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A hapless journey’s end
  30 Apr 2013     3:00 pm      Josh Bernstein

What happened in Boston last week was truly a tragedy. Two Muslim brothers detonated two bombs at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. Unless you have been living in a cave or under a rock somewhere you already know what happened. The sad fact is the Obama Administration, The FBI, and the entire Intelligence Community failed to protect the American people. Three people died and over 175 were injured by two brothers practicing their religion of peace.
Throughout history people of all different faiths have killed each other in the …

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Turkeys Revolt In Massachusetts, Form Gangs
  22 Nov 2012     9:49 am      William Teach

Hey, isn’t the way it started in the 1770′s, with small revolts? Or, is it more like the streets of Los Angeles? The turkey’s may have had enough (via rdbrewer at Ace)
(CBS Boston) Neighbors are on the offensive in Brookline after what some residents are describing as aggressive turkeys.
“They were attacking the vehicle,” Karen Halvorson said outside her home in the Aspinwall Hill neighborhood.
After getting in her truck, a neighbor came and ran the birds off but it didn’t stop there.
“Then, the turkeys came and started attacking my front door,” …

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Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges
  9 Sep 2011     9:07 am      Courtney Messerschmidt

Leggy bay bee!
As best understood, Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges is ancient Romanspeak roughly (very roughly, mind ye) xlated as “In combat time, attorneys can like STFU”
During the decade of war (so far – nicht wahr?) Attorneys and their legion of the discombobulated detached detachment of inapropriate handwringers, boring assetted, worrying about the wrong thing
collective of cats in heat with defeat, retreat and repeat have been vocal with uncritical thinking critique of Great Satan and her new millennium wars.

Intended consequences?

“Nothing undermined the British and the French in 1939/1940 more than …

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Decade Of War
  7 Sep 2011     10:31 am      Courtney Messerschmidt

The last ten years has seen a semi unbound Great Satan – using her fire power, brain power, will power and staying power all across the globe in war. 
Wars occur at unpredictable times, take unpredictable courses and have unexpected consequences. 

Some wars are carefully planned, but even those wars rarely take place as expected. Think of the Germans in World War I, having planned the invasion of France for decades and with meticulous care. Nothing went as planned for either side, and the war did not take a course …

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Wings Over Iraq Sunday Brunch
  4 Sep 2011     12:59 pm      Courtney Messerschmidt

Hot gossip, intellectual rumors and more!
From the unscholarly  part of Wings Over Iraq

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Libya: Airpower, SOF and the NTC
  1 Sep 2011     5:44 pm      Courtney Messerschmidt

Nick Prime gets his cherry popped over at das Elkus gruppen’s “Fear, Honor and Interest” (a group hug strategic website featuring sev cutting edge all stars) with a delish bit about Libyavention and future ‘ventions.
Wild Blue Yonder + De Oppresso Liber = Victory!

If such limited contributions of men and resources could achieve such a strategically decisive result here, well this must be the recipe for future conflicts. If so much can be accomplished with so little, well we wouldn’t need large combat brigades, we wouldn’t need to get bogged down …

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Low Intensity Deux!
  20 Aug 2011     4:13 pm      Courtney Messerschmidt

Talk about psychic – the horrific terror attacks against Little Satan emanating from Aegypt’s Sinai prove way more than the myth of Writ of State – it also makes the case that Low Intensity conflict can get way more bigger and xform into High Intensity conflict.

  An asymmetrical combined arms attack launched by the creepy sounding al-Naser Salah ad-Din Brigades (the self proclaimed Military Wing of the Popular Resistance Committee ) used commando type machine gunners as well as light arty – mortars in fact.

The world’s very first freely …

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After AFPak
  18 Aug 2011     8:58 am      Courtney Messerschmidt

Strategic cul de sac?
As America withdraws troops from remote areas of Afghanistan like the Tangi, Korangar, and Pech Valleys, insurgents are flooding back in to wreak havoc, necessitating retaliatory raids, redeployments, and stiffening operations to kill insurgents and to protect local Afghan units and villagers, even though some of these Afghan units and villagers may on occasion be in league with insurgents. As the American withdrawal continues, the noose around the cul de sac will tighten, because fewer and fewer forces will be available to cope with the menace posed …

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“Killing To Control”
  6 Jul 2011     11:04 am      Courtney Messerschmidt

Bloody L!
Congrats to W. F. Owen – long time British Army Theorist, Little Satan fan and GsGf’s  asymmetrical warfare counselor – scored a significant coup with publication in the latest issue of British Army Review (PDF available here and at Small Wars Journal)  with the delightfully crunk deadly ditty:

“Killing Your Way To Control”

Hotter than a firecracker – WilF – as he’s affectionately known in the ancient arcane Dark Arts of Counter Insurgency community – takes on and out sev holy cows of ‘Surgin’

“Effective counterinsurgency provides human security to the …

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Syrian Delirium
  2 Jul 2011     11:14 am      Courtney Messerschmidt

Suriya al- Kubra!
Syria – punches far above her weight class in diplopolititary deals. Instead of cool stuff like Hooters, literacy rates off the charts or creating advanced avionics – Bashar Bay Bee follows poppa Assad’s script utilizing asymmetrical assets creating a slave trading Syria, abusing Palestinians as a strategic minority resource, fiddling about with new clear WMD witchcraft, hanging with the most wanted terrorists in the world while maybe or maybe not enabling official enemies like Hiz’B’Allah with wmd delivery systems and frightened of Facebook.
So, since the …

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  1 Jul 2011     6:46 pm      Courtney Messerschmidt

Make your brain more bigger with hot deets, big phased cookies and intell dossiers from the cool kids @ Foreign Policy Initiatives

Rebels in Libya’s western Nafusa mountain range were less than 50 miles from the nation’s capital Thursday and edging closer to their first significant victory outside their mountain stronghold, pounding the small town of Bir Ghanam with artillery and rockets. – Los Angeles Times
In the last week, hundreds of families fleeing Tripoli have arrived at a rebel checkpoint here in the middle of a winding …

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Doctrine Of Constrainment
  30 Jun 2011     10:13 am      Courtney Messerschmidt

That’s what they calls it after the ‘rents freak the freak out about next month’s Visa statement showcasing over a hundred bucks splurged on liq liq liquor (liquor) on a Tuesday night (to be fair – please note a Jalapeno burger de luxe should be in there somewhere)  – with the appropriate gratuity – natch.
Self imposed restraint in the realm of the diplopolititary is not unlike a boring assetted redux of “Taming American Power” – the risible and not well tho’t out tome courtesy of Weenie Hut Juniors guy – …

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UnAssing AFPAK
  23 Jun 2011     9:06 am      Courtney Messerschmidt

44′s hello ’bout ‘nnouncing the AFPAK Surge will be scaling down by 10K troops this year enroute to unSurging the force levels had some interesting stuff in it. Kinda.
Zooming out of AFPAK (which featured only tiny bite sized bits about Land of the Pure – the PAK part of AFPAK) 44 unveiled a fake argument:
“…Already this decade of war has caused many to question the nature of America’s engagement around the world. Some would have America retreat from our responsibility as an anchor of global security, and embrace …

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