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What Sympathy is Deserved for the ‘Palestinians’?
  25 Jul 2014     2:27 pm      Warner Todd Huston

What real sympathy does Hamas, and by extension the “Palestinians,” deserve in this latest conflict with the self-defense employing Israelis? A simple review of the facts may convince that the answer to that is “not much.”
Firstly we have to dismiss two of the Palestinians’ major claims; that they live in an “apartheid” state and that Gaza is “occupied territory. Both are lies.
Israel is a democratic society and has duly elected Muslims in its government. There is no Jewish-sponsored “apartheid,” not in Israel nor in Gaza.
Secondly, the Israelis do not “occupy” …

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Mitt Romney Slams Obama’s Foreign Policy: A ‘Monumental Bust’
  15 Jun 2014     1:54 pm      Warner Todd Huston

As it turns out, much of what Mitt Romney said during that late Presidential election about the disaster that is Obama’s foreign policy has turned out to be 100% right. Now he is jumping into the fray once again to remind everyone that he warned us all.

If you’ll remember, during the 2012 debates, Romney really hit Obama on his failed foreign policy.
Now Romney is reminding us all how right he was about how wrong Obama is. As Cathy Burke writes:

Romney’s rousing 15-minute speech was the only one open to …

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The World’s Ten Worst Places to Be a Christian
  9 Jan 2014     7:16 pm      Warner Todd Huston

The 2014 World Watch List of the 50 worst places in the world to be a Christian has been released showing all the usual suspect nations where Christians face daily persecution.
Since the American invasion of Iraq and later as the so-called Arab Spring has grown, persecution of Christians has exploded across the world–most especially in the middle east and Africa.
The watchdog group Open Doors USA has released its list of the worst places to be a Christian and topping the list are North Korea, Somalia, Syria and regrettably, Iraq and …

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The Russian Bear’s Leeway Includes Egypt
  7 Nov 2013     12:06 pm      Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

Perhaps this is part of Obama’s post-election flexibility — gifting Egypt to Russia. It’s a twofer… it pays homage to Putin and puts Egypt in their place for dissing the Muslim Brotherhood. While it may look to Egypt as if this is purely their choice, they are merely a pawn in a global realignment of power. Russia is back with a roar and the bear is hungry for geopolitical power. This time they have a new comrade in Obama:
Russian President Vladimir Putin will visit Egypt later this month …

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Deputy Press Secretary Cracks Joke About Muslim Brotherhood Burning Churches in Egypt
  23 Aug 2013     3:41 pm      Dave Blount

Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood allies have been running amok in Egypt, burning dozens of Christian churches. At the fundamentally transformed White House, this is cause for amusement:
Press secretary Josh Earnest was asked by Fox News’ correspondent, Ed Henry, if President Barack Obama has a “red line” beyond which he would act against Muslim attacks on Egyptian Christians.
“Well, I didn’t bring my red pen out with me today,” Earnest joked.
Earnest. Even their names are straight out of Orwell.
After making his joke, Earnest said the administration is “outraged… and concerned” about the Muslim …

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Allies Turn Away From US as Obama Backs Radical Islamists in Egypt
  20 Aug 2013     2:37 pm      Dave Blount

Under our first anti-Western, pro-Islamist president, US foreign policy has entered the Twilight Zone. Saudi Arabia — home to 15 of the 19 September 11 hijackers — is actually siding with Israel and the secular government of Egypt against Muslim Brotherhood insurgents and their ally, the US government:
The U.S.’s closest Middle East allies are undercutting American policy in Egypt, encouraging the military to confront the Muslim Brotherhood rather than reconcile, U.S. and Arab officials said.
The parallel efforts by Israel, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have blunted U.S. influence …

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NY Times: Hey, What Happened In Egypt Really Isn’t Obama’s Fault
  18 Aug 2013     9:01 am      William Teach

It must be the fault of Other People, you know
How American Hopes for a Deal in Egypt Were Undercut
For a moment, at least, American and European diplomats trying to defuse the volatile standoff in Egypt thought they had a breakthrough.
As thousands of Islamist supporters of the ousted president, Mohamed Morsi, braced for a crackdown by the military-imposed government, a senior European diplomat, Bernardino León, told the Islamists of “indications” from the leadership that within hours it would free two imprisoned opposition leaders. In turn, the Islamists had agreed to reduce …

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McCain and Graham Lobby for Muslim Brotherhood
  7 Aug 2013     12:11 pm      Dave Blount

The Muslim Brotherhood is a radical Islamist outfit with terrorist affiliations that is profoundly hostile to the USA and its interests. Yet Obama is not the only American politician aggressively taking its side, even now that Egypt has commendably risen up and thrown it out of power. There are also Obama’s undocumented Democrat assistants, John McCain and Lindsey Graham:
Two U.S. Senators came to Egypt Tuesday with a message for the country’s new military-backed leaders: Release Islamist figures as a gesture to the Muslim Brotherhood or risk making “a huge mistake.”
The …

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NY Times: Obama Just Can’t Be Bothered When It Comes To Egypt
  6 Jul 2013     8:41 am      William Teach

One has to read between the lines
Egypt Crisis Finds Washington Largely Ambivalent and Aloof
In polo shirt, shorts and sandals, President Obama headed to the golf course Friday morning with a couple of old friends, then flew to Camp David for a long weekend. Secretary of State John Kerry was relaxing at his vacation home in Nantucket.
It’s almost like that pesky POTUS business is inconvenient. Gotta get in 18 followed up by more vacation days. And then there’s Monsieur Kerry, if which the State Dept. initially denied that he was off …

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Egypt deposed of their dictator: When will America depose of ours?
  6 Jul 2013     1:05 am      Josh Bernstein

The Egyptian people have spoken loudly. They were tired of the broken promises and the poor excuses. They were tired of the Muslim Brotherhood’s dictatorial ruling style and discriminatory practices against Christians and other non Muslims. They were tired of their President, Mohamed Morsi.
Millions upon millions of anti-Morsi protestors filled the streets of Cairo and demanded their authoritative dictator step down. When Morsi refused, he was forcibly removed from power by the Egyptian military.
So this brings me to this question. Can what happen in Egypt happen here in America? Should …

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NY Times Publishes Pro-Muslim Brotherhood Op-Ed
  5 Jul 2013     8:34 am      William Teach

Of course, this is one of the great things about American democracy (don’t start with the “it’s a Republic” thing), based on the 1st Amendment: allowing other viewpoints. Which is interesting for the NY Times, because, at best, they rarely allow more than super-squishy Republicans to publish op-eds. Anyhow, here’s the Brookings Institute’s Shadi Hamid, director of their Doha center, based in Qatar, which is a rather Islamist country
Demoting Democracy in Egypt
WHEN Mohamed Morsi became Egypt’s first democratically elected president last year, it was an especially sweet victory for the …

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Arab Spring, Take Two
  5 Jul 2013     12:01 am      Robert Cleveland

When the Arab Spring struck Egypt just a couple of years ago, it was hailed by many as a great day.  Democracy, they said, had finally arrived in Egypt, and it didn’t matter that they were replacing a US-friendly dictator with an anti-US radical Islamic regime.
But now it seems that Egypt has made no progress at all.  While the Obama administration has done everything it could to prop up the new Egyptian dictatorship, to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars, plus multiple donations of advanced military hardware…quite interesting …

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