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Police Assault Man for Filming Them From His Porch
  12 Jul 2014     9:09 am      Warner Todd Huston

Here we go again with police breaking the law by becoming thugs when they see someone making video of an arrest, this time it is in Petersburg, Virginia.

The police HAVE to stop this nonsense of assaulting bystanders merely because they are recording video of officers in public doing their duty. But here we go again, anyway.

Dramatic cellphone video out of Petersburg, Virginia, shows just how quickly a situation can go sideways.
The video, obtained by WWBT-TV, shows 17-year-old JaQuan Fisher standing on his front porch filming police officers make several arrests. …

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A Teen Girl Was Raped, and It Was Heartbreaking; But What Happened Next is Infuriating
  11 Jul 2014     2:04 pm      Cassy Fiano

It is perhaps every parent’s worth nightmare: hearing that their daughter was raped. And for one 16-year-old girl, that horror became a reality for her when she was date-raped. What makes her story even more horrific is that she had no idea what had happened until pictures and video of the assault went viral on Twitter, with people actually mocking the victim.

Jada accepted an invitation to party at a friend of a friend’s house, and that’s where she says she was drugged and raped.
“I had no control,” said …

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Obama Orders 290,000 Illegals to Take Up Residence Inside the US
  6 Jul 2014     8:52 am      Warner Todd Huston

I am, sure that by now we all know of the crisis of alien lawbreakers swamping our southern border. But now Obama is quietly shipping hundreds of thousands at a time deeper inside the USA instead of sending them back to the countries they left.

That’s right, Obama has already rubber stamped an approval for upwards to 290,000 of these criminal aliens to take up residence in the US and has released them to to go wherever they want.

The vast majority of 50,000 unaccompanied youths and children who have illegally crossed …

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Family of Teen Shot Attempting to Rob Store Says He Was ‘A Good Kid’
  5 Jul 2014     12:28 pm      Warner Todd Huston

A teen who police say was trying to rob a clothing store was shot and killed by the store owner in Dayton, Ohio, last week, but the teen’s family is claiming he was a “good boy” and they dispute claims that he was trying to rob the place.

Sixteen-year-old Isiah Haggins Jr. entered the Step-N-Style clothing store on Monday, June 30 with another teen. The store owner says that the pair waved a gun and announced a robbery. But the store owner was also armed and he shot first, killing Haggins.
There …

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Mother of Three Burned Down Home to Get Back at Cheating Boyfriend
  4 Jul 2014     3:17 pm      Cassy Fiano

They say Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and Corrinne Latraverse proved that saying true. After catching her husband cheating on her, she decided to get back at him… by burning down his house.

Corrine Latraverse, 30 was indicted on charges of first-degree arson in Providence court on Wednesday for the incident which injured two firefighters and killed a cat.
A patrolling police officer was the first to report the fire that broke out in the Woonsocket house around 4pm on March 15.
Officer Scott Breguet found Latraverse …

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At Last: A Congressman Looking to Disarm All Those Federal Agencies
  30 Jun 2014     11:29 am      Warner Todd Huston

We already have a military. We already have a foreign service. We already have a national domestic police agency. We’ve had these things for over a hundred years. So, why does every last federal department need its own automatic machine guns and SWAT teams? Well, they don’t and one Congressman is finally speaking out and looking to disarm all these federal agencies that have unnecessary private armies.

Did you know that the Food & Drug Administration has machine guns and a SWAT team? Did you know even the Department of Education …

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Border Patrol Agents Catching Chicken Pox, Scabies, & TB from Flood of Illegals Crossing Border
  29 Jun 2014     9:44 am      Warner Todd Huston

This wave of illegals invited here by Obama and Democrat politicians looking for instant Democrat voters are also bringing a series of diseases that we don’t get much in the USA.

Let the folks at Channel 11, Dallas Fort Worth tell us about it…

More than 52,000 children have entered the country illegal in recent months, many of them coming into the U.S. through South Texas. Former Zapata County Sheriff Gonzales, who now works as a consult with law enforcement agencies along the Texas border, says space is running out to house …

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Girl Who Brutally Stabbed Mom 151 Times Avoids Jail by Declaring ‘Insanity’
  28 Jun 2014     11:16 am      Warner Todd Huston

A total cretin of a teen girl who stabbed her mother 151 times, then finished her off with a baseball bat has actually avoided jail because some idiot judge agreed with her “insanity’ plea.

