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Twitter Covers for Obama, Cancels Account of People Who Lost Their Health Insurance
  6 Nov 2013     5:24 pm      Warner Todd Huston

Social media giant Twitter has come under fire for canceling the account of a group hosting photos of people holding cancellation letters they received from their insurance company for accounts that were canceled because of Obamacare.

Twitter is now obviously working for President Obama to fool America into thinking that he didn’t lie when he said we could all keep our insurance if we liked it. Apparently, Twitter has chosen sides.
Thus far, 3.5 million Americans and counting have lost their healthcare thanks to Obama’s take over of our national healthcare …

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Virgina Democrat Calls For Slavery for Doctors: They Must Be Forced To Accept Medicare & Medicaid Patients
  6 Nov 2013     12:10 am      John Hawkins

“With regard to the idea of whether you have a right to health care, you have realize what that implies. It’s not an abstraction. I’m a physician. That means you have a right to come to my house and conscript me. It means you believe in slavery. It means that you’re going to enslave not only me, but the janitor at my hospital, the person who cleans my office, the assistants who work in my office, the nurses.” — Rand Paul
Isn’t he right?
FYI last night at the Great Falls Grange …

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[VIDEO] Proof Mitt Romney Lied About Repealing Obamacare
  5 Nov 2013     2:19 pm      Warner Todd Huston

All during the 2012 election for President of the United States, Mitt Romney claimed he wanted to “repeal” Obamacare. But now, months after he lost his bid for the White House, Romney appeared on NBC and essentially admitted that he would have done no such thing and that his plan would have been indistinguishable from Obamacare.
One of Romney’s central stump claims as he ran for President, especially in the waning days of the campaign, was this: “If elected, I will repeal Obamacare on day one.”
But would he?
We finally …

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VIDEO: A Montage of Obama ‘You Can Keep Your Insurance’ Lies
  30 Oct 2013     12:42 pm      Warner Todd Huston

This is devastating. New York Magazine compiled a video showing the many times that President Obama lied directly to the American people and said that with his Obamacare scheme we all could keep our insurance policies and doctors if we like them. This, of course, was a bald-faced lie and this video shows that Obama uttered this lie dozens of times over the last few years.

As the left-wing magazine notes, “Obama did knowingly make an overly simplistic guarantee to the American people that Obamacare wouldn’t affect their current plans. And …

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Sen. Ted Cruz: We Need Our Grassroots Army to Take Down Obamacare
  28 Oct 2013     1:41 pm      Warner Todd Huston

Senator Ted Cruz (R, TX) has not backed off from his drive to destroy the President’s disastrous take over of our healthcare system with his Obamacare scheme and this weekend he was in Iowa bucking up the troops and urging a “grassroots army” to rise up and dismantle Obamacare.
Cruz was appearing before a crowd in Akron, Iowa on Friday, October 25 in three days of events that many think indicates he’s considering a run for President in 2016.
Cruz says he is only focused on his work in the Senate now, …

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Consumer Reports Says Stay Away From
  22 Oct 2013     3:50 pm      Warner Todd Huston

President Obama’s new healthcare website is so bad that even the famed consumer advocate magazine Consumer Reports is warning thatAmericans should steer clear of the Obamacare websites until (and/or IF) the website ever gets fixed.
The absurd thing, here, it that Obama has been working on this system and this website interface for three years and the launch has been a disaster. Nothing works–not on the user end or the insurance company end–and the lack of security for everyone’s personal info is extremely bad.
Millions of Americans have tried and failed to …

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Watch Your Guns Around Obamacare
  21 Oct 2013     1:12 pm      Rachel Alexander

What does gun control have to do with health care? As odd as it seems, Obamacare contains provisions that jeopardize gun ownership, especially for veterans. Anti-gun provisions were added to initial drafts of Obamacare legislation under the pretext of prohibiting people with mental illness – which can include PTSD – from owning guns. Fortunately, the NRA stepped in and got some of the worst language revised last December. Senate amendment 3276, Sec. 2716, part c.prohibits the creation of a firearms database and stops doctors from disclosing or collecting information relating to …

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Obamacare Will Cost Young People Thousands More Per Year
  9 Oct 2013     3:16 pm      Warner Todd Huston

If you are under 30, if you are not very wealthy, and even if you are healthy your healthcare insurance costs will soar thanks to Obamacare. And you won’t have any choice in the matter, either, or you will be labeled a criminal under the law.
Robert Graboyes has some of the facts at the US News.
“Millennials’ life prospects have already suffered under the weight of the Great Recession and its aftermath,” Graboyes points out. But it is about to get worse.

Choosing a state at random, the Manhattan Institute reports …

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GOP’s Huelskamp Schools Al Sharpton: If Obamacare is so Great How Come Congress is Exempting Itself?
  28 Sep 2013     5:06 pm      Warner Todd Huston

President Obama and his comrades on the American left continue daily to say how great Obamacare is. But Republican Representative Tim Huelskamp of Kansas has a simple question. If it’s so great why did Obama give Congress an exemption?

