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Who’s Laughing Now?
  3 Mar 2014     9:45 am      Dave Blount

Vladimir Putin is laughing, along with the rest of America’s rivals. But if they didn’t have to watch their country reduced to the helpless spectator status of a second-rate nation, Sarah Palin and Mitt Romney would also be enjoying a few chuckles at the expense of the chucklehead in the White House, as well as the liberal establishment media that put him there.
Here’s how the weenies at Foreign Policy reacted to Sarah Palin’s 2008 warning that electing Obama could lead to a Russian invasion of the Ukraine:
As we’ve said …

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WP: “Obama’s Foreign Policy Based On Fantasy, Unicorns, And Pixie Dust”
  3 Mar 2014     8:07 am      William Teach

OK, I added those last two for effect. We could have also inserted golfing, incompetence, poor training, poorer knowledge, terrible advisers, and a general inability to care about what’s going on. Yesterday I noted the Washington Post editorial board stated that Ukraine is a test for Obama’s “smart power”. Today
President Obama’s foreign policy is based on fantasy
FOR FIVE YEARS, President Obama has led a foreign policy based more on how he thinks the world should operate than on reality. It was a world in which “the tide of war is …

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WP: Ukraine Is A Test For Obama’s “Smart Power” Or Something
  2 Mar 2014     8:31 am      William Teach

Unfortunately, the test is more like something from Common Core
Obama and Putin are on trains on the same track, 500 miles apart. If one is traveling east at 45 miles per hour and the other is traveling west at 35 kilometers per hour, how many pancakes does it take to shingle a dog house? How many appearances on talk shows will Obama make?
Here we go
Ukraine crisis tests Obama’s foreign policy focus on diplomacy over military force
For much of his time in office, President Obama has been accused by a mix …

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Obama: Russia Needs To Stop Being Big Meanies, Then Heads For A Fundraiser
  1 Mar 2014     7:01 am      William Teach

So, Obama called a for a quick statement, then showed up late, as usual. People who show up late aren’t particularly trust-worthy. But, maybe it makes him feel special and powerful. In reality, it shows a profound lack of respect. Anyhow
(The Hill) President Obama warned Friday there “will be costs” if Russian takes military action inside Ukraine.
In a brief appearance in the White House press briefing room, Obama said his administration was “deeply concerned” by reports that the Russian military is already intervening in the Crimea, an area of Ukraine …

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Communist Storm Clouds Gather in South Africa
  24 Feb 2014     2:23 pm      Dave Blount

Liberal demigod Nelson Mandela’s collectivist legacy continues to unfold in what was once a prosperous and relatively civilized country:
The Economic Freedom Fighters have stuck to their guns for the nationalisation of mines and expropriation of land without compensation.
Party leader Julius Malema on Saturday unveiled the organisation’s elections manifesto at Mehlareng Stadium in Tembisa, east of Johannesburg.
“We want to do away with colonial patterns of ownership in South Africa,” he said.
That means if a white person owns it, the government is going to take it, just like in Zimbabwe, which has …

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North Korea: Statism Taken to Its Inevitable Nightmare Conclusion
  20 Feb 2014     2:53 pm      Dave Blount

Progressives always want to progress. But eventually you get to the end of line — the place where statism has reached its logical conclusion and cannot be pushed any further. That place is North Korea:
North Korea forces women to undergo abortions and young mothers to drown their newborn babies, and has starved and executed hundreds of thousands of detainees at secret prison camps — atrocities that the chairman of a U.N. panel that documented the abuses compares to those of Nazi Germany.
The panel could compare North Korea to the more …

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Venezuela Begins to Ignite, as MSM Looks Away
  17 Feb 2014     1:55 pm      Dave Blount

Even with Hugo Chavez gone, Hope & Change will continue to drag on in Venezuela, until such a time as people are able to put a stop to it, just as it will here even after the ruling oligarchy has replaced Obama with another figurehead. Venezuelans are a little further down the road toward straightforward Marxism than we are. Already they have reached the point where any attempt to place Big Government back within its proper constraints is met with censorship and violence:
Over the past week, Venezuelan protesters have been …

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Obama Fails: Al Qaeda Controls More Territory Than Ever
  10 Jan 2014     10:54 am      Warner Todd Huston

Despite his oft times indiscriminate death from-the-skies drone program, Obama seems to have failed to put a stop to our worst enemy, al Qaeda. It seems that the infamous terror group now controls more territory than ever.

