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Group of New York Parents and Students Files Suit to Eliminate Teacher Tenure
  5 Jul 2014     11:50 am      Warner Todd Huston

Parents are starting to realize that teachers unions are detrimental to our childrens’ education. And this month a group of students and their parents have filed a lawsuit to tear down union power.

I hope these parents win their lawsuit. Anything that tears down unions is a good thing.

A group of fed-up students and parents on Thursday declared their independence from incompetent New York City teachers shielded by the state’s tenure and seniority laws.
In the wake of a landmark anti-tenure ruling in California, the coalition of 11 students filed a class-action …

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SCOTUS Unanimously Slaps Down Obama on Recess Appointments
  26 Jun 2014     3:21 pm      Warner Todd Huston

This one is pretty amazing. The US Supreme Court has delivered a unanimous slap to the President saying that his recess appointments were illicit. Even the court’s liberals said Obama was wrong on this.

If you are out of the loop, here is what happened: Obama wanted to make some extremely partisan appointments to the National Labor Relations board (NLRB) so that he could deliver even more pro union decisions in the disputes between labor and businesses that the NLRB is set up to adjudicate.
The U.S. Senate did not like his …

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Now Obama Is Coming for Your Cigars, America
  6 Jun 2014     1:14 pm      Warner Todd Huston

Obama’s Food and Drug Administration is targeting your cigars, America, and if you are a cigar lover you’d better pay attention because if Obama gets his way costs will soar.
AP photo
The USFDA is proposing a whole slew of new regulations changing the way the government treats cigars, one if which is to outlaw cigar sales over the Internet.
There are some other onerous and downright absurd regulations being proposed, too.
In one case, Obama plans to make it illegal to have walk-in humidors at your local cigar shop.
Another, extremely costly regulation would …

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Google VP Publicly Flogs Own Company for Lack of Diversity
  3 Jun 2014     12:56 pm      Warner Todd Huston

Laszlo Bock, Senior Vice President, People Operations, has publicly spoken out about the “lack of diversity” among Google employees. Despite Google’s far left-wing company culture, he is apologetic and wants users to know that there are reasons that Google isn’t “diverse” enough.
The reliably left-wing Google has for years tried to hide its astonishing lack of diversity from public view, but has apparently decided to come clean.
In a May 28 Google blog post Bock finally made to lift the veil of secrecy in which Google had enshrouded its employment statistics and …

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Colorado Civil Rights Panel: Christian Bakers MUST Make Gay Wedding Cake
  31 May 2014     11:01 am      Warner Todd Huston

So much for having freedom of association, private property rights, or being allowed to observe religious convictions in Colorado because now a “civil rights panel” in Colorado’s state regulatory scheme is compelling a Christian bakery to a wedding cake for a gay wedding.

The Associated Press notes that Colorado’s Civil Rights Commission has issued its ruling:

Colorado’s Civil Rights Commission on Friday ordered a baker to make wedding cakes for same-sex couples, finding his religious objections to the practice did not trump the state’s anti-discrimination statutes.
The unanimous ruling from the seven-member commission …

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Obama Gives IRS, Obamacare Employees BIG Raises While Americans Lose Jobs
  23 Apr 2014     1:19 pm      Warner Todd Huston

So, if you work for a federal agency that engages in illicit attacks on political opponents in obvious violation of the spirit of the U.S. Constitution or you work for the agency responsible for the disastrous rollout of the President’s take over of our national healthcare system, what do you get? Fired? A cut in pay? A stern letter of rebuke, even? Nope in Obamaland you get BIG raises!
Employees at both the IRS and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) have been awarded huge raises driving up the …

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Imperial President’s Newest Lawbreaking: Violating Trademark Laws
  31 Jan 2014     1:12 pm      Warner Todd Huston

