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Environmental Justice – HHS And The EPA’s Catchall for Societal Transformation and Redistribution
  15 Jul 2014     11:56 am      Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton
Hat Tip: Bob Sowdon

Several days ago, I wrote an article entitled: The Office Of Refugee Resettlement – Facilitators For A ‘Manufactured Human Crisis.’ ORR is directly connected to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). HHS has become the ultimate transformational entity for the US in the Obama Administration. They are doing this under the guise of Environmental Justice.
HHS defines Environmental Justice as follows:
Environmental Justice (EJ) is the fair treatment and meaningful involvement of all people regardless of race, color, national origin, or income with …

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Border Patrol Agents Catching Chicken Pox, Scabies, & TB from Flood of Illegals Crossing Border
  29 Jun 2014     9:44 am      Warner Todd Huston

This wave of illegals invited here by Obama and Democrat politicians looking for instant Democrat voters are also bringing a series of diseases that we don’t get much in the USA.

Let the folks at Channel 11, Dallas Fort Worth tell us about it…

More than 52,000 children have entered the country illegal in recent months, many of them coming into the U.S. through South Texas. Former Zapata County Sheriff Gonzales, who now works as a consult with law enforcement agencies along the Texas border, says space is running out to house …

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Florida Passes Bill Giving In-State Tuition To Illegals
  4 May 2014     1:59 pm      Alyssa Lafage

The once highly regarded Governor of Florida Rick Scott has chosen to abandon his conservative principles by supporting a bill that would give in-state tuition to people living in his state illegally. This move puts Florida amongst the ranks of other sanctuary states like California and New Jersey in allowing illegal immigrants to further drain taxpayers. 

(Gainesville Sun) Florida students living in the country illegally will be allowed to qualify for in-state college tuition rates under a bill passed by the Legislature.
The Florida House voted 84-32 on Friday for the bill, which offers in-state college tuition rates to …

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Obama Imports ‘Advisor’ From Socialist Europe to Push Obamacare
  4 Feb 2014     12:16 pm      Warner Todd Huston

Now Obama is importing big government advocates from Europe to help him push Obamacare on Americans.
Obama is importing Germany’s former health minister, Daniel Bahr, to help push the President’s failed Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare. He is also joining the extremist, left-wing think tank, the Center for American Progress (CAP).
Bahr lost his government job in Germany last September when his party couldn’t muster enough votes to stay in power. He was quoted as telling his fellow Germans that he’d “find something” to do.
Apparently pushing big government boondoggles on Americans was …

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Does Obama Understand The Basic Dynamics Of Government?
  8 Dec 2013     3:45 pm      Matt Vespa

You don’t need to be old – or have a wealth of experience – to understand that the federal government in the United States is huge.  That being said, one could easily deduce that because government is so big; it’s incredibly hard for it to act decisively.  Last week, the president “played Hardball with Chris Matthews” and gave another nauseating analysis on why Obamacare is a disaster. In short, he essentially said that big government is the problem.  You don’t say, Mr. President.

So, does this mean that Obama isn’t that …

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Obama’s So-Called ‘Fix’ to Obamacare is Unconstitutional
  16 Nov 2013     12:54 pm      Warner Todd Huston

On Thursday, President Obama held a press conference and made the unilateral decision to reverse his previous Obamacare rules on canceled insurance policies telling insurance carriers they must let Americans keep their plans for “another year.” But after his presser, many people are saying that Obama’s newest fiat decision is unconstitutional.
Obama has been lying to America for four years saying of our healthcare insurance, “you can keep it if you like it.” But the nation has learned at last that Obama flat out lied about his “keep it” pledge. Obama …

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We’re the Next Greece
  28 Oct 2013     9:50 am      Rachel Alexander

