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Thought Police: Employers Will Be Forced to Inform Obama Why They’re Firing Someone
  12 Feb 2014     1:46 pm      Warner Todd Huston

Now businesses will have to go hat in hand to Obama to explain themselves about why they are firing any particular employee. This is just another of Obama’s steps toward the fascist-styled control by Washington bureaucrats over the entirety of the business sector.
As Fox News reported it: “Obama officials made clear in a press briefing that firms would not be allowed to lay off workers to get into the preferred class of those businesses with 50 to 99 employees. How will the feds know what employers were thinking when hiring …

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Senator Dick Durbin Lies With Impunity
  11 Feb 2014     2:38 pm      Warner Todd Huston

Senator Dick Durbin is at it again, lying through his teeth, this time about Obamacare. On Sunday’s Meet The Press, Illinois Democrat Durbin made the wild-eyed claim that ten million Americans found new health insurance thanks to Obamacare. He also claimed that Obamacare would lower the deficit. But even the Washington Post gave its worst rating to Durbin’s lies.
As the discussion shifted to healthcare during the Feb. 5 broadcast, host Bob Schieffer lamented that Obamacare is still confusing everyone and asked Durbin if there is “any hope of getting it …

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Undocumented Americans Enrich the Multicultural Tapestry With Exotic Diseases
  10 Feb 2014     3:11 pm      Dave Blount

Hope & Change is all about making America less like America and more like the rest of the world. But the reason so many people from the rest of the world are eager to come here is that America is a better place — for now:
Do amnesty advocates care that blood tainted with malaria, a disease eradicated from the USA back in the 1940s, was deemed responsible for outbreaks in California, New Jersey, NYC, and Texas?
How about Asian illegals introducing dengue fever, a viral disease previously unknown in the …

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Obama Imports ‘Advisor’ From Socialist Europe to Push Obamacare
  4 Feb 2014     12:16 pm      Warner Todd Huston

Now Obama is importing big government advocates from Europe to help him push Obamacare on Americans.
Obama is importing Germany’s former health minister, Daniel Bahr, to help push the President’s failed Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare. He is also joining the extremist, left-wing think tank, the Center for American Progress (CAP).
Bahr lost his government job in Germany last September when his party couldn’t muster enough votes to stay in power. He was quoted as telling his fellow Germans that he’d “find something” to do.
Apparently pushing big government boondoggles on Americans was …

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Why Are American Hospitals Charging Up to $800 for a $1 Bag of Saltwater?
  4 Feb 2014     5:12 am      The Daily Sheeple

Horror stories abound about hospitals charging people ridiculous sums of money in America for something as cheap and plentiful as an aspirin. This is nothing new, and it’s something that’s sadly just an accepted fact.
Just last month, this guy posted a bill for his appendectomy on Reddit and it went viral. Why?
Because he was charged a stomach-turning $55,000 for the relatively simple procedure — an amount that would’ve likely induced appendicitis if the guy hadn’t already had his appendix taken out.
Overpriced, much? Did that surgery come with foie gras and caviar afterward?
This …

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Missouri’s Kit Bond Shows Why Politics Has No Soul
  27 Jan 2014     4:34 pm      Warner Todd Huston

Missouri’s Kit Bond is a perfect example of why regular Americans hate, hate, hate politicians and politics. It’s because Bond and his ilk prove to many that politicians are nothing but money-grubbing liars.
Duane Lester of The Missouri Torch gives us the perfect example of this cynical example of the worst in politics with the story of Kit Bond’s 180 degree flip flop on expanding Medicaid made only because his new position as a lobbyist brings him boatloads of money.
Kit Bond was a Republican Senator from the State of Missouri and …

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John Cisna, the Anti–Morgan Spurlock
  10 Jan 2014     2:09 pm      Dave Blount

Michael Moore wannabe Morgan Spurlock acquired his 15 minutes of semi-fame with the schlockumentary Super Size Me, in which he pigged out on McDonald’s for an entire month, thereby gaining weight. This was marketed as a stinging indictment of American society. Presenting the other side of the story:
After viewing that documentary, John Cisna of Ankeny [Iowa] — who is also a science teacher in the Colo-Nesco School District — put together his own amateur documentary looking at the fast-food giant. He and his team of students came to a much …

