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Mass Shootings: It’s Time To Go Back To Institutionalizing The Severely Mentally Ill
  23 Jun 2014     9:01 am      Rachel Alexander

The left consistently blames guns for school shootings, while mostly ignoring the big elephant in the room: mental illness. Up until the 1960s, the severely mentally ill were locked up in psychiatric hospitals, for their own good and for the protection of society. The ACLU and the left changed that, by successfully suing to get them released out onto the streets. So now, they make up much of our homeless population. From there, many have predictably ended up in our prison system. The rate of mental illness in U.S. prisons …

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Mexican Cartels Publicly Threaten To Kill American Cops In El Paso
  24 May 2014     11:28 am      Warner Todd Huston

The Mexican drug cartels are perhaps the most dangerous groups in human history filled with inhuman monsters. And it looks like they are pushing ever harder into the United States. Now they’ve sent a warning to Texas with this display on a Texas billboard.

Two frightening incidents of vandalism in El Paso near the Mexican border in Texas have been interpreted as warnings from drug cartels.
In both instances, a mannequin wearing a suit and tie was tied to a billboard with a noose and messages were scrawled over the placards.
Local station …

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Why CC Holders Should Ignore Anti-Gun Signs Posted in Stores
  23 May 2014     1:38 pm      Warner Todd Huston

They are popping up all across the country, little stickers on the front doors of businesses, restaurants and retail outlets informing concealed carry holders that they are not welcome to carry their legal firearm inside. But if you are a concealed carry holder you should ignore these attempts to curtail your rights. If you are legally armed, feel absolutely free to enter and patronize those stores with your firearm no matter what these anti-Constitution store owners want.
First of all, these stores have no right whatever to tell you that you …

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Molon Labe: Connecticut’s Terrifying Start Of Gun Confiscation
  10 Mar 2014     9:02 am      Rachel Alexander

The latest gun control law in Connecticut has crossed a very frightening line. A standoff has been created between the government and tens of thousands of gun owners now considered felons. It marks the beginning of an Orwellian new phase. Gun owners saw it coming, as evidenced by their recent adoption in recent years of the defiant expression “molon labe.” The phrase originated from Spartan General-King Leonidas, who reportedly responded with “Come and get them!” to Persian Emperor Xerxes’ demand that the Spartans surrender their weapons at the Battle of Thermopylae. …

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Massachusetts Politician Wants Power to Invade People’s Homes to Search for ‘Gun Safety Violations’
  10 Nov 2013     2:21 pm      Warner Todd Huston

Remember that ol’ Constitution thingie? Politicians in Massachusetts don’t, at least, as is evidence with a new proposal that authorities should have the power to break down the doors of people’s homes to “inspect” the home for “gun safety violations.” Because… it’s for the kids.
Massachusetts Selectman Barry Greenfield is debating a new ordinance in Swampscott, Massachusetts that would give the police the power to batter down the doors of homeowners any time authorities feel like it wants to “inspect” the home for “gun safety,” reports SwapmscottPatch.
Greenfield thinks it’s only logical …

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How gun free zones and liberal policies contribute to mass shootings
  23 Sep 2013     1:11 am      Josh Bernstein

Aaron Alexis was allowed to walk into a Navy Shipyard last week and systematically execute 12 people because his prior arrests for gun possession were never prosecuted and his cries for mental help were never addressed.
Instead of prosecuting Aaron Alexis on two separate crimes involving a firearm our politically correct judicial system instead issued him two get out of jail free cards. In addition, the mental health professionals who were supposed to recognize the warning signs instead gave him the benefit of the doubt and never shared their findings with …

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The NRA’s Media Strategy, Is It Working?
  29 Jan 2013     8:44 pm      Warner Todd Huston

The newest efforts to ban guns being undertaken by Democrats and President Obama demands response and the National Rifle Association isn’t lying down on the job. But is the NRA’s media strategy working?
For about a week after the murders of 26 school children and teachers at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut, the NRA was sensibly–and respectfully–silent over the incident. But after allowing a suitable time to go by to allow some grieving to take place, the NRA came out swinging with a few ideas on what to do about …

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Did VP Biden Lie About Hearing 2006 Gun Shots?
  22 Jan 2013     5:52 pm      Warner Todd Huston

Last week as Vice President Joe Biden talked publicly about his efforts to assist President Obama with his various gun-banning schemes, he made a startling new claim. He said that while golfing in Pennsylvania in 2006 he personally heard the gunfire from a mass shooting being committed at a nearby school. But did he really? Facts seem to run contrary to Biden’s late claim.
The shooting Biden was referring to occurred at an Amish schoolhouse in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania on October 2, 2006. During the crime, a gunman entered the schoolhouse, …

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There is Nothing to Compromise on Guns
  10 Jan 2013     4:20 pm      Alex Nobles

The second amendment is quite clear. The government does not should not have the ability to restrict gun ownership. I don’t even understand why there is an argument. The founding fathers made it quite clear on why they incorporated the second amendment into the constitution. You can read my article here if you don’t quite get it. It had nothing to do with self defense. That is just a bonus.
If you actually want to restrict gun ownership you need to amend the document itself. Have fun getting super majority. It …

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Piers Morgan ‘Guns In America’ Special: Hectoring Guests, A Fact-Free Discussion
  22 Dec 2012     1:24 pm      Warner Todd Huston

CNN’s Piers Morgan uncorked a special “townhall” event titled Guns in America on Wednesday evening that was at once replete with misinformation and filled with useless bromides. Worse, British citizen Morgan perpetrated a constant hectoring attack on anyone who exhibited the slightest disagreement with his cherished disdain for the U.S. Constitution.
Morgan began his program with wild hyperbole saying that guns were “the single most important issue in this country today” and saying it was a “national crises.” More important than the spiraling debt President Obama is getting us in? More …

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Chris Matthews: ‘Outlaw Semi-Automatic Weapons’
  20 Dec 2012     2:31 pm      Warner Todd Huston

On the December 18 broadcast of his MSNBC show, Hardball, Chris Matthews gave us a perfect example of the outright ignorance about how firearms work that the left media exhibits on a daily basis. Matthews thought he had a brilliant point when he said we should “outlaw semi-automatic weapons.”
In a discussion with a U.S. Senator, Matthews proposed his brilliant “solution” to the ills of the Second Amendment.

CHRIS MATTHEWS: It’s not hopeless, though. You talked about the Second Amendment. But, look, back in 1934 we had Machine Gun …

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Preventing Tragedy Outside The Box
  18 Dec 2012     8:00 am      Robert Cleveland

As I watched the tragedy unfold in the news on Friday, I couldn’t help but think of my two daughters. The news was horrifying: a man had walked into a kindergarten class at a Connecticut elementary school, and opened fire. This monster had taken the lives of twenty children and several adults.
Disgustingly, the political reaction was almost immediate, with talking heads, pundits, politicians, and bloggers getting into the gun control debate almost immediately – even before they had finished counting the dead, the NRA, Fox News, and the Republican Party …

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Dereliction: A Constant Stream of Media Misinformation in Conn. Shooting
  17 Dec 2012     9:26 pm      Warner Todd Huston

The Old Media establishment has done a disservice to an American public heartbroken over the murders at a Connecticut grade school by reporting untrue “facts” over and over again and by using emotionally tinged phrases that do not relay fact but instead push an agenda.
Here are just a few of the badly garbled “facts” in this story that the media rushed to “report” before any truth was put to them.
Of course, the very first major mix up was the shooter’s name. All across the Old Media the shooter was reported …

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