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Ten questions Hillary Clinton should be asked but probably never will
  21 Jun 2014     3:52 pm      Josh Bernstein

The interview that Hillary Clinton did with Bret Baier & Greta Van Sustren was the equivalent of watching a little league team throw underhand pitches to someone in the Major Leagues. There was very little bark, not much bite, and just a few nibbles. This interview proves that the media is afraid to go after Hillary in fear of being called a bully or sexist. Hillary was allowed to sit there in her bright blue pantsuit and duck, dodge, and deflect. This interview was a golden opportunity to recant her …

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Hey @HuffpostDenver – Where’s this McDonald’s “Study” You’re Citing From A University Student?
  31 Jul 2013     10:50 am      SooperMexican

This story caught fire yesterday, and immediately raised my BS-meter to maximum stench:
This is how much more your Big Mac would cost if McDonald’s doubled their wages
— HuffPost Denver (@HuffPostDenver) July 31, 2013
The problem is that they don’t post the supposed “study,” and at first misrepresented the author as a “research assistant” but later had to issue a correction. SO where’s the study, Huffpo?
They didn’t even describe his method at first, but after having to correct their admission, they added a very simplistic explanation. Again, without looking at the …

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HuffPo Contributor: ‘Why Should I Care’ About Death of Ambassador Stevens
  13 Sep 2012     1:20 pm      Warner Todd Huston

Huffington Post contributor Sharmine Narwani took the occasion of the murder of our ambassador to Libya to launch into an anti-American diatribe that culminated in her asking why she is supposed to care about Ambassador Chris Stevens’ death or that of the other two killed with him.
Sharmine Narwani, who is also a correspondent for Al Jezeera and an associate at St Antony’s College, Oxford University, took to her Twitter account on Wednesday after it was reported that Ambassador Stevens was murdered by a rioting Islamist crowd in Benghazi, Libya.

100s of …

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Is the AOL/HuffPo Honeymoon Over?
  6 May 2012     3:01 pm      Robert Stacy McCain

There may be trouble in the AOL/HuffPo relationship, a report by Keach Hagey at the Wall Street Journal suggests:
Arianna Huffington acknowledged Thursday that her portfolio at AOL Inc. is being scaled back to include only the Huffington Post, undoing a structure put in place when her website was acquired by AOL last year. …
The wider separation of the Huffington Post and the rest of AOL … has fueled questions about the Huffington Post’s long-term future at the company.
Ms. Huffington said Thursday that she had been approached by private-equity firms interested …

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HuffPo: Before 2011, Weather Never Happened
  18 Aug 2011     8:13 am      William Teach

I’ve been reading and studying the whole anthropogenic global warming issue for over 20 years, and this seems like something that would have been written back in 1995. Alarmists keep regurgitating the same old tired talking points
You can say this for 2011: There’s never been a year quite like it.
Dangerous summer heat waves scorched the Midwest and East with record-high temperatures, causing at least 64 deaths. An unprecedented drought in Texas forced the government to declare the entire state a natural disaster area. Intense rainfall and snowmelt caused record flooding …

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  17 Aug 2011     3:10 pm      Courtney Messerschmidt

As best understood – Sudan’s chief exports are refugees fleeing misery projection, genocide, slavery, intolerance and a super suck of a self imposed 7th century mindset. 
Since seizing power in a coup d’etat eons past – Sudan’s Field Marshal President For Life Omar Bashir (the world’s only sitting Head of State indicted for war crimes and crimes against humanity) has actually been a long time fan of tormenting his own ppl and since June 5th this year has amped up visiting violence within his Sovereignity Dodge proof borders with tons of:

“…aerial …

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HuffPo Readers React to SEAL Massacre
  8 Aug 2011     2:06 pm      Dave Blount

If you thought your opinion of the denizens of Huffington Post — the largest liberal blog — could not get any lower, check out their reaction to the killing of 25 Seal Team 6 members by Islamic savages:
They got exactly what they deserved. They voluntarily traveled half-way around the world to kill people who had never done them any harm. They people they were trying to kill killed them first. That’s exactly how things should be. Let’s also remember that our troops have weapons far superior to anything possessed by …

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Huffington Post Blasts Obama with New Video on “Jobs,Jobs, Jobs”
  7 Aug 2011     11:00 am      Jane Jamison

Oh, my! Arianna Huffington has left the reservation!

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Huffington Post Readers Respond to Osama bin Laden’s Demise
  5 May 2011     1:27 pm      Dave Blount

Now that the dust is beginning to settle from justice having caught up with Osama bin Laden, let’s see how readers at the largest liberal blog — the one AOL paid $315 million for — are taking the news:
I’m holding my congratualtions until after an investigation has been preformed and proove’s that everything was on the up and up and clear’s the president and the military of any wrong-doing and also after the U.S. has no resutling deaths by vengeful terrorist’s.
There have been three spectacular military missions in …

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Laughing At Arianna Huffington’s Hypocritical Misfortune
  13 Apr 2011     5:47 am      John Hawkins

Welcome to the liberal plantation, slave. Your master will be Arianna Huffington. On the upside, if she cracks the whip, it’s because she’s kinkier than she lets on it public. On the other hand, the pay is still zero. That’s why one of her former freelancers is suing her for $105 million in a class action lawsuit. Here’s his “reasoning.”
The Huffington Post was, is and will never be, anything without the thousands of people who create the content. Ms. Huffington is acting like every Robber Baron CEOfrom Lloyd Blankfein to …

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Lefty Journalist Doubts Libyan Woman’s Gang Rape Allegations
  7 Apr 2011     9:56 pm      Jenn Q. Public

Cross-posted from NewsReals Thats What She Said blog. Please follow us on Twitter and subscribe to our feed!