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Sign Up for Obamacare or Go to Jail!!
  7 Jan 2014     8:45 pm      Warner Todd Huston

Fox News’ Judge Napolitano recently had some important warnings about President Obama’s takeover of our national healthcare system. Firstly it isn’t healthcare, it’s a tax and secondly be prepared to go to jail if you don’t pay your Obamacare tax.
First of all–and it really isn’t noted enough–Obamacare was OKayed by the Supreme Court of the United States not because it is a “healthcare law” and not because it is “insurance,” but because Obama told the court it was a “tax.” So, Obamacre is not healthcare at all. It is merely …

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Obama Exposed In Another Major Obamacare Lie
  3 Jan 2014     3:42 pm      Warner Todd Huston

If the Old Media establishment were honest, Barack Obama would long ago have replaced Richard Nixon as the biggest liar in Presidential history. And now, a new study reveals yet another major Obama lie.
Just last November, for instance, President Barack “Milhous” Obama said that his failed Obamacare law would make healthcare cheaper by keeping more Americans out of emergency rooms.
Obama said of insurance companies and hospitals, that, “instead of having to take in folks in the emergency room, they suddenly have customers who have insurance. That means those of you …

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Now Liberals Want an Obamacare Czar, Telling Obama to Name ‘CEO’
  30 Dec 2013     10:59 am      Warner Todd Huston

As Obamacare continues to spiral down into an ever deeper morass, Democrats are coming to understand that the law will be an anchor around their necks in the upcoming 2014 midterm elections and so they badly want the mess fixed before it is too late. Now they are urging Obama to pick another czar to fix the healthcare law, this time calling the position a “CEO” for Obamacare.
According to Newsmax, Obama’s supporters have been quietly pushing the President to appoint a single person, a “CEO” of sorts, to head up …

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Predictable: Obamacare Website Crashes on Deadline Day!
  25 Dec 2013     11:26 am      Warner Todd Huston

Monday, December 23 was supposed to be deadline day for Obamacare, the day when everyone in the country was supposed to have signed up for Obamacare. But for many who were trying to do so, a crashed website turned out to be the Christmas gift that wouldn’t stop giving.
Apparently the many months of constant “fixes” didn’t help put the website on stable footing so that last minute insurance hunters could scoot in under the law’s deadline.
Obama has spent billions of tax dollars selling this failed website and hundreds of millions …

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Smoke And Mirrors: Obama Pretends to Sign Up For Obamacare
  24 Dec 2013     1:43 pm      Warner Todd Huston

On Monday, December 23, the White House tried to make “news” by claiming that President Obama “signed up” for Obamacre. Only, the truth is it was just a lame publicity stunt. Obama did not sing up for anything.
White House officials announced that on Monday Obama “signed up” for his own signature–and massively failed–healthcare system.
On Monday afternoon, April Ryan, the White House Correspondent and Washington Bureau Chief for American Urban Radio Networks, was all excited to Tweet that “President Obama signed up for insurance and selected the Bronze plan for …

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Scott Brown’s Epic Smackdown Of Obamacare
  22 Dec 2013     2:38 pm      Matt Vespa

Former Republican Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown may be mulling another run in New Hampshire.  He’s relocating – and incumbent Democratic Senator Jeanne Shaheen is looking vulnerable.  Granted, Brown is a little moderate for my tastes, but in the left-leaning Northeast; he’s perfect.
Last month, at the Ronald Reagan Dinner in Scotts County, Iowa, you saw how “effective” Brown is at connecting with voters, according to the Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin. Earlier this week, Rubin said that Brown could easily deflect the inevitable carpetbagger attack that will be lobbed against him.
In fiscally tight New Hampshire, Shaheen’s …

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Duck Dynasty Fallout Speaks Volumes…About Gay Bigotry
  21 Dec 2013     2:54 pm      Matt Vespa

