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Civilization Is Doomed From “Climate Change” Or Something
  17 Mar 2014     8:40 am      William Teach

But not immediately. It “could” happen sometime in the future
(Huffington Post) Civilisation is almost inevitably doomed, a Nasa-funded study has found.
Human society is founded on a level of economic and environmental stability which almost certainly cannot be sustained, it said.
The study used simplified models of civilisation designed to experiment with the balance of resources and climate that creates stability – or not – in our world.
These theoretical models – designed to extrapolate from simple principles the future of our industrialised world – ran into almost intractable problems.
Almost any model “closely …

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Poll Shows Europe Cares Little About Climate Change
  14 Mar 2014     7:16 am      William Teach

We already know that “climate change” ranks at the bottom of concerns for American citizens. How about for the EU? Bjorn Lomborg finds an interesting study
EU likes to say “climate change is one of the greatest challenges of the modern age.”
But its citizens don’t think so. They focus on unemployment, the economic situation, inflation, government debt, health, social security, immigration, crime, taxes, pensions, education and housing before they worry about climate.
Moreover, notice, how they’ve bunched up environment, climate *and* energy issues, and still can’t get it above 5%.
The whole report, …

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Barbara Boxer Has Lessons From The Senate Climate Change Sleepover
  13 Mar 2014     7:17 am      William Teach

One of them is that because you drove a fossil fueled vehicle, it’s really cold in Minnesota, as she writes in an opinion piece for the Huffington Post
Second, every state in the U.S. is already experiencing the effects of climate change.
During the all-night session, it was fascinating to listen to my Senate colleagues from across the country — North, South, East and West — as they discussed what people in their states are experiencing now and the threats they face from climate change — including extreme weather.
Senator Tom Udall and …

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What Does It Cost To Rent A Democrat Senator?
  12 Mar 2014     9:02 am      William Teach

It works out to around $238,000 per hour
(NRSC) How much does it cost to rent the Senate floor (and 30 United States Senators) for 24 hours? By the looks of it, more than $100 million. Last night, the majority of Democrats engaged in a so-called, “talk-a-thon” to protest climate change and advocate for policies that hurt American energy development. Yes, this is the same Democrat majority that has controlled Washington since 2009.
As the Los Angeles Times reports, “There has been little talk of legislation to tackle climate change …

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Dems Stayed Up All Night For “Climate Change” And Gave Us The Lorax
  11 Mar 2014     9:32 am      William Teach

So, as we all know, Senate Democrats had a sleepover to yammer on about “climate change” Monday night, which was mostly about fundraising and exciting the base, since they had no legislation to offer, and Democrats control the Senate. The biggest thing to come out of the sleepover? The Lorax
(The Hill) Sens. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) and Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) borrowed from the GOP during a climate change talkathon and quoted a Dr. Seuss book on the Senate floor.
Markey was the first to cite the Dr. Seuss classic, “The Lorax,” during …

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Surprise: Sochi Olympic Games Were An Environmental Disaster
  6 Mar 2014     8:44 am      William Teach

While a bunch of whiny athletes (who took long fossil fueled trips to Sochi) whined about “climate change” and so many made a big deal about the 2014 Games being “carbon neutral” (they gave it a shot considering how often the water, toilets, electricity, and heating failed to work), here’s the real legacy
(Fox News) But the tarnished international sporting event also underscores Sochi’s dubious outcome as a debacle for the public relations efforts of the United Nations Environmental Program, in partnership with the International Olympic Committee, to add a green …

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As Climate Cools, Chipotle Talks of Suspending Guacamole Due to Global Warming
  5 Mar 2014     11:58 am      Dave Blount

Refer to Drudge, and you will see that several items in the news pertain to climate. Niagara Falls has frozen. New Orleans has endured its coldest Mardi Gras ever. The District of Criminals achieved a 141-year record low temperature. A 1884 cold weather record was shattered in Des Moines. Atlantic City has had the coldest weather since 1874. A current chill map will have you reaching for a blanket. Finally, Chipotle has proclaimed that if global warming gets any worse, it will have to stop serving guacamole:
Chipotle Inc. is warning …

