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Wind Turbines Finally Begin to Come Down
  17 Oct 2013     11:23 am      Dave Blount

At last the beginning of the end has come for the lavishly government-subsidized bird-choppers that have marred the landscape across the Western world:
A wind farm that has been in the Yorkshire Dales for two decades is being torn down, and is believed to be the first to be scrapped in the UK.
The first but hardly the last. As even the most devout fools give up on the debunked global warming hoax, opportunities will arise for entrepreneurs able to repurpose these useless monstrosities for anything other than scrap metal.
The four wind …

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Wind Farms Cause Bats to Explode
  16 Sep 2013     2:40 pm      Dave Blount

Maybe this will cause moonbats to think twice about wasting our money and ruining landscapes with ideologically driven, economically idiotic wind farms. Their turbines don’t just kill bald eagles, but also bats:
Scots windfarms are causing bats to explode, animal experts claim.
The Bat Conservation Trust say they have evidence that pressure caused by turbine blades pops the creatures’ lungs.
Bats are a protected species in the UK but the trust believe windfarms pose a big danger.
While bats can avoid the blades, the pressure creates a vacuum capable of killing them by bursting …

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Obama Expands War on Coal to Gas-Burning Power Plants
  12 Sep 2013     12:10 pm      Dave Blount

With only three years left to fundamentally transform America into a second-rate country, Obama is going straight for the jugular: our energy supply. In addition to throwing the war on coal into overdrive by effectively banning the construction of new coal-fired power plants, he is going after gas:
This month, the Environmental Protection Agency will propose standards that will establish stricter pollution limits for gas-fired power plants than coal-fired power plants, according to individuals who were briefed on the matter but asked not to be identified because the rule was not …

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Neil Young’s $1 Million Green Car Leaves Him Stranded
  11 Sep 2013     3:11 pm      Dave Blount

Bwahaha! Couldn’t happen to a sillier moonbat:
Neil Young, a high-profile proponent of cars powered by alternative fuels, was recently stranded on the highway when his own $1 million biomass-powered hybrid car broke down.
California highway patrol officers found the Canadian rocker stranded on the side of a road near Donner Summit, Calif.
Young was on his way to an environmentalist festival in Canada, according to the Sierra Sun, driving his custom-made hybrid electric 1959 Lincoln Continental.
It would be one thing if his envirolunacy were just a private idiosyncrasy. But like most liberals, …

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Man With Giant Carbon Footprint Sees Stopping Climate Change As Part Of His Legacy
  11 Aug 2013     8:14 am      William Teach

Let’s not forget, the man in question has a “carbon footprint” estimated at 41,000 metric tons, making him mostly to be the Man With Largest Carbon Footprint In The World. The average American’s footprint is a bit over 19 metric tons. Worldwide it is 2 tons. Heck, Obama is putting out way more than two tons just taking his 1%er vacation
(Washington Post) President Obama’s environmental policies are likely to play a prominent role in defining his second term, even as the budget, immigration and health care still dominate the current …

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Report States Keystone KL Will Have No Impact On Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  9 Aug 2013     8:36 am      William Teach

So far, every environmental and global warming study has found Keystone XL to be not an issue. Here’s another one
(The Hill) The Keystone XL oil sands pipeline “will not have any impact” on greenhouse gas emissions, a report released by prominent energy industry consulting group IHS CERA said Thursday.
The report said that’s because Canada’s oil sands, which are more carbon-rich than conventional oil, will come out of the ground with or without Keystone.
“In the absence of Keystone XL, we would expect similar volumes of heavy Canadian oil sands to be …

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Natural Gas Is A Gangplank To Boiling The Earth Or Something
  29 Jul 2013     9:03 am      William Teach

Obviously, this means that all production of natural gas, especially when it requires hydraulic fracturing, should be stopped immediately
Gangplank to a Warm Future
It should be noted that Mankind has done best in warmer climates. Heck, one of the previous cool period was called “The Dark Ages”.
MANY concerned about climate change, including President Obama, have embraced hydraulic fracturing for natural gas. In his recent climate speech, the president went so far as to lump gas with renewables as “clean energy.”
First, if you call it “climate change”, you’re interested in politics, not …

