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Father Jailed for Just 60 Days After Killing His 13-Year-Old Daughter with Two Slaps Over Chores
  25 May 2014     9:53 am      Cassy Fiano

Apparently, it’s perfectly acceptable to murder someone, as long as it was done “accidentally” while abusing your child. That’s the message a judge just sent when he sentenced Moussa Sidime to just 60 days in prison after killing his daughter by slapping her twice.

A Canadian man was sentenced to 60 days in jail this week for slapping his 13-year-old daughter so hard that she later died.
Moussa Sidime, 74, from Quebec, had pleaded guilty to a manslaughter charge stemming from a 2010 confrontation with his teenage daughter, which ultimately …

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Pro-Life Speaker Peter LaBarbera Detained by Canadian Authorities for Views on Homosexuality
  15 Apr 2014     2:18 pm      Dave Blount

Those considering an escape to Canada if the situation gets much worse in the USA might be persuaded to instead stay and fight for what is left of our freedom after learning of what happened to Peter LaBarbera when he headed north of the border to speak at a pro-life conference:
A prominent U.S. pro-family activist was detained by the Canadian Border Services Agency Thursday for alleged violations of Canada’s “hate propaganda” law.
Peter LaBarbera, president of Americans for Truth about Homosexuality, had flown into Regina International Airport to speak at the …

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You Might Be A Democrat
  29 Apr 2013     12:01 am      Robert Cleveland

You might be a Democrat if you believe…

Fighting against government-subsidized contraceptives constitutes a “war on women,” but when Islamists stone a woman to death because she was raped, it is just “cultural differences.”
The Second Amendment only guarantees the people’s right to own a musket, yet viewing Internet pornography in a public library is protected by the First.
Teaching multiple origin theories in public schools is an abhorrent dilution of science curriculum, but in history class, class time should focus on the contributions of homosexuals and ethnic minorities.
Teenagers should be able to …

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U.S. Drops to 18th in Economic Freedom
  22 Sep 2012     12:22 am      Matt Vespa

If you’re a Canadian, you should be happy.  Our friendly neighbors to the north are riding high with their recent placement on the Economic Freedom chart at number five.  Meanwhile, the United States dropped ten spots to number eighteen on the scale.  Gateway Pundit posted about this story on September 19 citing The National Post which reported that:
The annual Economic Freedom of the World report, released Tuesday, has Canada tied in fifth place with Australia – up one spot from last year. Hong Kong remains at the top, Singapore’s next, then New …

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Mark Steyn reflects on the restoration of free speech in Canada
  22 Jun 2012     3:00 am      Wintery Knight

Kathy Shaidle at Five Feet of Fury linked to this editorial which explains how the battle for free speech was won up in the frozen North.
Justice Minister Rob Nicholson had voiced support for the legislation. So had the Prime Minister. The result, then, was never in doubt: at 9:35 p.m. on June 6, by a vote of 153-136,  Parliament got Canada’s human rights bureaucrats out of the business of policing speech on the Internet. There was a scattering of applause, and handshakes for Storseth (the bill requires the rubber stamp of Senate approval). “To be honest, …

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Canadian Conservative Party passes bill to repeal law banning offensive speech
  8 Jun 2012     9:16 am      Wintery Knight

It’s the end of the Canadian speech code, and their Human Rights Commissions (censorship panels) will be curtailed, too.
The federal Conservatives voted late Wednesday to repeal controversial sections of the Canadian Human Rights Act banning hate speech on the Internet, backing a bill they say promotes freedom of expression and would have the courts play a larger role in handling hate-crime cases.
In a free vote of 153 to 136, the Tory caucus supported a private member’s bill from Alberta Conservative MP Brian Storseth that would scrap Section 13 of the human …

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Canada’s tax revenues steady as they lowered corporate tax rates
  15 Mar 2012     12:00 am      Wintery Knight

Canada: Corporate tax cuts, not stimulus spending

From the Daily Caller.
The chart shows Canada’s federal corporate tax revenues as a share of gross domestic product (GDP) and the federal corporate tax rate. The tax rate plunged from 38 percent in 1980 to just 15 percent by 2012. Amazingly, there has been no obvious drop in tax revenues over the period.
Canadian corporate tax revenues have fluctuated, but the changes are correlated with economic growth, not the tax rate. In the late 1980s, a tax rate cut was followed by three years of stable revenues. …

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This is What Guns Were Made For
  12 Mar 2012      3:33 pm      Warner Todd Huston

One of the main purposes for guns in the American philosophy is certainly a controversial idea. It is an aspect of the Second Amendment that few people today are comfortable talking about, but, uncomfortable or no, it is a major factor in the necessity and usefulness of the Second Amendment in our founding father’s experience. That purpose, that guns in the hands of the people are a breaker on the power of the state, is an issue raised again in last week’s story out of Canada.
In Ontario, Canada Jessie Sansone, …

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How well has green energy worked in Ontario, Canada?
  9 Mar 2012     12:00 am      Wintery Knight

A story from CANOE about the socialist premier of Ontario, Canada – Dalton McGuinty.
Dalton McGuinty constantly extols the virtues of so-called green energy.
One North Bay company, however, is sounding the alarm that the costs of this expensive program are forcing companies to lay off staff — and will eventually force many of them to leave the province.
John Spencer is an executive with Fabrene Inc., a company that makes industrial fabrics.
The Liberal government’s green energy plan has added $1 million a year to his hydro bill — an amount he says will …

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Muslim honor killers convicted of first degree murder in Canada
  30 Jan 2012      12:00 am      Wintery Knight

From the National Post. (H/T Blazing Cat Fur)
After Canada’s first mass-honour-killings trial, three members of a Montreal family have all been found guilty of first-degree murder in the drowning deaths of four other family members – including three teenage sisters.
A jury on Sunday handed down its guilty verdicts for Mohammad Shafia and Tooba Mohammad Yahya, as well as their 21-year-old son, Hamed.
They had been charged with murder after the bodies of three Shafia sisters – Zainab, 19, Sahar, 17, and 13-year-old Geeti – were discovered in a submerged vehicle in a canal …

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In Canada, a revolt against global warming socialism creates an economic boom
  19 Jan 2012     4:00 am      Wintery Knight

Before we look at Canada, let’s first look at how Barack Obama has decided to appease his green socialism supporters by rejecting the Keystone XL pipeline.
The Obama administration rejected the long-delayed TransCanada oil sands crude project, a decision welcomed by environmental groups but blasted by the domestic energy industry.
After delaying the project past the November 2012 election, President Barack Obama was compelled by Congress to decide by Feb. 21 on whether to approve the pipeline that would sharply boost the flow of oil from Canada’s oil sands.
[...]Republicans, in turn, blasted Obama for breaking his promise to create …

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