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Mother Charged With Murder for Drowning Her Newborn Son in Walmart Toilet and Dumping His Body In an Abandoned Cave
  2 Jun 2014     1:55 pm      Cassy Fiano

Safe haven laws were enacted so that women facing an unwanted pregnancy would have alternatives beyond abortion, so that women who gave birth but didn’t want the baby would have an option besides drowning the baby in a toilet. But safe haven laws are useless against evil that resides in women like Latasha Wilson.

A Missouri woman is now facing a murder charge after having previously been charged with abandonment of a corpse following the discovery of the remains of a baby boy in a cave in Missouri.
Latasha Wilson, 19, …

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Jewish Lobbying Group Wins Suit Against IRS–Targeted Because of Being Pro-Israel
  1 Jun 2014     1:42 pm      Warner Todd Huston

A pro-Jewish lobbying organization called Z Street recently filed a lawsuit against Obama’s IRS after the agency refused to give the group a tax status because, the IRS said, the group might be funding terrorism in Israel.
As Lori Lowenthal Marcus said on Greta Van Susteren’s Fox News show:

“They told us terrorism happens in Israel. Therefore, they had to look into our organization because they thought we might be funding terrorism. We’re a purely educational entity. We didn’t fund anybody. We barely funded ourselves.”

Z Street filed a lawsuit after being told …

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Say, How’s The Legalization Of Marijuana Going?
  1 Jun 2014     8:13 am      William Teach

I’ve long stated that legalization should be a state issue, rather than a federal issue. I’ve also said that I could care less if it is legalized. I don’t smoke it (I used to, but haven’t touched it in 20 years), I don’t plan on smoking it (I stopped finding it interesting), but, if someone else does, fine, go for it, as long as it doesn’t affect me. That’s part of Classical Liberalism (what American conservatism really is): if it doesn’t affect you, why do you care? However, there are …

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Gay Louisiana Teacher Intentionally Exposes a Student to AIDS
  31 May 2014     11:33 pm      Rodney Lee Conover

A Louisiana school teacher is behind bars for having sex with a student and exposing him to the AIDS virus. Knowingly exposing someone to a deadly virus – in this case a minor – means multiple felonies, but what if this student contracts AIDS from the illicit encounter – or if it’s determined to be a case of rape?

Some countries or jurisdictions, including some areas of the U.S., have enacted laws expressly to criminalize HIV transmission or exposure, charging those accused with criminal transmission of HIV. Others, including the United Kingdom, …

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Conservatives Sue Wisconsin’s Government Accountability Board For Encouraging Politically Motivated Lawsuits Against Them
  31 May 2014     11:14 pm      M.D. Kittle

MADISON, Wis. — The targets of a politically charged John Doe investigation are now targeting the state’s Government Accountability Board, alleging in a lawsuit the agency that oversees election and campaign finance law has created a “Frankenstein monster” out of its enforcement authority.
The GAB has “exceeded its statutory authority and evaded its statutory obligations by pursuing and funding a far-reaching criminal investigation into virtually every conservative-leaning group in Wisconsin,” according to the lawsuit, filed Friday morning in Waukesha County Circuit Court by conservative activist Eric O’Keefe and his Wisconsin Club for Growth, and on …

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23-Year-Old Woman Sent to Jail for Torturing Dogs and Cats to Death to Make Videos for People Who Found It Arousing
  30 May 2014     2:40 pm      Cassy Fiano

PETA is mostly useless, with their suggestive advertising and idiotic ventures like a “lobster empathy center”. But for once, they actually did something good: they helped bring Ashley Richards, 23, to prison for making disgusting videos where she tortured animals for people’s sexual pleasure.

Ashley Nichole Richards pleaded guilty to three counts of animal cruelty in Houston, Texas, Harris County District Attorney Devon Anderson announced on Thursday morning.
She created as many as 27 ‘crush’ videos between February 2010 and August 2012 and was eventually stopped after PETA discovered the footage …

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16-Year-Old Honor Student Admits to Beating Parents to Death With a Crowbar for Taking Away His iPod
  30 May 2014     11:38 am      Cassy Fiano

Every so often, there will be a hand-wringing article about how millennials are the most spoiled, narcissistic generation of Americans ever, followed up by a defensive article (written by a millennial) insisting that every group of adults says that about the youth that follow them. It would be hard for most people to recall examples of Gen. Xers, say, beating their parents to death for taking away their CD player, which is what 16-year-old Vincent Parker did when his parents took away his iPod.