While some might not agree with Phil Robertson’s views on homosexuality, it should be hardly a surprise to A&E.  Social conservatism and religion are the show’s bread and butter. And for the network to “indefinitely suspend” Robertson out of some sort of profound discovery of his views on this subject, is disingenuous in the extreme.  He admits he’s a “Bible-thumper.”
Additionally, saying the homosexuality is a sin rests with religious teaching; it’s not hateful. There’s a difference.  Although, if anything, this whole fiasco speaks volumes about gay bigotry.
Atlantic writer Brandon Ambrosino, …

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Whole Foods CEO: Obamacare Will Create a Permanent Part-Time Workforce
  20 Dec 2013     4:32 pm      Warner Todd Huston

The CEO of Whole Foods, well known for standing against Obamacare, recently pointed out that the President’s government take over of our healthcare system will create a permanent part-time work force filled with positions that will never be able to advance to full time work. Because of that, Obamacare is hardly a very American ideal as it puts a government-enforce, concrete ceiling on top of workers who hope to better themselves.

Whole Foods CEO John Mackey appeared on Fox News with Stuart Varney on December 18 to discuss the negative impact …

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Washington State Exchange Is Arbitrarily Debiting Enrollees’ Personal Accounts
  15 Dec 2013     5:36 pm      Matt Vespa

Does the president’s new health care law have another glitch, or is it just good ole’ fashioned incompetence?  In the Washington State Exchange, you’re able to pick when you want your payment to go through.

Sadly, for some enrollees, those payments were posted early – and it has put some families’ Christmas shopping on hold.  It’s tragic and completely arbitrary.  Then again, we’re talking about the dynamics of a government program.
Gateway Pundit cited report on this development yesterday:
For the second week in a row, the Washington Healthplanfinder website is down, and it’s …

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Whoopsie Daisy! Thousands Of Obamacare Sign-Ups Failed To Reach Insurers
  14 Dec 2013     4:35 pm      Matt Vespa

So, the new health care website was somewhat relaunched and is now a success, right? Nope. Apparently, thousands of sign-ups through never made it to insurers.
Sarah Kliff at the Washington Post wrote today that:
Enrollment records for close to 15,000 shoppers were not initially transmitted to the insurance plans they selected, according to a preliminary federal estimate to be released Saturday.
The preliminary estimate that fewer than 15,000 enrollments failed to reach carriers comes from a recently completed federal analysis that compared the number of shoppers who clicked “enroll” with the …

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Obamacare Website ‘Marketplace’ Violates Federal Security Laws
  13 Dec 2013     4:21 pm      Warner Todd Huston

It appears that the Obamacare websites are violating federal laws that require that the personal information of visitors remain safe from hackers and identity thieves, a new report says.
The 2002 law in question is called the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA), and it demands that federal websites must be secure and to assure that level of security the websites are supposed to undergo mandated testing procedures. But Obama has simply ignored all those tests, skipping them entirely with his Obamacare websites.
As Charles Johnson writes, federal websites are awarded an …

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Fascist Bloomberg Pushes For Mandatory Flu Vaccines for Children
  10 Dec 2013     11:22 am      Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

Looks like fascist Nanny Bloomberg intends to make good use of his final three weeks in office. For those of you hoping that Comrade de Blasio will reverse this or somehow be better, take your medication and get over it. Not. Gonna. Happen. Bloomberg wasn’t content with taking away salt, soft drinks or Styrofoam… He’s not content with $102 tolls to bring a delivery truck into New York or telling you that you can’t smoke… He’s not content with taxing and regulating the hell out of New Yorkers, …

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Does Obama Understand The Basic Dynamics Of Government?
  8 Dec 2013     3:45 pm      Matt Vespa

You don’t need to be old – or have a wealth of experience – to understand that the federal government in the United States is huge.  That being said, one could easily deduce that because government is so big; it’s incredibly hard for it to act decisively.  Last week, the president “played Hardball with Chris Matthews” and gave another nauseating analysis on why Obamacare is a disaster. In short, he essentially said that big government is the problem.  You don’t say, Mr. President.

So, does this mean that Obama isn’t that …

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