012?
  15 Feb 2011     1:48 pm      John Hawkins

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SHOCKING: Soros Funded University Poll Says Fox News Viewers Most ‘Misinformed’ Politically
  20 Dec 2010     9:00 am      Warner Todd Huston

A poll conducted by, a “project” run out of the University of Maryland, was the toast of the left-wingers last week for its finding that Fox News viewers were the most “misinformed” during the 2010 election cycle. Sadly, few of the news pieces on this poll mentioned that is funded in part by such far left-wing organizations as the Ben and Jerry’s Foundation, the Ploughshares Fund, the United States Institute of Peace, and the George Soros backed Tides Foundation.
The report was big news throughout the lefty blogs and …

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RWN Reader Poll: Who’s the 2010 conservative of the year?
  3 Dec 2010     5:48 am      John Hawkins

Yesterday, RWN released the results of the The Right Wing News Bloggers’ Choice Conservative Of The Year For 2010. You saw their choices yesterday. Today? You get to make your own.

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