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Anti-American Man Dressed as Santa Berates Shoppers as ‘Parasites’
  1 Dec 2013     11:34 am      Warner Todd Huston

Apparently Mark Dice gets his jollies berating Americans. That’s why he dressed as Santa and drove around California’s shopping malls calling shoppers “parasites on this country” and telling them they are “destroying the very fabric of society” on this year’s Thanksgiving shopping day.

With many large retailers opening on Thanksgiving Day, the traditional Black Friday shopping was extended earlier by a day. But opening on Thanksgiving upset many traditionalists. It is easy to understand their ire and to a degree I agree with their raised eyebrows.
It may be a step too …

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De Blasio Denounces Freedom, Praises “Heavy Hand of Government”
  18 Nov 2013     1:31 pm      Dave Blount

It was a short step from leaders who pay only the most obviously insincere lip service to economic freedom to rulers who don’t even pretend not to be authoritarian collectivists in the mold of Stalin and Castro. New York City has already taken it by electing Bill de Blasio:
“Everything you heard about me is true… I am not a free-marketeer… I believe in the heavy hand of government,” de Blasio stated matter-of-factly during an hour-long presentation to some of the city’s biggest real-estate developers.
This denunciation of the American in favor …

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Obama’s So-Called ‘Fix’ to Obamacare is Unconstitutional
  16 Nov 2013     12:54 pm      Warner Todd Huston

On Thursday, President Obama held a press conference and made the unilateral decision to reverse his previous Obamacare rules on canceled insurance policies telling insurance carriers they must let Americans keep their plans for “another year.” But after his presser, many people are saying that Obama’s newest fiat decision is unconstitutional.
Obama has been lying to America for four years saying of our healthcare insurance, “you can keep it if you like it.” But the nation has learned at last that Obama flat out lied about his “keep it” pledge. Obama …

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Humanities Classes Falling Out of Favor is Higher Education’s Own Fault
  1 Nov 2013     2:21 pm      Warner Todd Huston

In The New York Times Tamar Lewin laments the slow death of the humanities in our system of higher learning. She notes that the humanities are going by the wayside with fewer students signing up for such courses every year. But Lewin gets the reason completely wrong. She blames the recession but in fact it is the fault of our system of higher learning, not economics.
In her third paragraph, Lewin puts the locus of the blame for the slow death of the field of humanities on the economy. She claims …

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New Obama Rules Will Force ‘Diversity’ on Your Community
  12 Aug 2013     1:37 pm      Warner Todd Huston

Obama is taking steps to begin to force “diversity” on your neighborhood through new fiat changes to policies of the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Many fear this will force lenders right back into the sort of dangerous Democrat-sponsored lending practices that brought us the recent economic collapse.

This move corresponds to Obama Executive Order 1282, headlined: Leadership and Coordination of Fair Housing in Federal Programs; Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing.
“This rule,” the HUD website says, “accordingly proposes to refine existing requirements with a fair housing assessment and planning process that …

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Obama: Country Would Be ‘Better Off’ If More Worked for Government
  1 Aug 2013     3:21 pm      Warner Todd Huston

President Obama loves him some big government policies, we all know, but now he’s saying that just about everyone should work for the government and if they did the economy would be “better off.” So, who would pay all the taxes if everyone made a living FROM those taxes? He doesn’t seem to have an answer to that one.
In a July 29 speech on the economy, President Obama claimed that the country would be better off if the federal government and local city, county and state governments would hire more …

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Hey @HuffpostDenver – Where’s this McDonald’s “Study” You’re Citing From A University Student?
  31 Jul 2013     10:50 am      SooperMexican

This story caught fire yesterday, and immediately raised my BS-meter to maximum stench:
This is how much more your Big Mac would cost if McDonald’s doubled their wages
— HuffPost Denver (@HuffPostDenver) July 31, 2013
The problem is that they don’t post the supposed “study,” and at first misrepresented the author as a “research assistant” but later had to issue a correction. SO where’s the study, Huffpo?
They didn’t even describe his method at first, but after having to correct their admission, they added a very simplistic explanation. Again, without looking at the …

