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Obama’s speech: translated so useful idiots and low information voters can understand it
  31 Jan 2014     4:16 am      Josh Bernstein

Last night was without a doubt the most vile, disgusting, and terrifying State of the Union speech in our Nation’s history. I do not mince words here. What the people that are paying attention witnessed last night was the first American dictator.
Comrade Obama’s speech was exactly what you would expect to hear from a Socialist third world leader. He did what all dictators do; he refused to take responsibility for his failures. He promised to rule without Congressional approval and he mandated, dictated, and cut off all debate; and he …

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A fractured party is a losing party
  19 Apr 2013     12:49 pm      Josh Bernstein

Why is it that when Democrats govern like Socialist dictators they win, but when Republicans govern like Democrats they lose? The sad part is that both parties govern in such a similar capacity that it is hard to tell them apart these days. Both parties have an insatiable appetite for spending; and fiscal discipline in Washington is as rare as a snowstorm in Phoenix.
Neither party has shown the ability to govern the American people the way our Constitution originally intended. One could argue that we technically have not had a …

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Dismantling Washington
  13 Mar 2013     5:31 am      Josh Bernstein

Washington, D.C. (which the DC part now stands for dirty cesspool) should become a thing of the past. Society has outgrown the need for a centralized government full of power hungry aristocrats, greedy lobbyists, and corrupt white collar criminals.
When I say criminals I am not just talking in the abstract; I am referring to real criminals.
According to a study from the online publication Capitol Hill Blue, the American people have elected a bunch of politicians that are better at breaking laws than making laws. America’s low information voters have chosen …

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My Amazing, Earth-Shattering, Dynamic, Never-Before-Seen Analysis Of The State Of The Union
  13 Feb 2013     12:01 am      Robert Cleveland

OK, I confess: I didn’t actually watch the speech.
I tried, I really did.
Well, okay, I didn’t even really try.
I did manage to muddle through the first few minutes of the speech as I waited for my wife to get ready to go out to dinner – which basically amounted to waiting until President Obama said something that made me want to utter several choice words that I try not to vocalize, since I don’t really want my 2-year-old adding them to her vocabulary.  As more time goes on, I seem …

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Reminder: Sen. Feinstein Said She Wants All Guns Banned
  3 Jan 2013     4:18 pm      Warner Todd Huston

One of the lines that many progressives and TV talking heads are reiterating is that no one really wants to take away Americans’ guns. Senator Dianne Feinstein apparently missed that directive. She admitted as far back as 1995 that she does, indeed, wish to take everyone’s guns away from them.
In a 1995 broadcast of CBS’ 60 Minutes, Feinstein made the obvious admission saying she would love to have instituted an “outright ban” on all guns.
Feinstein was the driving force to the failed and now lapsed, 1994 “assault weapons” ban and …

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Temporary Fiscal Cliff Compromise Full of Pork, Tax Hikes and Spending Increases
  3 Jan 2013     2:38 pm      Rachel Alexander

Temporary Fiscal Cliff Compromise Full of Pork, Tax Hikes and Spending Increases

Congressional Republicans caved in to the Democrats this week, surrendering their principles in order to pass a bill that merely delays the looming fiscal cliff by two months. This is the first time Republicans have voted for a tax increase in 20 years. House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) strong-armed Republican members of the House into supporting it, no doubt by threatening them with loss of their committee positions should they dare to oppose it. The Wall Street Journal described …

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Sen. Schumer Says Long Dead Assault Weapons Ban Responsible for Current Falling Crime Stats
  28 Dec 2012     4:45 pm      Warner Todd Huston

On Sunday Senator Chuck Schumer tried to pass off the 1994 assault weapons ban bill that was canceled eight years ago as the reason that today’s violent crime rates have been down.
In a discussion about gun control with Senator Chuck Schumer (D, NY) and Lindsey Graham (R, SC), David Gregory of NBC’s Meet The Press correctly pointed out that past gun banning laws like the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban didn’t work and that is a challenge to Schumer’s anti-gun position. Schumer answered to Gregory with a nice twist of logic …

