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FBI Considers Allowing Marijuana Use For Cyber-crime Recruits
  21 May 2014     6:47 am      William Teach

It’s not like the Federal Bureau of Investigation is the nations top law enforcement agency, charged with enforcing the law, and marijuana is considered a Schedule I drug, illegal per federal law. Heck, Los Federales have placed restrictions on people using federal waters to grow marijuana.
(WSJ) FBI Director James B. Comey said Monday that if the FBI hopes to continue to keep pace with cyber criminals, the organization may have to loosen up its no-tolerance policy for hiring those who like to smoke marijuana.
Congress has authorized the FBI to add …

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Tennessee City Officials Pass Ordinance Making Wearing Baggy Pants Illegal
  19 May 2014     3:21 pm      Cassy Fiano

There aren’t many people who would argue that the saggy pants trend, most prominent in hip hop culture and among urban youth, is a good thing, especially considering that the look originated in prisons. But does that mean that people should be fined for wearing their pants too low? Pikeville, Tennessee has joined several other cities in creating ordinances punishing citizens who wear pants that sag too much.

Pikeville is just the latest place in the U.S. to take issue with where young men position their trousers.
Two in Louisiana, …

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Hillary and John Kerry Broke Law Preventing Releases of Criminal Illegals
  18 May 2014     1:35 pm      Warner Todd Huston

A new report is saying that past Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and current Sec. John Kerry have broken a law that would have prevented the release of 36,000 criminals who are also illegal aliens.

Caroline May of Breitbart reports:

Monday, an internal Immigration and Customs Enforcement document obtained by CIS and viewed by Breitbart News revealed that the 36,007 criminal immigrants convicted of nearly 88,000 crimes were released while awaiting the outcome of deportation proceedings last year.
In explaining the releases, ICE pointed in part to court cases, specifically Zadvydas v. Davis, …

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Now Calif. Allowing Illegals to Get Business Licenses in 30 Different Fields
  18 May 2014     1:19 pm      Warner Todd Huston

Last year the state of Mexifornia–I mean, California–decided to allow illegal aliens to become eligible for a license to practice law. That’s right, Calif. now says that someone here illegally, someone already breaking our laws, will be able to become a licensed lawyer. Now Calif. wants to extend that eligibility to 30 other jobs.

So it may not come as a surprise that State Sen. Ricardo Lara, a Democrat, has authored a bill that would allow people without Social Security Numbers to get licensed as dentists, psychologists, nurses, pharmacists, real estate …

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Military Mom Sentenced to Life in Prison for Shooting Son and Daughter: “I Don’t Know Why”
  16 May 2014     2:28 pm      Cassy Fiano

Julie Schenecker, married to Army Col. Parker Schenecker, stunned the nation when she shot her teenaged son and daughter in cold blood in 2011. Her defense team tried to avoid responsibility for her crimes by claiming she was insane at the time of the killings, but the jury didn’t buy it, sentencing Schenecker to life in prison.

A Florida mother has been found guilty after a jury ruled she was sane when she shot dead her two teenage children.
After a day of closing arguments on Thursday, the jury returned their …

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Couple, Teenager Arrested After Posting Instagram Video of Little Boy Getting Kick in the Head With the Caption “The Kid Loves It!”
  16 May 2014     6:51 am      Cassy Fiano

You’d think people who were engaging in criminal behavior would eventually learn that posting evidence of it on social media is just never a good idea. One couple, along with a teenager, did just that — posted a video of the teenager kicking a little boy in the head multiple times — and then promptly got arrested.

Two adults and a 15-year-old have been arrested after they allegedly posted videos showing them kicking a little boy in the head multiple times on Instagram, with the caption ‘the kid loves it.’
Police …

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Six Brothers Arrested for Sexually Abusing a Girl Starting at Age Four — Their Parents Knew and Did Nothing
  14 May 2014     1:31 pm      Cassy Fiano

Some stories are just so repulsive and terrible that we think it can’t possibly be true. Such is the case with a North Carolina family, where six brothers sexually abused a girl for years starting at the age of four. Even worse is that their parents knew, and allowed it to continue.