A ‘smart’ and ‘sane’ 16-year-old said …

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WARNING: This Video Is The Manifesto Of The Virgin Killer Who Murdered Six In Santa Barbara
  27 May 2014     4:59 am      John Hawkins

Since I’m a psych major and love studying why people do what they do, it seems like I get asked the “why” question every time some nut goes on a rampage and murders people. Usually, because these people tend to be deranged loners, it’s impossible to really answer the question. After all, how do you look at incomprehensible, needless violence and hear from a few neighbors who say he was “quiet and kept to himself” and then piece it all together? Of course, you don’t.

Of course with Elliot Rodger, the …

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22-Year-Old Tulsa Man Found Guilty of Raping and Beating an 85-Year-Old Woman to Death Before Shooting Her Husband in the Face
  26 May 2014     10:56 am      Cassy Fiano

How evil does someone need to be in order to be willing to imprison, torture, rape, and murder an elderly couple before taking off with their possessions? It’s hard to fathom, but that’s the depth of the evil lurking in convicted killer Tyrone Woodfork.

Prosecutors said in court he first set his sights on Nancy Straight. Woodfork admitted beating the woman, but said she hit him first, according to the World. He also denied sexually assaulting her.
The convicted killer then moved on to Bob Straight, and shot him in …

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The ‘Pillowcase Rapist’ who sexually abused 38 women in decade-long reign of terror is FREED from Prison
  25 May 2014     9:15 am      Joe Wurzelbacher

Where is the justice?
This man (I use the term lightly) was convicted of 38 rapes. He also told authorities that 70 more rapes went unreported.
He has destroyed lives, brought fear to entire communities and somehow instead up being put to death he gets to walk among us once again.
You don’t rehabilitate people like this this, you destroy them!

He’s known as the ‘Pillowcase rapist,’ and spent the last 20 years in a California mental hospital.
Prosecutors say 62-year-old Christopher Hubbart sexually assaulted some 40 women.
Now he is set to be released and …

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Mexican Cartels Publicly Threaten To Kill American Cops In El Paso
  24 May 2014     11:28 am      Warner Todd Huston

The Mexican drug cartels are perhaps the most dangerous groups in human history filled with inhuman monsters. And it looks like they are pushing ever harder into the United States. Now they’ve sent a warning to Texas with this display on a Texas billboard.

Two frightening incidents of vandalism in El Paso near the Mexican border in Texas have been interpreted as warnings from drug cartels.
In both instances, a mannequin wearing a suit and tie was tied to a billboard with a noose and messages were scrawled over the placards.
Local station …

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HATE CRIME HOAX: Man falsely accused of writing ‘N*****’ on receipt at Red Lobster Sues For A Million Dollars
  24 May 2014     11:17 am      Warner Todd Huston

A man whose life has been turned upside down by claims that he wrote a racist taunt on his dinner receipt at a Tennessee Red Lobster restaurant is now suing for a million big ones because he says he never wrote the slur and has proof that he didn’t.

It seems to be yet another case of a fake receipt slur, something we’ve seen about three or four times in the last two years.
From the Daily Mail:

A Tennessee man who was accused of using a racial slur on a receipt at …

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Woman steals puppy and then bashes it against a tree
  23 May 2014     3:22 pm      Cassy Fiano

Some stories, you read them and wonder how someone can be so evil — others, you read them and wonder how someone can be so insane. The case of Ryeeah Hatcher is a case of the latter.

When Ryeeah Christine Hatcher reached into a neighbor’s backyard, grabbed a puppy, and stuffed it in a backpack, the 27-year-old Georgia woman tried to run, but police said other neighbors saw what she was doing and cornered her.
But Hatcher wasn’t done.
Just before Douglas County deputies arrived on the scene Monday, she “took the …

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Mother Who Buried Her Baby Son Alive Gets Life; Never Wanted and Never Loved Her Baby
  23 May 2014     2:09 pm      Cassy Fiano

It’s a little sickening how men are usually convicted so harshly after killing their children, but if a mother does it, then she’s often given a light sentence because, well, any mother who would kill her children must be mentally ill. Thankfully, that wasn’t the case for Narjes Modarresi, sentenced to life in prison yesterday for the cruel murder of her two-month-old baby boy.