With his introduction of his new (and useless) MyRA investment program, we discover that President Obama is so dismissive of following the law, he doesn’t even think that he has to abide by trademark and copyright laws.
A law abiding entrepreneur has one chore to satisfy before launching a new ad campaign, product, or offering and that is to search the trademark and copyright lists to make sure he isn’t stealing someone else’s intellectual property. But not if you’re president, apparently. No if you’re Barack Obama you can steal someone’s …

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Whole Foods CEO: Obamacare Will Create a Permanent Part-Time Workforce
  20 Dec 2013     4:32 pm      Warner Todd Huston

The CEO of Whole Foods, well known for standing against Obamacare, recently pointed out that the President’s government take over of our healthcare system will create a permanent part-time work force filled with positions that will never be able to advance to full time work. Because of that, Obamacare is hardly a very American ideal as it puts a government-enforce, concrete ceiling on top of workers who hope to better themselves.

Whole Foods CEO John Mackey appeared on Fox News with Stuart Varney on December 18 to discuss the negative impact …

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New Obama Rules Will Force ‘Diversity’ on Your Community
  12 Aug 2013     1:37 pm      Warner Todd Huston

Obama is taking steps to begin to force “diversity” on your neighborhood through new fiat changes to policies of the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Many fear this will force lenders right back into the sort of dangerous Democrat-sponsored lending practices that brought us the recent economic collapse.

This move corresponds to Obama Executive Order 1282, headlined: Leadership and Coordination of Fair Housing in Federal Programs; Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing.
“This rule,” the HUD website says, “accordingly proposes to refine existing requirements with a fair housing assessment and planning process that …

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Obama: Country Would Be ‘Better Off’ If More Worked for Government
  1 Aug 2013     3:21 pm      Warner Todd Huston

President Obama loves him some big government policies, we all know, but now he’s saying that just about everyone should work for the government and if they did the economy would be “better off.” So, who would pay all the taxes if everyone made a living FROM those taxes? He doesn’t seem to have an answer to that one.
In a July 29 speech on the economy, President Obama claimed that the country would be better off if the federal government and local city, county and state governments would hire more …

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Obama Claims He Doesn’t Want to ‘Tax All Businesses Out of Business’
  13 Jun 2013     3:12 pm      Warner Todd Huston

During a recent fundraiser, President Obama told an audience that he and the Democrats don’t want to tax all business out of business. He also said he doesn’t believe in “top down” government.

The President made these comments at a private residence in Palo Alto, California during a Democratic Senatorial campaign fundraiser in the first week of June.
“I know that there are a few Republicans here in the audience,” he said to those gathered. “If you talk to us, it turns out, you know, we’re pretty common-sense folks.”

“We don’t think government …

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Obama’s Intelligence Agency Looking to Hire ‘Digital Exploitation Specialist’
  11 Jun 2013     2:20 pm      Warner Todd Huston

The National Security Agency (NSA) has been in the spotlight since news broke that the agency has been collecting massive amounts of data from everyday Americans and with some of the worst timing ever, the NSA is now advertising for new employees for positions as “Digital Exploitation Specialists.”
According to the NSA job description, the duties of the job are to “perform discovery and target technology analysis of digital network and mobile communications.”
The job opening was advertised on Twitter on June 6.
Just as the agency is under suspicion of being …

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Tax, Spend, And Blame
  11 Apr 2013     12:01 am      Robert Cleveland

President Obama has unveiled his budget proposal (only two months late, but who’s counting?), and he presented it with the same gravity and urgency that informed Americans have come to know and love from Dear Leader.  Each and every time the president makes the decision to engage in smear tactics to push his next bad policy through the legislature, he necessarily takes a dramatic stand in front of the media and points his finger at the Republican bogeyman.  It is the same politics of divisiveness, the same vilify-and-conquer strategy he …

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Eagle-Killing, Investment-Wasting ‘Renewable’ Energy
  3 Apr 2013     6:55 pm      Warner Todd Huston