What is with this case? This girl deserves the death penalty, not a cozy life in a cushy mental hospital.

A Colorado teenager who was accused of stabbing her mother 151 times last summer will not be going to jail after having had her insanity plea accepted by the court.
Isabella Yun-Mi Guzman, 19, is accused of killing her …

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Mexican Army Helicopter Breaches Border, Fires on American Agents
  28 Jun 2014     11:03 am      Warner Todd Huston

The Mexican government is “sorry” that one of its helicopters flew across our southern border and tried to kill a bunch of American agents. Really, really sorry. But, dang it, it wasn’t their fault. Really, really.

But they aren’t sure what they are apologizing for apparently. Right after the incident they called up the US and apologized, but now they are saying the incident didn’t even happen!

TUCSON, Ariz. (CBS Las Vegas/AP) — Border Patrol agents in Arizona were reportedly fired upon by a Mexican military helicopter that traveled across the …

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STOLEN ELECTION IN MISSISSIPPI? McDaniel Supporters Barred From Continuing To Review Voter Rolls AFTER Fraud Found
  28 Jun 2014     10:47 am      Warner Todd Huston

After the GOP establishment threw the race card and cajoled Democrats to come vote for incumbent Republican Thad Cochran in the Mississippi primary, now his opponent, Chris McDaniel, says he has found multiple districts where vote fraud occurred essentially stealing the election away from him.

Jim Hoft has the details…

The Chris McDaniel campaign identified multiple Mississippi counties in which enough improper ballots were cast that a legal challenge to the outcome of the election is warranted.
This comes after 25,000-35,000 Democrat votes helped push Thad Cochran to victory over Chris McDaniel (by …

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Women in India Invent “Anti-Rape” Jeans to Combat Rape Epidemic
  27 Jun 2014     1:49 pm      Cassy Fiano

Rape is a serious problem in India, with government statistics finding that a rape occurs every 22 minutes. Several notable examples that have caused international outrage involved women being gang raped and then murdered, and the UN charging Indian authorities with dereliction of duty. But are anti-rape jeans the answer to the problem?

Two young Indian women have come up with a creative way to combat their country’s pervasive rape problem: a pair of high-tech jeans.
Students Diksha Pathak, 21, and Anjali Srivastava, 23, of Varanasi designed a pair of …

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Obama Admin Preventing Media From Reporting on Immigrants, Citing ‘Safety’ Concerns
  22 Jun 2014     1:01 pm      Warner Todd Huston

Brandon Darby at Breitbart has a very interesting piece reporting that Obama’s government is trying to keep the media away from places where ICE is warehousing illegal immigrants. Obviously Obama wants to keep these stories as quiet as possible, but ICE is claiming that it is for “safety” reasons.

A reporter for Breitbart Texas tried to interview some folks at one of the detention centers and was told “you can’t be here.”

GRANJENO CITY, Texas—A remote section of the U.S.-Mexico border near the Anzalduas International Bridge is one of the few places …

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Media Malpractice on ‘New’ (Actually Old) Scott Walker Charges
  20 Jun 2014     3:04 pm      Warner Todd Huston

When most of you woke up today you saw media coverage all across the country breathlessly “reporting” that Republican Governor Scott Walker was facing “new” charges that he engaged in a “criminal scheme” to illegally coordinate with outside groups during his 2011/2012 recall election. But the fact is, the allegations were all dismissed and this isn’t anything “new” at all.

The “news” that occurred on Thursday is that groups suing the state for it’s unfair and illicit investigation asked a judge to release documents pertaining to the invalidated “John doe” investigation. …

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21-Year-Old Man Put Hot Sauce in the Mouth of His Girlfriend’s Three-Year-Old Son and Taped It Shut Before Abandoning Him in a Hotel Room For Hours
  20 Jun 2014     1:13 pm      Cassy Fiano

There are few stories that garner more shock and outrage than those concerning child abuse, because it is universally horrific to hear of those that are the most vulnerable and fragile among us being subjected to such awful crimes. Case in point: the case of Christopher Delcid, who put hot sauce in his girlfriend’s son’s mouth before taping it shut and leaving him in a hotel room.