Obama has pretended that his occasional drone strike and the fact that he was in the White House when our military killed Osama bin Laden means that we’ve essentially won the war on terror and destroyed al Qaeda. But this seems to be a total lie. Al Qaeda is alive and well.
The National Review …

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The World’s Ten Worst Places to Be a Christian
  9 Jan 2014     7:16 pm      Warner Todd Huston

The 2014 World Watch List of the 50 worst places in the world to be a Christian has been released showing all the usual suspect nations where Christians face daily persecution.
Since the American invasion of Iraq and later as the so-called Arab Spring has grown, persecution of Christians has exploded across the world–most especially in the middle east and Africa.
The watchdog group Open Doors USA has released its list of the worst places to be a Christian and topping the list are North Korea, Somalia, Syria and regrettably, Iraq and …

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Troops Are On The Way…To Secure ‘The New State Of Palestine?’
  5 Jan 2014     11:39 am      Matt Vespa

Uh, what’s going on here? Are we seriously going to be sending American troops to secure the new state of Palestine? Well, that’s seems to be a consideration within the Obama administration, albeit based on unconfirmed reports.
Secretary of State John Kerry is proposing to offer up US troops to help secure the borders of the new state of Palestine, according to some unconfirmed news reports coming out of Israel.
How plausible is the possibility? And would it be a good idea, or, as some military analysts argue, would the White House …

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Obama Disrepecting The Vatican, Catholics, Jews, Everyone But Muslims
  29 Nov 2013     7:42 pm      Warner Todd Huston

First Obama pushes a deal with Iran that does nothing to prevent that Muslim nation from getting the bomb putting Israel in mortal danger, before that he sided with al Qaeda and other Muslim groups in Syria despite that they are murdering Christians just for being Christians, and now Obama disses Catholics by moving the US embassy to the Vatican out of the Vatican and miles away next to the Italian embassy in Rome.
In only a few day’s time, Obama has turned his back on Jews and Catholics both while …

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“Flexibility” With Our Enemies
  17 Nov 2013     9:20 am      Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

Now, this is “flexibility” comrade! Moving from the insane to the treasonous… welcome to Glonass, the Russian GPS positioning and monitoring system. And our State Department sees no problem with allowing these systems to be positioned on American soil throughout the country:
In May 2012, Moscow requested that the United States allow the ground-monitoring stations on American soil. American technical and diplomatic officials have met several times to discuss the issue and have asked Russian officials for more information, said Ms. Harf, the State Department spokeswoman.
In the meantime, C.I.A. …

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VIDEO: Citizen Tells Sen. McCain He Should be ‘Arrested and Tried for Treason!” For al Qaeda Support
  3 Nov 2013     1:06 pm      Warner Todd Huston

Ouch. At a recent town hall event held by Senator John McCain (Maverick, Arizona) one participant said to McCain’s face that the Senator should be “arrested and tried for treason” for supporting al Qaeda terrorists in Syria.
For those unaware, McCain was one of the biggest boosters of the Syrian rebels currently facing Syrian strongman Bashar al Assad who has been killing thousands of his own people in a civil war for some time, now. McCain felt the US should support the rebels facing Assad, but as it happens at least …

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Sheldon Adelson: We Should Nuke Iran
  27 Oct 2013     1:57 pm      Warner Todd Huston