A North Carolina family have been charged over claims that six brothers sexually abused a girl for nearly a decade, while their parents failed to intervene.
The Jackson brothers and their parents, John and Nita, were arrested last …

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Woman Records Her Own Arrest; Faces Wiretapping Charges
  12 May 2014     3:24 pm      Cassy Fiano

Evidently, wiretapping is perfectly acceptable — as long as it’s the government doing it to us. The other way around? Well, that can land a person in jail, as one woman unfortunately found out.

Springfield Police Capt. Harry Kastrinakis said 24-year-old Karen Dziewit of Chicopee was drinking in front of 140 Chestnut Street shortly before 2 a.m. Sunday when police were called to assist a security officer at that address. Police said Dziewit was screaming and yelling and disturbing the tenants of the buildings, and she refused to stop …

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Arizona’s Pseudo-Conservative Attorney General Embroiled In Campaign Scandals
  12 May 2014     12:05 pm      Rachel Alexander

The scandals are beginning to snowball around Arizona’s Attorney General Tom Horne, who is running for reelection this year. The latest revelation comes from a high-level staffer within the office, Sarah Beattie, who resigned last month because she believed Horne was running his campaign out of the government office. Elections attorney Tom Ryan was so appalled that he is representing her pro bono, filing complaints against Horne.
Ryan told the Arizona Republic last week, “Mr. Horne has effectively turned the executive office of the Attorney General’s Office into his personal campaign headquarters, and we are …

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‘Dumb’ suspected drug dealer busted after posting a selfie on Facebook showing him peddling narcotics next to sheriff’s car
  12 May 2014     11:50 am      Cassy Fiano

Why do the crazy stories always seem to come out of Florida? Case in point: a male stripper was busted after he posted a selfie on Facebook of him selling drugs next to a sheriff’s car.

Taylor Harrison, 21, of Port St Lucie, was arrested Thursday after he posted selfies depicting himself sitting in a car shirtless with a pile of drugs and cash in his lap just a few feet away from a sheriff’s squad car.
The brazen 21-year-old self-described male stripper took the situation a step further, allegedly selling …

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Hoax Boston Bomber Cried in Court as he was Ordered to Stand Trial
  11 May 2014     5:41 pm      Alyssa Lafage

Claiming to have a mental disorder seems to be the modern cop-out for bad, or in this case, criminal behavior. That explanation didn’t hold up for Kevin Edson, the 25 year old student charged with placing a fake bomb at the end of the Boston Marathon. A Boston Municipal Court judge found Edson mentally competent enough to stand trial.

via Daily Mail:
The man charged with planting a backpack with a rice cooker near the Boston Marathon finish line on the anniversary of the bombing wept in court Wednesday as he was found mentally competent to stand …

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Family of dead robber says he’s the victim (video)
  11 May 2014     3:11 am      Kevin Jackson

In case you are wondering just how warped Liberalism is, here is a great example. The family of a 19-year old who was killed while robbing a Waffle House say that he’s the victim.
“He didn’t have to die, he was a respectable boy.” – Family
It’s obvious that this is one of those religious black families people talk about, because black folks love the Lord, and are the most religious people in America. They call an armed robber, “respectable.”
That’s why black teens are committing crimes at an alarming rate, mostly attack other …

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17-Year-Old Student Raped 15-Year-Old Before Class in Hallway
  8 May 2014     10:40 am      Cassy Fiano

American public schools have enacted stringent security measures, from zero-tolerance gun-free zones, to putting security cameras throughout the school. But time and time again, we see that such things end up making no difference at all, such as in one horrifying case, where a 15-year-old girl was raped in her high school hallway.