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Time to Remove Boehner as Speaker?
  8 Dec 2012     1:43 pm      Rachel Alexander

Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH) may have finally gone too far betraying conservatives. This past week, he removed three conservative Republican Congressmen from their committee positions in retaliation for not voting for his compromises on the budget with Democrats – compromises that led us to the current “fiscal cliff.” Rep. David Schweikert (R-AZ) was removed from the Financial Services Committee, and Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R-KS) and Rep. Justin Amash (R-MI) were removed from the Budget Committee. All three were elected with strong Tea Party support.

An aide to GOP …

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The NRCC Asks What do YOU Want to Tell Nancy Pelosi
  20 Oct 2012     7:00 am      Warner Todd Huston

Now you have the chance to give San Fran Lib Nancy Pelosi a message — you know, the former Speaker of the House, heh, I LOVE to say former.
Yes, you really have the opportunity to send Pelosi a message. And you might be lucky enough to have your message flashed onto a mobile electronic billboard that will drive around Pelosi’s San Francisco office!
Just go to and type in your 100 character message and vote on the others that appear there.
You can tweet your message and encourage your friends to …

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Senator Rand Paul: Bringing Sanity to Congress’ Voting Process
  3 Jul 2012     9:35 pm      Dustin Siggins

Last week, Congress passed a flawed transportation/flood insurance/student loan bill that became law soon thereafter. The bill’s issues, which I outlined at the above link, include the following:

The conference report combined three unrelated bills into one, a too-common practice on Capitol Hill to offset costs and garner votes by putting “must-pass” legislation around bills of lower priority. TARP and the PPACA are examples of bills that followed this pattern.
Further student loan subsidization is a bad thing for college costs and quality. The lower rate was put into place as a …

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Chicago Bloggers Onto Obama’s Membership in Communist Group Early
  8 Jun 2012     5:49 pm      Warner Todd Huston

With the news of Stanley Kurtz’ NRO piece about Obama’s membership in a radical, communist-styled political party in Chicago making the rounds today, it is instructive to note that bloggers had all this info years ago, before Obama ran for the White House in 2008.
Back in the late 1990, then State Senate candidate Barack OBama attended meetings in Chicago of the “New Party,” a radical, left-wing pseudo party whose goal was to push very radical leftist ideas and candidates. Obama joined that party and sought openly sought their support.
When all …

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Equal Pay? More Like Special Payoffs to Trial Lawyers
  7 Jun 2012     4:19 pm      Warner Todd Huston

Democrats and left-wing activists have lately been pushing the idea of “equal pay” for women in an attempt to find some issue that would take attention away from the horrible economic record of the Obama administration as the campaign for the White House heats up. But who really benefits from this push? Trial lawyers, of course.
This week the Democrats tried to float the “Paycheck Fairness Act,” but it failed in the Senate in a 52-47 vote.
So what would this act do? As Andrew Stiles reports:

The “Paycheck Fairness Act” would have …

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US Administration Renews Push to Ratify Law of Sea Treaty
  12 May 2012     12:01 am      Michael Fell

The Obama administration has initiated a renewed push to convince the U.S. Senate to approve the 1982 United Nations Law of the Sea treaty. Administration officials claim approval of the pact is necessary to protect the U.S. Navy’s right to carry out exercises off the coast of China. In the past Chinese ships have harassed U.S. vessels.
The administration’s push to approve the treaty comes at a time of increased focus by the Pentagon on China’s military buildup and the expansion of its influence in the Asia-Pacific region. The Pentagon is …

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Florida Dems Can’t Find Voters to Protest Allen West, so They Hire Some
  28 Mar 2012     11:00 am      Warner Todd Huston