The “Green Energy” sector has been hit with a series of setbacks over the last few years. From a wind farm being cited for killing an endangered eagle, to solar energy’s tumble from investor favor over dismal performance, to a growing list of companies gone bankrupt even after President Obama pumped millions of our tax dollars into them, the so-called Green Energy sector has certainly seen better, more hopeful days.
In the realm of farce, a wind farm in Nevada finds itself at an unfortunate crossroads of political correctness. Even as …

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NH Dem. Says Gov’t Employees are Like ‘Our Children’
  11 Mar 2013     9:26 pm      Warner Todd Huston

The rap on Democrats is that they fully misunderstand what the relationship should be between citizen and government. Many claim Democrats think government should be mommy and daddy to us all. Well, one New Hampshire Democrat revealed that this is exactly what she thinks.
At a Belknap County budget meeting in the first week of March, NH State Representative Ruth Gulick decided she needed to speak up during the discussion about the budget where it concerns cutting costs with county employees.
During the open discussion on the cost cutting, Gulick said that …

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Let’s Keep It Real
  6 Mar 2013     12:01 am      Robert Cleveland

New projections by the Congressional Budget Office show that this could be a record year for federal tax revenue – according to the CBO, the federal government should be bringing in $2.7 TRILLION this year, an all-time record.  At first blush, one would think this is good news, and a vindication of President Obama’s “balanced approach.”  But even though we’re looking at the possibility of record-high tax revenues, deficits are projected to be around $850 billion.
So the big question is, does America have a spending problem?  Will President Obama’s “balanced …

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The Reality of Long Term Unemployment
  31 Jan 2013     8:29 pm      Michael Fell

In his “Mission Accomplished” moment, Barack Hussein Obama ended his jobs council on Thursday, January 31, 2013.
Despite the fact that more than 12 million people in the U.S. are still out of work.
Obama’s allies will point out that when the jobs council began two years ago, unemployment was above 9 percent and has since improved to 7.8 percent.  What they conveniently overlook is that the unemployment number has shifted downwards in large part due to people who have exceeded their unemployment benefits are no longer being counted.
So, if you are …

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Minorities Disproportionately Worse Off Under Obama
  25 Nov 2012     12:44 pm      Rachel Alexander

It is puzzling that so many minorities voted for Barack Obama over Mitt Romney considering how disproportionately they have suffered economically during Obama’s presidency. Black unemployment under Obama increased at a higher pace than whites, from 12.7% to 14.1%, ending at almost twice the unemployment rate of whites. Now, one out of every seven blacks is unemployed. White unemployment barely increased under Obama, from 7.1% to 7.4%.
Blacks’ median income has fallen 11.1% under Obama, more than twice as much as whites. The disparity in wealth between whites and blacks nearly doubled during Obama’s tenure. According to …

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In Harsh Economy, Union Demands Put Crimp in Businesses Across the Country: Recent Stories Surrounding California Grocer
  16 Nov 2012     3:26 pm      Warner Todd Huston

The biggest union news this month is the pending closing of the Hostess Brand snack cake corporation, a company that has been an American mainstay for decades with such products Wonder Bread and Hostess Twinkies. As with the Hostess case, unions repeatedly prove that they’d rather destroy a business with absurd demands and strikes than work with management to keep the company alive in these tough economic times.
Another Illustration of the continued and alarming trend of unions destroying the businesses they work for with absurd contract demands is going …

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No Change, No Hope
  13 Nov 2012     6:48 pm      Michael Fell

While the “progressive” Party Pravda is dutifully focused on distracting Americans with stories about the tragic resignation of former CIA Director David Petraeus,  the White House goes merrily along with its anti-growth, anti-business, anti-energy, radical fringe leftist “progressive” agenda.  The Barack Obama administration is now making plans for the next phase in fundamentally transforming America into a second rate European style slow growth high unemployment socialist state.
Nothing has changed from the last two years of Obama’s reign of terror.  In Harry Reid, Obama retains a “progressive” Democratic Senate majority leader …

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