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Keystone XL Protesters Arrested En Masse
  3 Mar 2014     8:22 am      William Teach

And have managed to bring the Gore Effect to D.C. today, where it is snowy and cold, and will be cold for days.
(Chicago Tribune) WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Police arrested hundreds of young people protesting the Keystone XL project on Sunday, as demonstrators fastened themselves with plastic ties to the White House fences and called for U.S. President Barack Obama to reject the controversial oil pipeline.
Participants, who mostly appeared to be college-aged, held signs reading: “There is no planet B” and “Columbia says no to fossil fuels,” referring to the university …

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Warming “Pause” Excuse #9: It’s All A Coincidence
  28 Feb 2014     8:05 am      William Teach

We can add it to the list, via Climate Depot
Climate Depot Analysis: ‘There have been at least nine separate explanations for the standstill in global warming’ – 1) Low Solar Activity; 2) Oceans Ate Warming; 3) Chinese Coal Use; 4) Montreal Protocol; 5) Readjusted past temps to claim ‘pause’ never existed 6) Volcanoes 7) Decline in Water Vapor 8) Pacific Trade Winds 9) ‘Coincidence’
Remember, Warmists call this “science”
(Bishop Hill) Gavin Schmidt and his colleagues are looking at the hiatus in surface temperature rises and considers why the CMIP5 ensemble all …

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Dartmouth Study Calls for Deforestation
  27 Feb 2014     10:29 am      Dave Blount

Dartmouth is not as well known as other Ivy League schools like Harvard and Columbia, but it may catch up if it keeps cranking up the moonbattery. The other day we read of an outlandish list of demands that would impose totalitarian liberalism on the campus; now we read of a plan to inflict environmental as well as economic havoc in the name of the debunked global warming hoax:
Snow farming is nothing new for ski area operators, who have long been cultivating the white stuff to help keep their slopes …

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Environmentalists Target Fracking
  24 Feb 2014     9:03 am      Rachel Alexander

The environmentalist movement’s latest target is fracking. Fracking, or hydraulic fracturing, is the process of extracting shale gas from deposits underground. Natural gas releases less CO2 than oil into the environment. For this reasons, environmentalists concerned with global warming should be pleased to be moving away from oil and toward natural gas, but instead they are trying to stop it, state by state as well as on the federal level.
This is because their real goal is not about reducing carbon emissions, but the radical change of getting people out of their …

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SCOTUS To Hear Arguments On EPA “Climate Change” Power Grab
  24 Feb 2014     8:05 am      William Teach

This could be a big, and game changing, case, one which could place limits on the ever-expansive role of not just the EPA, but other federal agencies and the Chief Executive
(CNS News) The Obama administration is squaring off at the Supreme Court with industry groups and Republican-led states over a small but important program aimed at limiting power-plant and factory emissions of gases blamed for global warming.
The justices are hearing arguments Monday in a challenge to a regulation that forces companies that want to expand industrial facilities or build new …

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Hooray! Warmists Now Say “Climate Change” Will Cause More Crime
  20 Feb 2014     8:41 am      William Teach

The LA Times has been on a roll as of late with their “climate change” idiocy, here and here, blaming cold and snow and ice on “climate change”. Now we get
Climate change brings more crime
A new study broadens a notion held by the earliest criminologists: Periods of higher temperatures — on an hour-by-hour or week-to-week basis — are likely to produce more crime.
The study by Matthew Ranson of Abt Associates, a research and consulting firm in Cambridge, Mass., suggests global warming will trigger more crimes including murders and rapes over …

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Oh, Snap: “What Would Jesus Do About Climate Change?”
  19 Feb 2014     8:49 am      William Teach