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U.S. Post Office Looking to Stop Mail-to-Your-Door Delivery
  29 Jul 2013     3:54 pm      Warner Todd Huston

The U.S. Post Office is loosing money every day it operates, but one cost-cutting measure being proposed is to end having mail delivered to American homes.
The Post Office is proposing “centralized delivery,” instead of to-your-door delivery. Here homeowners would go pick up their mail at a bank of P.O. boxes, or “cluster boxes,” instead of having a mailman deliver mail to each individual home.
These cluster boxes where mail for a housing development could be delivered to a central location is similar to the way apartments receive mail with boxes …

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Obama Claims He Doesn’t Want to ‘Tax All Businesses Out of Business’
  13 Jun 2013     3:12 pm      Warner Todd Huston

During a recent fundraiser, President Obama told an audience that he and the Democrats don’t want to tax all business out of business. He also said he doesn’t believe in “top down” government.

The President made these comments at a private residence in Palo Alto, California during a Democratic Senatorial campaign fundraiser in the first week of June.
“I know that there are a few Republicans here in the audience,” he said to those gathered. “If you talk to us, it turns out, you know, we’re pretty common-sense folks.”

“We don’t think government …

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  3 Jun 2013     6:56 pm      Josh Bernstein

Unless you have been living under a rock or in a cave somewhere you have heard all about the I.R.S. scandals. The Internal Revenue Service, or should it be renamed the Internal Rectal Service has been intentionally performing financial colonoscopies on Conservatives from all walks of life for the past few years.
The so called “neutral” and “nonpartisan” I.R.S. has been poking, prodding, and picking on Conservatives and Conservative leaning groups and organizations by stonewalling, delaying, and outright denying their applications for funding and tax exempt statuses.
They have targeted Tea Party …

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Feds Killing Off Private Bus Lines Based on Fraudulent Study
  16 May 2013     12:05 am      Warner Todd Huston

The story of the coming demise of Chinatown bus lines in New York City is a tale of multiple failures in both government and the media and shows that both have a bias against entrepreneurs that kills new, start up ideas with unfair regulations, faux public advocacy, and dismal reporting.
A “Chinatown buss” was a new idea in the late 90s pioneered by Chinese immigrants in the Big Apple. These were private buses that cruised the streets looking for fares like cabs do, picking customers up at curbside, not having fixed …

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Square Mobile Payment Systems Modifies User Agreement to Prohibit Gun-Related Purchases
  15 May 2013     11:57 pm      Warner Todd Huston

Square payment services is one of those new payment applications that merchants can put on a smart phone and, along with the plug-in hardware, is used like a credit card swipe machine to accept payments made by their customers. This month, however, Square has changed its user policy and is now prohibiting merchants from using the service to sell anything firearm related.
The new user agreement has altered its “Your Square Account” section to add a new category for things that Square won’t allow its service to be used for.
The …

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Store Owner Installs $350K of Surveillance to Stop Frivolous Lawsuits
  10 May 2013     4:46 pm      Warner Todd Huston

Supermarket owner Rafael Cuellar from Passaic, NJ, reports that he had to spend $350,000 to install 69 surveillance cameras, recording devices, and video storage banks in order to stop fake “slip and fall” insurance claims against his store. It’s a cost that just adds to the cost of living for everyone and is a perfect example of the abuse of the legal system that we see every day with this avalanche of frivolous lawsuits.
While the cameras also help Mr. Cuellar track and prevent shoplifting–another expensive problem in retail–the main purpose …

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Soft Drink Mountain Dew Pulls Ad Over Charges of Racism
  6 May 2013     4:11 pm      Warner Todd Huston