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Obama Will Evaluate Keystone XL Solely On Its “Climate Change” Effects
  28 Jul 2013     8:25 am      William Teach

In a long, boring interview with the NY Times, in which (NMP) Obama dishes forth the same old failed policies, engages in lots and lots of Blamestorming as if this wasn’t his second term in office, patronizes, and offers little in the way of new policies, we find this bit on page 5 (via Tom Nelson)
(NY Times) MR. OBAMA: Well, first of all, Michael, Republicans have said that this would be a big jobs generator. There is no evidence that that’s true. And my hope would be that any reporter …

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Hooray! Warmists Proclaim All Power Outages Caused By “Climate Change”
  21 Jul 2013     8:58 am      William Teach

I was wondering when they would get around to this blamestorming talking point, and I blame you, dear reader, for all the power issues for refusing to give up your fossil fueled vehicle, using hair spray, and having a fridge with an ice maker. Oh, and per Warmist doctrine, no, I’m not giving up mine. This is only for you
(Grist) Eerie images of flooded, pitch-black lower Manhattan following Superstorm Sandy made it clear just how stark an effect climate change and extreme weather can have on our everyday access to …

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Orange County Getting New 5 Megawatt Solar Plant
  17 Jul 2013     7:39 am      William Teach

And it only requires that 35 acres of trees be clear cut
(Raleigh N&O) Orange County, one of the most environmentally conscious areas of the state, is finally getting a major league solar farm of its own.
Except for the clear-cutting of 35 acres
A 5-megawatt solar project under construction in the rural community of White Cross will not only be that county’s biggest by far, but also the second-biggest in the Triangle.
Remember, the average capacity factor of solar is around 16%, meaning it will deliver around 160,000 watts. It will be sitting …

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Surprise! “Green” Companies Ripping Off Poor, Minority Customers
  13 Jul 2013     7:45 am      William Teach

Gee, who would have thought there could be malfeasance within the “green” economy? There are hundreds of billions, if not trillions, of dollars flowing around the world, much of it government related, with little oversight. The mafia sure seems to like the green economy. Companies take government money then run, often leaving behind environmental messes. Many companies are under investigation for inflating costs. The list of issues is too long to list. Then there’s this
(Daily Caller) Green power companies supplying energy to District of Columbia and Maryland residents are under …

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Hopey Change Creates Record High Electricity Prices
  5 Jul 2013     2:02 pm      Dave Blount

For once we have a president who delivers on his promises. Obama said he would fundamentally transform America; if you fell asleep in 2008 and woke up now, would you believe even half of what you see on the news? He said he would cause energy prices to skyrocket; despite the discovery of massive energy reserves on our own land, they have:
The price of electricity in the United States for May was 13.1 cents per kilowatt hour (KWH), which is the highest it has been on record for that month, …

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Obama Readying Emission Limit Plan To Deal With Hotcoldwetdry
  20 Jun 2013     8:21 am      William Teach

Alternate headline: Obama readying plan to artificially raise your electricity costs and the costs of everything else by executive fiat
(NY Times) President Obama is preparing regulations limiting carbon dioxide emissions from existing power plants, senior officials said Wednesday. The move would be the most consequential climate policy step he could take and one likely to provoke legal challenges from Republicans and some industries.
Citizens might object, too, as they see their cost of living spike. And perhaps some rolling brownouts, too boot.
Electric power plants are the largest single source of global …

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Pandering To Keystone XL Foes, Obama Said To Soon Release His Climate Measures
  14 Jun 2013     8:48 am      William Teach

In other words, hold onto your wallets, as Obama speaks to people whom which he wants to provide open wallets
(Bloomberg) With his administration under pressure from environmentalists to reject the Keystone XL pipeline project, President Barack Obama plans to unveil a package of separate actions next month focused on curbing U.S. greenhouse gas emissions.
At closed-door fundraisers held over the past few weeks, the president has been telling Democratic party donors that he will unveil new climate proposals in July, according to people who have attended the events or been briefed.
Remember …

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Obama’s DOE Green Programs Spent $26 Billion On Less Than 3,000 Jobs
  10 May 2013     7:52 am      William Teach

Don’t worry, Obama’s cool with this, it’s Someone Else’s money, and he can always get more.