Christopher Delcid, 21, was held on $250,000 bail after pleading not guilty Wednesday to assault and battery on a child and child abandonment.
The …

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Florida Mother Branded Her Two Young Children So She Could Tell That They Were Hers
  20 Jun 2014     11:13 am      Cassy Fiano

You’d think it might be a little hard for a parent to forget what their child looks like. Talk to Florida mother Kayla Oxenham then, who evidently struggled with identifying her children, and so came up with a solution: branding them with a hot stick so she would know they were her kids.

Police said Kayla Oxenham, 23, used a lighter to set the stick on fire before pressing it against the children’s bodies in order to mark them so she would know they were her own kids.
… Aged only …

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Obama’s Pentagon Preparing to Use Military to Put Down ‘Civil Unrest’
  15 Jun 2014     1:57 pm      Warner Todd Huston

Obama’s Pentagon is now studying “civil unrest” in this country and others looking for ways that the military can be used to understand, predict, and to put a stop to political protests, both non-violent and violent ones.

We all should understand the desire that militaries have to study this field, of course. After all, security is their game. But it also should make ALL of us uneasy that our government is looking into ways to stop us from indulging our First Amendment rights.

A US Department of Defense (DoD) research programme is …

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Bowe Bergdahl’s Father Accused of ‘Stalking’ and ‘Harassing’ Twin Teen Girls in Idaho
  14 Jun 2014     1:57 pm      Warner Todd Huston

Twin sisters who lived near Bowe Bergdahl’s family in Idaho say they lived in fear of Bergdahl’s “stalker” father who was caught “peeping into their windows while they were in the shower.”

There is all sorts of wrong with this family.

The father of embattled POW Bowe Bergdahl, who landed on US soil today, waged a sinister campaign of stalking and harassment against pretty twin sisters–even stealing a gnome from their garden and peaking at them in the shower, the sisters claim in shocking police reports.
Bearded Robert ‘Bob’ Bergdahl drove by …

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Obama is Forcing the Border Patrol to Allow Illegal Alien Gang Members to Enter the US
  14 Jun 2014     1:53 pm      Warner Todd Huston

With his newest attempt to erase our borders, Obama is now also letting known gang members into the US.

Illegals streaming into the US from Mexico and Central and South America have been told by the Obama administration and its surrogates that all they have to do is get here and they will be awarded permanent US citizenship and “the government will take care of them.”
And as soon as they get their amnesty, they can turn around and bring in dozens of their family members.

Border Patrol officials struggling to keep up …

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16-Year-Old New York Pizza Boy Raped 37-Year-Old Woman As Her Daughter Slept Beside Her
  10 Jun 2014     10:21 am      Cassy Fiano

You know that “war on women” feminazis are always railing about, and the “rape culture” they claim that is pervasive in our society? According to them, we can just educate the rape out of rapists, so maybe if someone had just told 16-year-old rapist Cesar Lucas that he shouldn’t force someone to have sex with them, he wouldn’t have broken into a woman’s apartment while delivering pizza and raped her.

A pizza boy who raped a woman on the Upper West Side ‘because he was horny’ as her seven-year-old daughter …

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California Counties Releasing Convicted Convict Illegals onto the Streets
  9 Jun 2014     5:04 am      Alyssa Lafage

Just last year, Governor Jerry Brown essentially made California a sanctuary state for illegal immigrants by signing the “Trust Act” into law, which prohibits state authorities from handing over illegal immigrants to federal authorities if they have not committed ‘serious crimes.’ As if to double down on efforts to destroy the state, over 100 municipalities spanning about a dozen counties in California are choosing to ignore immigration processes pertaining to the detention of illegal immigrants who actually have been convicted of crimes. Essentially, these municipalities are freeing deportable inmates once they have served their jail term, instead of handing …

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