It’s been a long time since I used an “oh, snap”, and it’s either that or using a “spit take” GIF to read a hardcore liberal attempt to use Jesus to prop up “climate change” (as I do every now and then, “climate change” refers to the notion that every change in the weather is caused mostly/solely by Mankind, versus climate change, which has happened for most of the lifespan of the Earth, and is primarily natural). Here’s Chris Peak, Musician, freelance writer and creator of The Writing Cobra, at …

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NC Gov McCrory Asked About “Climate Change” In Wake Of Winter Storms
  17 Feb 2014     9:24 am      William Teach

No, seriously
(WRAL) Appearing on CBS News’ “Face the Nation” Sunday to talk about the winter storm that shut down the state last week, Gov. Pat McCrory sidestepped a pointed question about his position on climate change.
The question from host Bob Schieffer came at the end of a segment on North Carolina’s response to the storm.
“Governor, a couple of years ago, you made a remark that caught a lot of people’s attention. You said that global warming is ‘in God’s hands,’” Schieffer said. “After what you’ve – going through this thing, …

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As Obama Whined About Drought In California, The Real Story Comes Out
  16 Feb 2014     8:30 am      William Teach

I mentioned Saturday that Obama took a long fossil fueled plane trip all the way to Fresno, California to complain about “climate change” and announce a $1 billion “climate change” slush fund. Part of the trip was to whine about the drought in California. His “science” adviser, John Holdren ( a believer in Malthusian prophesy), even went so far as to say that it wasn’t about reservoirs (which some were calling to be built), but about the lack of water to fill the reservoirs. Actually, he’s half right, and there’s …

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Church Of England Goes Medieval On Fight Climate Change Witchcraft
  13 Feb 2014     10:08 am      William Teach

Remember the time when people blew out of England to escape from the dominance of the Church of England? Remember how the Framers of the Constitution added a phrase to the Bill Of Rights to make sure no church would work hand in hand with The Government, because of how the Church Of England worked with the government? Well, that same church has chimed in on the issue of “climate change”. Which is not that strange, considering “climate change” is more of a religion than a science
(UK Guardian) The Church …

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Rep David Schweikert (R-Ariz) Introduces “Secret Science Reform Act”
  7 Feb 2014     7:48 am      William Teach

What is it? It’s a way of forcing the Environmental Protection Agency, which has seemingly forgotten what their actual mission is, to end their secrecy in rule making
(Fox News) Republican lawmakers in the House are pushing legislation that would prohibit the Environmental Protection Agency from proposing new regulations based on science that is not transparent or not reproducible.
The Secret Science Reform Act, introduced Thursday by Rep. David Schweikert, R-Ariz., would bar the agency from proposing or finalizing rules without first disclosing all “scientific and technical information” relied on to support …

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Hooray! Here Come Obama’s “Climate Hubs”
  5 Feb 2014     7:29 am      William Teach

Yeah, OK, uh huh
(NY Times) On the heels of the Senate’s passage of a long-awaited farm bill, the Obama administration is to announce on Wednesday the creation of seven regional “climate hubs” aimed at helping farmers and rural communities respond to the risks of climate change, including drought, invasive pests, fires and floods.
White House officials describe the move as one of several executive actions that President Obama will take on climate change without action from Congress.
In substance, the creation of the climate hubs is a limited step, but it is …

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White House: Not So Fast On that Keystone XL Pipeline, Cause “Climate Change”
  1 Feb 2014     8:22 am      William Teach

So, the President with a carbon footprint around 41K metric tons, and a Sec of State who constantly takes fossil fueled flights all over the world, and also owns several homes and multiple fossil fueled vehicles, are telling us to hold our horses on Keystone XL
(Fox News) A new environmental assessment from the State Department that raised no major environmental concerns on long-delayed Keystone XL pipeline isn’t the last step in deciding whether the pipeline can be built, the White House said late Friday.
The long-delayed pipeline got a major boost …

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