(Institute for Energy Research) Without much fanfare, the Department of Energy (DOE) recently updated the list of loan guarantee projects on its website. Unlike in 2008, when Barack Obama pledged to create 5 million jobs over 10 years by directing taxpayer funds toward renewable energy projects, there were no press conferences or stump speeches. But the data are nonetheless revealing: for the over $26 billion spent since 2009, DOE Section 1703 and 1705 loan guarantees …

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What Say You To Remotely Having Your AC And Fridge Shut Down During Peak Time Energy?
  30 Apr 2013     8:47 am      William Teach

This is the logical extension of “smart grid” policies.

(UK Daily Mail) Fridges and freezers in millions of British homes will automatically be switched off without the owner’s consent under a ‘Big Brother’ regime to reduce the strain on power stations.
The National Grid is demanding that all new appliances be fitted with sensors that could shut them down when the UK’s generators struggle to meet demand for electricity.
Electric ovens, air-conditioning units and washing machines will also be affected by the proposals, which are already backed by one of the European Union’s …

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Obama Officials Knews Fisker Was Failing. Also, Another Stimulus Backed Solar Company Going Down The Tubes
  24 Apr 2013     7:23 am      William Teach

The CBS article is entitled WH knew electric car maker Fisker was faltering: AP. Not sure that they can say that the White House knew, the provide no information on that, but the DOE certainly knew.

Newly obtained documents show the Obama administration was warned as early as 2010 that electric car maker Fisker Automotive Inc. was not meeting milestones set up for a half-billion dollar government loan, nearly a year before U.S. officials froze the loan after questions were raised about the company’s statements.
An Energy Department official said in a …

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Oh Oh: There’s A War On Women In Obama’s “Green” Economy
  9 Apr 2013     9:21 am      William Teach

While they do get paid a bit more in the “green” economy, a much lower percentage are working in the “green” economy. Supposedly, there are 3.4 million “green” jobs (school bus drivers, scrap metal workers, employee at a bike shop, and, yes, even an oil industry lobbyist) out there, but….
(Climate Progress) ….the green sector offers new opportunities for good-paying jobs across the U.S. and raises the question: Are women benefitting from the transition to a green economy as much as men?
A new study suggests not, finding that women hold just …

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Surprise: Stimulus Recipient Fisker Auto Lays Of 75% Of Their Workforce
  6 Apr 2013     8:32 am      William Teach

Another “green” company to add to the list of Obama green failures (h/t Dana)
(The Hill) Fisker Automotive, a federally backed maker of plug-in hybrid cars, laid off 75 percent of its workers Friday as it struggles to stay afloat and find new capital, according to press accounts.
Fisker drew $193 million of a $529 million Energy Department loan agreement reached in 2009 before the department halted payments in 2011.
Here’s the Associated Press Friday on what ails Fisker:
Fisker, which makes the $100,000 Karma plug-in hybrid sports car, hasn’t produced any cars since …

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Eagle-Killing, Investment-Wasting ‘Renewable’ Energy
  3 Apr 2013     6:55 pm      Warner Todd Huston

The “Green Energy” sector has been hit with a series of setbacks over the last few years. From a wind farm being cited for killing an endangered eagle, to solar energy’s tumble from investor favor over dismal performance, to a growing list of companies gone bankrupt even after President Obama pumped millions of our tax dollars into them, the so-called Green Energy sector has certainly seen better, more hopeful days.
In the realm of farce, a wind farm in Nevada finds itself at an unfortunate crossroads of political correctness. Even as …

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