Rep. Huelskamp was on MSNBC on Sept. 26 with host Al Sharpton ostensibly to talk about the abuse of food stamps, or the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).
Sharpton ran straight toward the typical, left-wing attack that Huelskamp wanted to starve kids and kill old people. But Huelskamp calmly informed the wild-eyed, MSNBC …

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Moderate Republicans Finally Found Someone They Will Fight… Other Republicans
  27 Sep 2013     4:47 pm      Warner Todd Huston

The Republican establishment led by such folks as Senators Mitch McConnell and John McCain don’t want to fight the Democrats. But after this latest Obamacare funding fight, we have discovered that there is a side they will attack: other Republicans.
Those Republicans who voted “yes” on Friday’s cloture vote in the Senate knowingly voted in favor of funding Obamacare. There is no other way around that simple truth.
There was absolutely no doubt that a “yes” vote would give Democrat leader Harry Reid the power to remove all the features that the …

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Obama Missing Half of Obamacare’s Legal Implementation Deadlines
  21 Aug 2013     1:59 pm      Warner Todd Huston

If Obamacare is such a great and important law, why is Obama missing up to half of the legally imposed deadlines for its various parts by waiving or just ignoring them? That is the news this month as Obamacare seems to be proving the “train wreck” that it is.
Many of the features (or do you call them “bugs”) of Obama’s take over of our health care system are supposed to be going into effect this year. But deadlines for important features such as the employer mandate, taxpayer protection features that …

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President Obama Declares Health Insurance is ‘A Right’
  19 Aug 2013     2:48 pm      Warner Todd Huston

During his weekly address from August 17, President Obama declared that health insurance isn’t just a privilege–it’s a right.
The address, titled “Working to Implement the Affordable Care Act,” featured all the President’s well-worn claims about Obamacare that we are used to hearing.
Obama touted the fact that people under 26 can stay on their parent’s insurance, he talked of the “free mammograms,” and celebrated the access to “contraceptive care.” And then, in full demagogic mode, Obama went on to excoriate Republicans for trying to hurt “sick people” and the economy …

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The ‘Forced Home Inspections’ in Obamacare Law
  18 Aug 2013     12:40 pm      Warner Todd Huston

New reports are finding that President Obama’s take over of our healthcare system with his Obamacare law will give the government the right to force “inspections” on millions of American homes and your guns may be one of the factors causing a “forced” inspection.
Obama’s Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) website details the “Maternal, Infant and Early Childhood Home Visiting Program” which give the government the right to invade any home of families Obama deems is a “high-risk” home.
One of the criteria of an “high-risk” home is the presence …

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Governor Brewer Betrays Conservatives, Forces Through Huge Obamacare Medicaid Expansion
  17 Jun 2013     1:50 pm      Rachel Alexander

Once considered a conservative governor due to signing SB 1070, which toughened up illegal immigration laws, Arizona’s Governor Jan Brewer has now destroyed that reputation. Last week, she called a surprise special session of the legislature, and allying with Democrats, bullied through Obamacare’s massive expansion of Medicaid, known as AHCCCS in Arizona. The bullying tactics she used to coerce Republican legislators into voting for it were so appalling, they made national news and have prominent Republicans all over the state speaking out in outrage.

Brewer called legislators into the State Capitol at 5 …

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Judge Overrules Sebelius Death Sentence For 10 Year Girl
  6 Jun 2013     8:23 am      John Hawkins

Some people want to give Kathleen Sebelius a break for refusing to waive a bureaucratic rule that insured 10 year old Sarah Murnaghan couldn’t get the lung transplant she needed to live. In effect, by refusing to waive the rule, Sebelius was dooming a 10 year old girl to death even though her doctors thought she had a decent shot to survive the transplant.

First of all, not only is that wrong, it’s one of the big problems with Obamacare. Politicians in D.C. shouldn’t have the authority to make life …

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Cancer Clinics Are Already Turning Away Thousands of Medicare Patients. For Shame!
  5 Apr 2013     6:12 am      John Hawkins

Back in my teaching days, many years ago, one of the things I liked to ask the class to consider was this: Imagine a government agency with only two tasks: (1) building statues of Benedict Arnold and (2) providing life-saving medications to children. If this agency’s budget were cut, what would it do?
The answer, of course, is that it would cut back on the medications for children. Why? Because that would be what was most likely to get the budget cuts restored. If they cut back on building statues of …

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Donna Brazile And The Mystery Of The Rising Health Care Premiums!
  27 Feb 2013     12:38 pm      John Hawkins

@donnabrazile Someone call the Scooby Gang AND the Hardy Boys because we’ve got a real mystery on our hands! #obamacare
— John Hawkins (@johnhawkinsrwn) February 27, 2013

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Healthy Housing Is a Human Right
  11 Feb 2013     2:09 pm      Dave Blount

“Housing Is a Human Right” is a favorite cry of communists who believe that everyone should be forced to finance everyone else’s needs. Under Hopey Change, this slogan has been upgraded to “Healthy Housing Is a Human Right.” The Regime has announced a new initiative entitled Advancing Healthy Housing, promising to protect us from “moderate to severe physical housing problems, including dilapidated structure; roofing problems; heating, plumbing, and electrical deficiencies; water leaks and intrusion; pests; damaged paint;” et cetera; ad nauseam.
According to the Obama administration, the health and economic burdens …

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Obama Operatives Training Media How to Sell Obamacare
  3 Feb 2013     12:59 am      Warner Todd Huston

The Old Media is getting a little help from team Obama on how to report about Obamacare the “correct” way. To achieve that goal, Obama operatives are setting up propaganda symposiums for journalists and giving large cash donations to journalism associations to help spread Obama’s word.
This Obamacare propaganda campaign seriously blurs the line between government and “journalism” and seems to be a blatant attempt by team Obama to write the media’s Obamacare stories for them.
Rusty Weiss recently discussed a series of large donations made to the Society of American Business …

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College Professors Lose Hours Because of Obamacare
  27 Nov 2012     3:01 pm      Warner Todd Huston

One of my favorite stories this week is the college professors at Pennsylvania’s Community College of Allegheny who’ve had their hours cut because of the costly requirements of Obamacare.
One of Obamacare’s changes to general business practices is to make people who work 30 hours or more a “full time worker.” For generations that magic number was 40 hours a week. But now that Obamacare is forcing this change to what is considered a full-timer, businesses across the country are forced to change policies and cut the hours of employees to …

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