American Jewish billionaire Sheldon Adelson is pretty sick and tired of President Obama’s bumbling foreign policy, especially his failed policy with Iran. In fact, he thinks that the U.S. should launch a nuclear bomb into the Iranian desert and then warn Tehran that the next one will be right down their throats in their capitol city.
Adelson was speaking on a panel at a Yeshiva University in New York discussing foreign policy.
Moderator Rabbi Shmuley Boteach asked Adelson whether or not the US should negotiate with Iran to try and get it …

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Executed Prisoner Wakes Up In Morgue, Iran Getting Him Ready for Second Execution
  18 Oct 2013     12:00 pm      Warner Todd Huston

Last week a prisoner in Iran was hung for drug offenses but when his “body” got to the morgue it was discovered that he was still breathing. Now Iranian authorities are nursing him back to health so that… they can hang him again.
The man identified as Alireza M was sentenced to death by Iranian authorities and the sentence was carried out on October 9. But the attempt was botched.
After hanging for 12 minutes, prison officials cut the man down and sent him to the morgue. But upon arrival there …

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Shrinking Stature
  11 Oct 2013     12:34 pm      Dave Blount

Symbolism is everything when it comes to international diplomacy. Vladimir Putin’s and Chinese President Xi Jinping’s prominent positions front and center in this official photo of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation meeting are no random accident. Neither is Hanoi John Kerry’s spot back by the curtain (click for full size):

Presumably Obama would warrant a front row position as head of state, but he is too busy watching his ham-fisted shutdown maneuver blow up in his face to attend to America’s international interests, which never much interested him anyway — leaving others …

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VIDEO Religion of Peace: Syrian Kids Play ‘Behead the Enemy’ Game
  26 Sep 2013     10:34 pm      Warner Todd Huston

Shocking new video out of Syria shows little kids pretending to behead people. Yes, the religion of peace strikes again. Instead of playing cops and robbers, Syrian kids play “behead the enemy.”

As kids throughout Syria are living daily with countless atrocities from both the rebels and their al Qaeda buddies as well as troops from Syrian strongman Bashar al Assad, they are learning some macabre games from it all.
In the disgusting video we see kids yelling Allahu Akbar (Allah is greater) and pretending to cut off a kid’s head with …

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Religion of Peace: Muslims Throw Stones at Jews Visiting Temple Mount for Rosh Hashanah
  5 Sep 2013     12:57 pm      Warner Todd Huston

The religion of peace is at it again, this time throwing stones at Jews visiting one of the most holy sites for three world religions. Jews arriving at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem’s Old City as they begin preparations to celebrate Rosh Hashanah were attacked by Muslims looking to prevent them from worshipping.
Rosh Hashanah is one of Judaism’s most holy days and the Temple Mount one of its most holy sites, but once again Muslims gathered to physically harm anyone not Muslim.
The attacks on Jews rose to such a fracas …

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Oh My: NY Times Notes The Brutality From Syrian Rebels
  5 Sep 2013     7:05 am      William Teach

One issue of concern regarding any vote to authorize it’s-not-really-war-but-an-action (a Senate panel voted in a split decision to authorize the not a war Wednesday) is the state of the Syrian opposition. And, shockingly, the NY Times actually discusses the state of the rebels and their brutality
The Syrian rebels posed casually, standing over their prisoners with firearms pointed down at the shirtless and terrified men.
The prisoners, seven in all, were captured Syrian soldiers. Five were trussed, their backs marked with red welts. They kept their faces pressed to the dirt …

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Shocking Report: NSA Even Spied on Their Own Loved Ones, Girlfriends, Neighbors
  25 Aug 2013     4:10 pm      Warner Todd Huston

New reports have emerged showing that employees of the National Security Agency have misused their power to spy on American’s communication by keeping tabs on their own girlfriends, boyfriends, family members and neighbors, snooping into what they were doing in their daily lives.
The practice was so blatant that NSA employees had even coined a term for this type of spying: “Love-int.” This stands for “love intelligence,” as in information on loved ones.
It was recently disclosed that the NSA had broken privacy rules on nearly 3,000 occasions over just a one-year …

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