The country of Greece is in catastrophic economic chaos due to a history of irresponsible spending. This is where the U.S. will be in few years unless drastic changes are made. The question is no longer if, but when. At some point, there will no longer be any low-interest credit available to continue letting Santa Claus run the U.S.; the interest owed on existing debt will exceed tax revenues.
We can get a feel for what will happen to us by looking at Greece. When Greece reached that point six years …

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Neil Cavuto: “November 1st could be a very very iffy kind of a day….this could be all hell breaks loose day.”
  25 Oct 2013     1:29 pm      Dave Blount

Fasten your seatbelts; we could be in for some applied Alinskyism on November 1:

Fox News’ Neil Cavuto thinks the Department of Homeland Security’s $80 million outlay on armed guards to protect government buildings is directly connected to food stamp cuts set to take effect on November 1st, a day on which all hell could break loose.
The DHS announced its intention to hire a raft of new armed guards to prepare for “public demonstrations” and “civil disturbances” in upstate New York, adding that some of the guards would be posted outside …

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Lagarde Beckons the US to Commit Economic Suicide and Save Europe from Themselves
  14 Oct 2013     8:26 am      Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

Photo by: Alex Brandon
So, Lagarde knows that ‘entitlements’ are a problem for the US down the road, but wants us to incur more debt right now to keep Europe from sliding into another recession. Where to start with this one.
First off, the US committing economic Seppuku will not save Europe economically. They are toast and they have done it to themselves just as we have.
Second, I fail to see how encouraging us to print ever more money to pay our debts does anything more than prolong the inevitable …

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Washington Bridge Collapse Being Used to Push Big Government
  26 May 2013     4:46 pm      Warner Todd Huston

By all accounts the Interstate 5 bridge collapse in Washington State was a result of an over sized truck load as opposed to “failing infrastructure.” But a plea for greater federal spending figured prominently in many reports on the accident nonetheless.
Naturally, many on the left stampeded immediately to decrying “austerity,” or accused the Republicans of “endangering lives” by opposing big government, while still others blamed the sequester as news of the collapse spread.
In the progressive media, infrastructure also featured prominently in coverage.
CNN, for instance, injected Obama’s call for higher spending …

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Rep. Maxine Waters Inflates Sequester to ’170 Million’ Jobs Lost
  2 Mar 2013     4:43 pm      Warner Todd Huston

Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D, CA) had a dire prediction for America due to sequestration claiming that 170 million jobs would be lost as a result of the policy. But according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics there are only about 140 million jobs in the whole country.
During a press conference on February 28, Waters told reporters of a visit by Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke who told members of congress that sequestration is not the optimal way to cut the federal budget.
Talking of Bernanke’s comments, Waters claimed that “if sequestration …

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My Amazing, Earth-Shattering, Dynamic, Never-Before-Seen Analysis Of The State Of The Union
  13 Feb 2013     12:01 am      Robert Cleveland

OK, I confess: I didn’t actually watch the speech.
I tried, I really did.
Well, okay, I didn’t even really try.
I did manage to muddle through the first few minutes of the speech as I waited for my wife to get ready to go out to dinner – which basically amounted to waiting until President Obama said something that made me want to utter several choice words that I try not to vocalize, since I don’t really want my 2-year-old adding them to her vocabulary.  As more time goes on, I seem …

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Actor John Leguizamo a Big Fan of Big Government
  28 Jan 2013     4:02 pm      Warner Todd Huston

Actor John Leguizamo refuses to employ any cagey politically correct speak about his love for big government. There’s no dancing around or soft-pedaling with him. For Leguizamo, big government is all good.
In a recent interview with Nicholas Ballasy, the actor asked “What’s wrong with big government?”
“I’ve never had a problem with big government. I’ve felt our country’s always done best during Eisenhower, FDR, when we had we had big government … We’re not in a fascist state, so what’s the problem with big government? It’s not a problem. It makes …

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Food Stamps Recipients Increased 11,133 Per Day In Obama’s First Term
  23 Jan 2013     4:00 pm      Warner Todd Huston