Democrats and the left are inherently a sham with little actual grassroots support and the race for Florida’s 18th Congressional District is yet another example of this truism.
Repeatedly and across the country we see unions, Democrats, and other far left groups planning rallies and protest marches but finding that they simply can’t put bodies in the streets to make all the effort worthwhile. They just don’t really have the support of the common man, the folks in the streets, to carry off these protest marches and rallies.
But these out of …

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The Tea Party vs The Status Quo
  23 Mar 2012     10:04 pm      Michael Fell

Much has been said since the November 2010 election about “establishment Republicans” co-opting Senators and Representatives elected with Tea Party support.
What “establishment Republicans” evidently refuse to accept is, every Republicans elected in November 2010 owes huge thanks to the Tea Party. “Establishment Republicans” need to understand that Tea Party grassroots activists have had enough of their “learn your place and do as you’re told” attitude towards the Tea Party.
In America’s recent political past, there was the “Silent Majority”. “Establishment Republicans” need to understand that the Tea Party is the “Silent …

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Now Illinois Dems Want Crook They Supported in Primary to Step Down?
  22 Mar 2012     3:55 pm      Warner Todd Huston

Now the very same accused criminal that Chicago Democrats wanted people to vote for in Tuesday’s primary is being pressured to to step down from his office now that he won — pressured by the exact same Democrat officials that told people to vote for him only three days ago. This particular story is a perfect example of how Democrats a). Don’t care what voters want, b). Don’t care if their elected officials are crooks, c). Would rather see criminals in office than see a single Republican win an election.
To …

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Paul Ryan: America Deserves a Better Path [VIDEO]
  16 Mar 2012     12:02 am      Sunshine State Sarah

[Note from Sarah: Hi everyone. This is my first post at Right Wing News. Thanks to John for inviting me to contribute here. You can follow me on Twitter @rumpfshaker or my regular blog at Sunshine State Sarah.]
Reason #7,519,078 why I love Paul Ryan: he gets it, I mean really gets it, regarding the financial crisis that our country is facing.
Watch this video that the House Budget Committee released earlier today:

House Budget Trailer: America Deserves A Better Path
From the House Budget Committee’s YouTube page:
House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin …

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  17 Feb 2012     2:44 pm      Michael Fell

Of late, much has been made about the current administration’s attack on First Amendment Rights. Attacks have been made on religious liberties (see healthcare mandate on contraception in religious affiliated institutions)
and freedom of the press (see White House and Media Matters coordinate attacks on FOX News)
While it may be correct to fight unconstitutional actions by this administration through continued pursuit of these specific issues, it might be wiser to focus on the bigger picture.

He has violated the individual liberties of all our people by imposing forced participation in a government …

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Bob Beckel, You Are Wrong
  31 Jan 2012     2:34 pm      Michael Fell

For those who’re unaware of the big dust up stirred by Fl Rep Allen West, here’re the remarks he made at a Lincoln Day Dinner in West Palm Beach Fl:
“We need to let President Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and my dear friend the chairman of the Democrat National Committee, we need to let them know that Florida ain’t on the table. Take your message of equality of achievement, take your message of economic dependency, take your message of enslaving the entrepreneurial will and spirit of the American people somewhere …

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The Hollywood Connection Between Democrats and SOPA
  26 Jan 2012     4:17 pm      Rachel Alexander

Congress is supposed to represent the interests of everyone. But what happens when powerful special interests contribute heavily to lawmakers’ election campaigns? Last week Americans on the political right and left lined up to oppose SOPA, the Stop Online Piracy Act, and its Senate counterpart PIPA, the Protect IP Act. Internet giants like Google, Wikipedia, Mozilla and Tumblr went black for 24 hours last Wednesday, declaring it “American Censorship Day.” Google’s anti-SOPA petition received 4.5 million signatures. Prominent internet engineers sent a letter to Congress expressing their concerns. Fortunately the …

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