WBOC-TV 16, Delmarvas News Leader, FOX 21 –
A 17-year-old student has been released on bail after being arrested for allegedly raping a 15-year-old girl in their school hallway.
Jocori Scarborough allegedly forced the girl, whose name …

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Fed. Judge Puts Halt to Abuse of Justice in Wisc. ‘John Doe’ Raids
  7 May 2014     12:51 pm      Warner Todd Huston

For the last three years a Democrat affiliated Milwaukee County District Attorney has been engaged in a political jihad of sorts, using “secret subpoenas” and illegally invading homes and offices of a wide range of conservatives and Republicans in an “investigation” into collusion between activist groups and Wis. Gov. Scott Walker’s re-election campaign. At last, a federal judge has ordered that the illicit probe be halted on First Amendment grounds.
Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm, two of his assistant DAs, and Special Prosecutor Francis Schmitz, launched a politically motivated investigation …

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Animal Lovers Track Down Man After Horrific Cat Kicking Video Surfaces on Facebook
  6 May 2014     2:36 pm      Cassy Fiano

When will people learn not to post their dumb — or worse, criminal — behavior on Facebook? One scumbag learned that lesson the hard way after a video of him kicking a cat spurred animal lovers to action, causing him to be identified and then arrested.

An horrific video shot last Friday and posted to Facebook that shows a man brutally kicking an innocent stray cat 20 feet through the air led to the alleged animal abuser’s arrest Monday afternoon.
A man police claim is Andre Robinson, 21, first lures the …

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Judge Gives Rapist 45 Days in Jail After Suggesting 14 Year Old Victim Brought Attack On Herself
  5 May 2014     1:49 pm      Cassy Fiano

How is it that judges feel that it’s acceptable to allow rapists to get off scot free? A judge in Texas had the option of sentencing a rapist, who confessed to the crime, of up to 20 years in prison — instead, she sentenced him to 45 days, and blamed the victim for the crime.

A Texas judge has sparked national outrage after implying a 14-year-old rape victim was promiscuous and was not ‘the victim she claimed to be’.
State District Judge Jeanine Howard this week stunned the court by sentencing …

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Unfortunate Thug Finds Out What Happens When You Sucker Punch an Ex-Special Forces Business Owner
  2 May 2014     1:06 pm      Cassy Fiano

Convenience stores are prime targets for robbers and thugs. Unfortunately for them though, sometimes they mess with the wrong person.

Maen Mdanat has become something of a neighborhood hero since taking ownership of the Axis Food Mart in Tuscon, Arizona, about five years ago.
“He really cares about his community and giving back,” Peter Norback, creator of the nearby One Can A Week food donation program, told KVOA-TV in Tuscon. “People come up, don’t always have the change (to pay for an item), he just lets them slide. No convenience store …

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Under Obamacare, Healthcare Costs Soar & Obama’s $40 Million Vacation Tab
  30 Apr 2014     12:51 pm      Warner Todd Huston

Remember how our liar in chief said that under his all powerful Obamacare law medical costs would go down? That apparently was the next lie of the year after his lie that we could all keep our doctors and insurance if we liked it as spending on healthcare exploded in the first Obamacare quarter and it’s now higher than ever.
The Bureau of Economic Analysis has released a new report that shows that healthcare spending grew 9.9 percent as Obamacare takes effect.
“It’s the biggest percent change in health-care spending since 1980, …

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EMT Drugs Deaf Fiance, Punches Six-Month-Old Son in the Head Until His Skull Cracked
  30 Apr 2014     9:03 am      Cassy Fiano

Detroit continues to be a cesspool of violence and crime, but one story out of the Motor City goes beyond the pale. An EMT is accused of drugging his deaf fiancé before beating his infant son.

A 23-year-old Michigan man is facing child abuse charges after police say he savagely beat his 6-month-old son, leaving the infant clinging to life.
Nicholas Spiridione, an EMT from Detroit, is accused of sending baby Jesse to the hospital with severe head trauma last Saturday.
The baby boy, who is suffering from brain swelling …

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Male Voice Screaming “Wake Up Baby!” in Nursery Wakes Parents
  29 Apr 2014     3:08 pm      Cassy Fiano

The rise in video monitors give new parents a sense of security — but is it a false sense of security? One family experienced every parent’s nightmare when they were woken by a strange man’s voice coming from their baby’s nursery.

Heather Schreck was asleep around midnight in her Hebron home when a voice startled her.
… “About the time I saw it moving, I also heard a voice again start screaming at my daughter. He was screaming, ‘Wake up baby. Wake up baby.’ Then just screaming at her trying to …

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