One way to mark the legacy of a presidency is to tally statistics and at least one stat is not very flattering for this president: Americans on food stamps have grown by 11,133 every day during his first term.
In 2009, when Obama took office, recipients of SNAP, the Supplemental Assistance Nutrition Program, stood at 31,939,110 but by the end of his first term the latest tally numbered 47,525,329.
That is a growth of 11,133 per day between January of 2009 and October of 2012.
The Congressional Budget office reports that SNAP enrollment …

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Leanna Broderick: The Face of Britain’s Decline
  11 Dec 2012     2:07 pm      Dave Blount

Even as once great Britain’s eyes go dim, life is still good for the freeloaders who are bleeding it to death:
While many families are worrying about how to afford Christmas this year, one jobless single mother has revealed she receives so much in benefits she has £2,000 to spend on designer gifts, clothes and partying.
Mother-of-two Leanna Broderick plans to buy 20 presents for each of her children, including Burberry and Ralph Lauren outfits, iPads and gold jewellery.
The 20-year-old, who has never worked, claims nearly £15,500 a year in state handouts.
Why …

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College Professors Lose Hours Because of Obamacare
  27 Nov 2012     3:01 pm      Warner Todd Huston

One of my favorite stories this week is the college professors at Pennsylvania’s Community College of Allegheny who’ve had their hours cut because of the costly requirements of Obamacare.
One of Obamacare’s changes to general business practices is to make people who work 30 hours or more a “full time worker.” For generations that magic number was 40 hours a week. But now that Obamacare is forcing this change to what is considered a full-timer, businesses across the country are forced to change policies and cut the hours of employees to …

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Obama’s Reelection Will Ensure Complete U.S. Economic Collapse
  29 Oct 2012     1:53 pm      Rachel Alexander

This coming presidential election will determine whether the U.S. ends up in another Great Depression or pulls out of the economic slump. There are numerous signs indicating that the country is headed for economic Armageddon under Obama. Some analysts are predicting the crash could come as soon as next year. Obama is following the failed policies of President Herbert Hoover which led to the Great Depression.

Conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh says the U.S. is on an unsustainable course; there isn’t enough money from taxes to pay everyone lifetime healthcare, lifetime pensions, …

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For the millionth time, Social Security adds to the deficit
  5 Oct 2012     10:42 am      Matt Vespa

In a bit of new old news, Social Security adds to the federal deficit.  This non-shocking piece of news continues to be either ignored or underreported since the political class is petrified of having the geriatric brigade occupying the front lawns of their homes.  The current unfunded liability of Social Security is $8.6 trillion over the next 75 years.  It adds $165 billion to the budget deficit. This is all due to the payroll tac cut, a dismal economy, and an incremental number of Americans entering retirement age.  So, the …

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Solutions: Michelle Obama Proposes Vegetable Offsets for School Lunch Detractors
  3 Oct 2012     7:25 pm      Warner Todd Huston

First lady Michelle Obama has been under fire since interfering in school lunches, but through the power of her husband’s control over the Department of Education, she has come up with a solution. Kids who don’t want to eat the veggies in their school lunches can buy new “Vegetable Offsets” from the DOE.
Teens are supposed to be fed up to 2400 calories a day, and new government standards say that a lunch may not contain more than 850 calories. But the new school lunches stocked with vegetables and other “healthy” …

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U.S. Drops to 18th in Economic Freedom
  22 Sep 2012     12:22 am      Matt Vespa

If you’re a Canadian, you should be happy.  Our friendly neighbors to the north are riding high with their recent placement on the Economic Freedom chart at number five.  Meanwhile, the United States dropped ten spots to number eighteen on the scale.  Gateway Pundit posted about this story on September 19 citing The National Post which reported that:
The annual Economic Freedom of the World report, released Tuesday, has Canada tied in fifth place with Australia — up one spot from last year. Hong Kong remains at the top, Singapore’s next, then New …

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