A Texas mother who buried her infant son alive has been convicted of capital murder – despite her lawyer’s arguments that she is mentally ill.
Narjes …

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Miami VA Whistleblower Claims Drug Dealing, Physical Abuse Cover Up
  23 May 2014     8:30 am      William Teach

Yet another problem at a VA hospital? Obama will be madder than hell, and get right on it
(Fox News) A VA police officer says administrators at the hospital in Miami where he works are covering up crimes at the facility, including evidence of physical abuse of patients and drug dealing.
Thomas Fiore, who still works at the facility, told Fox News’ Eric Bolling on “Hannity” that drug dealing among patients at the hospital is a “regular occurrence,” and he felt he had to come forward because attempts he made to investigate …

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Pictured: 15-year-old girl and the man ‘who kidnapped her and held her for TEN YEARS’. Police claim girl was repeatedly raped, forced to marry her abductor and have his child before her daring escape
  22 May 2014     9:31 am      Cassy Fiano

There is much attention paid to crimes committed by illegal immigrants, but not as much notice is given to the fact that illegal immigrants are also at a high risk for being the victims of a crime, and especially women. They make good victims, after all — their fear of deportation almost guarantees that they aren’t likely to go to the police and report the offender. One woman was brave enough to go to police though, where it was discovered that she had been abducted and held for …

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Woman Accused of Forcing Boyfriend’s Daughter to Eat Feces After Bathroom Accident
  21 May 2014     2:25 pm      Cassy Fiano

There’s no doubting the fact that kids today are coddled and babied, and that discipline seems to have gone the way of independence in childhood. But one Arizona woman took the idea of discipline way too far, when she punished her boyfriend’s daughter by forcing her to eat her own feces.

An Arizona woman was charged with felony child abuse after police say she forced her boyfriend’s 3-year-old daughter to eat her own feces as a disciplinary measure.
… Court records show Candelaria became upset Friday when the 3-year-old child …

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FBI Considers Allowing Marijuana Use For Cyber-crime Recruits
  21 May 2014     6:47 am      William Teach

It’s not like the Federal Bureau of Investigation is the nations top law enforcement agency, charged with enforcing the law, and marijuana is considered a Schedule I drug, illegal per federal law. Heck, Los Federales have placed restrictions on people using federal waters to grow marijuana.
(WSJ) FBI Director James B. Comey said Monday that if the FBI hopes to continue to keep pace with cyber criminals, the organization may have to loosen up its no-tolerance policy for hiring those who like to smoke marijuana.
Congress has authorized the FBI to add …

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Tennessee City Officials Pass Ordinance Making Wearing Baggy Pants Illegal
  19 May 2014     3:21 pm      Cassy Fiano

There aren’t many people who would argue that the saggy pants trend, most prominent in hip hop culture and among urban youth, is a good thing, especially considering that the look originated in prisons. But does that mean that people should be fined for wearing their pants too low? Pikeville, Tennessee has joined several other cities in creating ordinances punishing citizens who wear pants that sag too much.

Pikeville is just the latest place in the U.S. to take issue with where young men position their trousers.
Two in Louisiana, …

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Hillary and John Kerry Broke Law Preventing Releases of Criminal Illegals
  18 May 2014     1:35 pm      Warner Todd Huston

A new report is saying that past Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and current Sec. John Kerry have broken a law that would have prevented the release of 36,000 criminals who are also illegal aliens.

Caroline May of Breitbart reports:

Monday, an internal Immigration and Customs Enforcement document obtained by CIS and viewed by Breitbart News revealed that the 36,007 criminal immigrants convicted of nearly 88,000 crimes were released while awaiting the outcome of deportation proceedings last year.
In explaining the releases, ICE pointed in part to court cases, specifically Zadvydas v. Davis, …

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