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Fundraise and Fore! obama’s Answer to World Events
  19 Jun 2012     6:23 am      Michael Fell

Israel issued warnings over security problems with Egypt. Militants from the Sinai Peninsula crossed over into southern Israel Monday and fired on a border security fence, killing one Israeli. The IDF moved tanks and otherarmed forces to the Israel-Egypt border in response to the attack. Egypt is on the offensive against Israel.
Egypt’s presidential election results lean towards victory for Mohammed Morsi, the radical Islamist Muslim Brotherhood candidate. Thanks at least in part to vocal White House support for the “Arab Spring”, which ushered the Muslim Brotherhood to Egypt’s presidency, Egypt …

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Your Future Tomorrow In Greece Today: Gov’t Payments Stop
  14 Jun 2012     8:10 am      John Hawkins

If you don’t think this can happen here in say the next 5-15 years, you’re kidding yourself.
For the past six months, this state-funded centre for asylum seekers has received no funding from the state. Its 25 staff members have not been paid since January. Due to its debts, the centre has “huge problems” with suppliers and the usual food deliveries stopped two weeks ago.
Some of the 225 residents thought the staff had gone on strike over pay but, as director Vasilis Lyritzis explains, they could simply not go on: “We …

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Europe Won’t Work in America
  8 Jun 2012     4:00 pm      Michael Fell

Spain’s economy is under such duress that the country is prepared to request a 40 billion Euro cash injection from the Euro zone this weekend. The request comes after Fitch Ratings reduced Spain’s credit by three notches on Thursday. This move will make Spain the fourth country to need a bailout since the European debt crisis began. The Spanish banking sector’s weakness and contagion from Greece’s debt crisis have put Spain’s economy in such a precarious position that the International Monetary Fund reported a need for 90 billion Euros to …

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Choose Your Stimulus
  17 May 2012     6:50 pm      Michael Fell

The Spanish Economic Ministry denied there’s been a surge in withdrawals from the nation’s banks, while Spain’s Prime Minister warned that borrowing costs could reach “astronomical” proportions over fears about the weakness of Spain’s financial institutions.
Greeks have been taking their savings out of banks, with nearly a third taken out during this year’s first quarter. Since May 7th, at least 700m euros have been withdrawn from Greek banks. Uncertainty over Greece’s exit from the eurozone is stirring global fears about Europe’s monetary future.
France’s new socialist government will not ratify the …

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Our Future Now In Greece Part 832: A Painless Today Leads To A Depression Tomorrow
  16 Feb 2012     5:21 am      John Hawkins

People should be riveted to what’s going on in Greece because in many respects, that’s just America a little further down the path we’re trodding as we speak. Incidentally, it’s not going so well.
Greece is expecting to agree the terms of European leaders for a rescue package this evening as the country seeks to avoid a default on its international debts. But Greeks fear that the cuts, imposed on them in return for a €130bn bailout, is sending the country spiralling into a catastrophic depression.
…The mood in Athens is a …

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Let Greece Default Already
  6 Feb 2012     8:03 am      John Hawkins

Greece is a crummy little country with terrible demographics, a mediocre economy, and a massive government that has been spending far more than it has for far too long. Liberals, being liberals, in Greece and across the rest of the world, can’t accept the plain and simple truth: Greece is in trouble because its government is too big, its benefits are too generous, and it’s run out of money.
At this point, Greece is only avoiding default because its betters are pumping money into a country that has no hope of …

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