Yet again, an oh-so-enlightened left-winger tries to discredit politically inconvenient rape allegations.
By now you’ve heard the story of Iman al-Obeidi, the Libyan woman who was dragged off to prison after telling reporters of the vicious gang rape she suffered at the hands of Qaddafi’s men. Well, according to frequent HuffPo contributor and professional Bush Derangement Syndrome fomenter Russ Baker, that’s just what they want you …

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Paul Krugman’s Freaky Anne Hathaway Fantasy
  27 Mar 2011     8:16 pm      Jenn Q. Public

Originally published at NewsReal

Every time news coverage of actress Anne Hathaway spikes, so does Berkshire Hathaway stock. At least, that’s the fantasy Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman promoted on his New York Times blog this weekend.

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Muslims Murder Children, Palestinians Celebrate, HuffPo Moonbats Take Their Side
  14 Mar 2011     1:42 pm      Dave Blount

It’s party time in Gaza, in celebration of yet another ghastly atrocity presumably committed by followers of the Religion of Peace:
Gaza residents from the southern city of Rafah hit the streets Saturday to celebrate the terror attack in the West Bank settlement of Itamar where five family members were murdered in their sleep, including three children.
Residents handed out candy and sweets, one resident saying the joy “is a natural response to the harm settlers inflict on the Palestinian residents in the West Bank.”
One of the victims, stabbed to death in …

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HuffPo Responds to NPR Taking It in the Neck
  10 Mar 2011     1:13 pm      Dave Blount

The great countermoonbat James O’Keefe has claimed more scalps. In the aftermath of his video revealing the partisan extremism, slavish Islamophilia, and elitist loathing for normal Americans prevalent at taxpayer-funded NPR, high-level exec Ron Schiller now finds himself jobless and even Chief Witch Vivian Schiller — best known for the sneering contempt with which she treated Juan Williams when he was fired over a trifling thought crime — has been forced to resign.
You know the news is good when the moonbats at Huffington Post bare their wicked little fangs and …

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CAIR Targets Tea Party in Southern California with (Edited) Video
  5 Mar 2011     4:06 pm      Jane Jamison

Another masterful propaganda campaign is underway in Southern California, and going nationwide, with a heavily-edited “hate” video.  It’s  being touted by the Council on American Islamic Relations and all their liberal appeaser wind-baggers, like Huffington Post, as an example of Tea Party bigotry.
POPPYCOCK. Here’s what’s REALLY happening:

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HuffPo Commenters on the Oregon Bomber
  29 Nov 2010     2:05 pm      Dave Blount

Somali-born Mohamed Osman Mohamud thought he was serving Islam’s evil god by killing hundreds of innocent Americans at a Christmas tree-lighting celebration in Portland. Actually, all he was doing was walking into an FBI trap — and inspiring affection and spittle-spewing moonbattery among commenters at the largest liberal blog, Huffington Post. A few samples:
Look at this young man’s beautiful face. He could have been redirected to modeling instead of encouraged in terrorism by the FBI. What does that say about us?
How wonderful. Our entire …

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WaPo’s Richard Cohen Shows His Bias And His True (Racist) Colors In Palin Hit Piece
  24 Nov 2010     1:25 am      Lori Ziganto

These days, the biased leftist slant of the media is more apparent than it has ever been. They are spinning madly, increasingly frantic with fear of those super scary Tea Partiers and oh-so-terrifying conservatives. And when you add Sarah Palin and race-based identity politics into the mix, it becomes a perfect storm of unabashed — and unbalanced — leftist water carrying.
The Washington Post’s Richard Cohen is the latest to exhibit just how unglued the Left and the media, being concentric circles …

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Narrative and the Memory of War
  8 Aug 2010     1:27 pm      Ed Driscoll

“It is a measure of the power of narrative that we publicly grieve more for the deaths of our enemies than those of our allies in a war that is now fading quickly from human memory,” the blogger Tigerhawk writes. On both the European and Pacific theaters of World War II, Hollywood and the rest of the left have certainly been doing their part in recent years.

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Cheney In Hospital With “Discomfort,” Liberals Are Concerned
  25 Jun 2010     9:40 pm      William Teach

And, of course, by concerned, I mean “bat guano crazy and nasty.” The story
Former Vice President Dick Cheney was admitted to the hospital Friday after experiencing discomfort, the latest health scare for the 69-year-old Republican leader who has a long history of heart disease.
And the DUmmies! (Language warming, as if I need to warn you)

Who.The.Fuck.Cares. n/t
They can look all they want, they’ll never find a heart. but in a strictly humanitarian gesture, I hope the fuck he suffers.
“discomfort” The more they downplay it, the more serious it usually is.
Good I …

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HuffPo Debunks 18 ObamaCare Myths
  23 Mar 2010     1:56 pm      Dave Blount

To think I guffawed back in 2008 when I was told the Moonbat Messiah would unite us. He’s doing such a good job, he’s even got Jane Hamsher at HuffPo on the same side as patriots. Hamster rips into the ObamaCare abomination by exposing 18 myths:
Myth 1: This is a universal health care bill.
Tens of millions will be left uninsured.
Myth 2: Insurance companies hate this bill.
Fascistic crony capitalism works for the established players, who will benefit in the short term when we are compelled by Big Government to buy their …

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