PepsiCo, Inc, owners of Mountain Dew soda, has pulled an online video ad after viewers complained of its use of racial stereotypes. The ad also seemed to be making light of violence toward women.
The video ad begins by showing a police lineup of various thug-like African Americans–among them a goat–and transitions to the other side of the glass as a retinue of white cops urge a bloodied, bandaged women to identify her attacker. “Nail this little sucker. Which one is he? Point to him,” the cops say.
The goat is heard …

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Traitors: American Journalists Attack Koch Brothers, Support Al Jazeera
  2 May 2013     3:45 pm      Warner Todd Huston

There is a confluence of events over the last few weeks that perfectly proves the essential anti-Americanism of the Old Media establishment in this country today. It is evinced in two separate stories, one wheret the left is excoriating the Koch brothers for wanting to buy the L.A. Times and a contrasting story where journalists are falling all over themselves to get hired by the new news network being started by Al Jazeera, the jihad-supporting, anti-American, Muslim-owned news agency.

At the end of April, stories began to emerge that conservative brothers …

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The CA Bill That Would Shut Down Every Small Restaurant
  13 Apr 2013     5:44 pm      Warner Todd Huston

The State of California has one of the worst proposals of any legislature in the country this year with a new bill that would force every restaurant and food service business in the state to commission an expensive “risk assessment” test for every menu item, a test that could cost thousands of dollars for every food item sold. This outrageous and cost prohibitive testing would certainly cause all but the biggest chain restaurants to go out of business almost instantly.
In another exercise in nanny-statism, California’s State Senate Democrats want this …

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Quit Laughing, Hillary Really is Just LIke Margaret Thatcher
  10 Apr 2013     3:18 pm      Warner Todd Huston

With the passing of Margaret Thatcher, one of the greatest, most powerful women in recent political history, the American Old Media establishment is all abuzz about… Hillary Clinton. To their minds, talk of the powerful and brilliant Thatcher naturally brings to mind the wife of one of their favorite presidents and Hillary, as far as they are concerned, is somehow “just like” Margaret Thatcher.
I know, I know. Stop your laughing. Hillary really is just lIke Margaret Thatcher.
Or maybe not.
But, of course you should laugh. The idea that Hillary Clinton is …

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Celebrating Margaret Thatcher Upon Her Passing
  8 Apr 2013     2:37 pm      Warner Todd Huston

Margaret Thatcher, known as the Iron Lady–and for a reason–has passed away. Thatcher was one of the trinity of world leaders that changed the world in the 1970s and 80s.
She, along with U.S. President Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II, brought conservative principles into world renown and rescued her nation from the hell of a socialist downward trend.
Sadly, both her country and ours have slid right back into the anti-modern, anti-liberty socialism Thatcher and Reagan laid low thanks to idiots like UK PM Tony Blair and our own …

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Eagle-Killing, Investment-Wasting ‘Renewable’ Energy
  3 Apr 2013     6:55 pm      Warner Todd Huston

The “Green Energy” sector has been hit with a series of setbacks over the last few years. From a wind farm being cited for killing an endangered eagle, to solar energy’s tumble from investor favor over dismal performance, to a growing list of companies gone bankrupt even after President Obama pumped millions of our tax dollars into them, the so-called Green Energy sector has certainly seen better, more hopeful days.
In the realm of farce, a wind farm in Nevada finds itself at an unfortunate crossroads of political correctness. Even as …

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Colt Firearms Threatens to Leave Connecticut Over Strict Gun Laws
  26 Mar 2013     7:40 pm      Warner Todd Huston

Continuing the trend of firearms related companies that have been contemplating moving their businesses out of states instituting strict gun control laws, Colt Manufacturing is now considering a move out of Connecticut after 175 years in business. This is due to the new gun bans being mulled by the state legislature and Democrat Governor Dannel Malloy.
Colt President and CEO Dennis Veilleux published an op ed in the Hartford Currant asking why it makes any sense that Colt Manufacturing stay in Connecticut.
Veilleux says that the “economic advantage” his company has brought …

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