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Texas Gov. Perry Blasts Indictment Against Him as ‘Partisan Political Theatrics’
  17 Aug 2014     12:37 pm      Warner Todd Huston

Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) was indicted for political corruption because he attempted to pressure Travis County District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg to resign after she was arrested for drunk driving and for violently attacking police. The Gov. calls the indictment “partisan political theater” designed to hurt him and the state GOP.

“I intend to fight against those who would erode our state’s constitution and laws purely for political purposes, and I intend to win,” Perry said.
Lemberg is a Democrat and works in Austin, Texas, a solidly Democrat district.

Perry’s indictment follows an …

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Taxpayers Lose $23.5 Million to Pay IRS Union Members to Do Union Business On The Clock
  12 Aug 2014     1:45 pm      Warner Todd Huston

Here is a perfect example of why unions should be outlawed for all government workers. And I do mean all government workers. A new study finds that we, the American taxpayer, are ripped off to the tune of $23.5 million a year in tax money that goes to pay IRS union members to do union work while they are on the clock and supposed to be working for we, the people.
That’s right, you the taxpayer are paying IRS workers not to do IRS work. You are paying IRS employees to …

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Berkeley Pays Clinton Pal $240K a Year to ‘Teach’ About ‘Income Inequality’
  9 Aug 2014     11:47 am      Warner Todd Huston

The University of California-Berkeley is paying long-time Clinton apologist Robert Reich $240,000 a year to teach one little class about so-called “income inequality.” (Reich also makes $100,000 per speech.)

I guess it could be a direct, object lesson, right? I mean, here is a guy who does practically nothing yet he makes $240K a year off the backs of taxpayers at Berkeley. What could be a better object lesson on income inequality?

The University of California-Berkeley pays former Clinton Labor Secretary Robert Reich $240,000 a year to teach one class about the …

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Dem Chair Says Obama ‘Doing His Job Less Often’ Than Any Prez Since Cleveland?
  31 Jul 2014     5:59 pm      Warner Todd Huston

Once again we see how stupid Democrat Party Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz is with a clumsy comment filled with false implications and absurd assumptions not to mention unintentional hilarity as this fool proclaims that Obama has done his job “less often” than any president since Grover Cleveland.
In an appearance on the odious and bottom rated MSNBC, Wasserman Schultz made this messy verbal blunder which in itself is pretty amusing. But underlying her garbled, inarticulate point is a base assumption that proves the lies that Democrats promulgate of what constitutes a …

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Chicago Dem. Congressman Says He and Obama Will Give Amnesty to 5 Million Illegals
  27 Jul 2014     9:50 am      Warner Todd Huston

Since he first started to run for Congress, Chicago’s Democrat Representative Luis Gutiérrez has been 100% all in for open borders. He has been for drivers licenses for illegals, free education for illegals, free healthcare for illegals, free welfare for illegals–the whole ball of wax. And now he claims that he and Obama are working together to offer amnesty to over five million illegals during this current illegal immigration disaster.

The fact is, Gutiérrez has always felt Mexicans and other foreign Hispanics was his constituency, not Americans.
Breitbart TV has the story:

“Let …

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Ohio Sheriff Sends a Bill to Mexican President for Cost of Illegals in Jail
  26 Jul 2014     10:25 am      Warner Todd Huston

One thing that happened when an Ohio sheriff sent a bill to Mexico’s president for housing illegals in his jail was that the FBI told him that cartel hitmen could come north to gun for him. So, Obama’s FBI is now trying to scare Americans into complying with housing Obama’s wave of amnesty-seeking illegals.

The only reason all these people are coming here is because Obama is promising them amnesty. It’s really just that simple.
The Blaze has the story:

Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones said Friday that he sent a letter to …

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Just Who is Paying the $10K Coyote Fees for Illegals to Get Here?
  23 Jul 2014     2:42 pm      Warner Todd Huston

A recent interview with the human traffickers known as “coyotes” reveals that they charge from between $5,000 to $10,000 US per individual to be guided from Central America to our border only leave the illegal immigrants to their own devices to stream across the border to take advantage of Obama’s amnesty policies. But, are we expected to believe that the dirt poor–and often pre-teen children–are paying these fees? And if they aren’t, who is?

The interview initially published in Spanish by the Associated Press reports that the coyotes use some of …

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Obama Cancels Obamacare in the US Territories and Protectorates
  21 Jul 2014     3:21 pm      Warner Todd Huston

Obamacare is the best thing for everybody. Right? I mean, isn’t that what Democrats keep saying? So, why did Obama just take Obamacare away from all our protectorates and territories? Well, the answer to that is because Obamacare doesn’t work, that’s why.
When Obama first strongarmed his law through Congress in the dead of night with not a single supporting vote from the minority party (the first time this ever happened with a major piece of legislation) he said it was the answer to all our healthcare woes. Obamacare is what …

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If Chicagoans Would Vote for Commie Karen Lewis, They Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Vote at All
  15 Jul 2014     3:56 pm      Warner Todd Huston

A new poll of likely Chicago voters seems to find that Mayor Rahm Emanuel is in bad shape for his re-election coming up next year. The poll shows that two other candidates are far and away more popular than the incumbent mayor. One of those two is Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis, a woman who is nearly an out and proud communist. But, if Chicagoans would vote for Lewis, they don’t deserve the vote at all.

This new Chicago Sun-Times poll shows Emanuel losing–and badly–to two other possible mayoral candidates …

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African Americans in Bad Neighborhoods Want to Know Where THEIR ‘Amnesty’ Is
  13 Jul 2014     10:49 am      Warner Todd Huston

With hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens streaming across the border expecting, and getting, free hand outs from Obama’s federal government (free healthcare, free room and board, free educations) many black Americans are starting to wonder where THEIR “amnesty” is!

I hate to say it, but they have a good question…

As the White House plans to spend billions of taxpayer funds to take care of illegal immigrant children who are unlawfully entering the country, some black Americans who live in some of the most dangerous neighborhoods are wondering where they and …

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Now Destroying Unions is the Same as Reforming Government
  8 Jul 2014     2:25 pm      Warner Todd Huston

Years ago folks that stood against unions always had that one obstacle of “private” concerns in the way of urging people away from unionism. But today, with most unions being tied directly to government, now fighting unions is an act of beneficial government reform.

Once upon a time, the biggest hurdle for those arguing against unionism was the simple truth–and it was a truth–that unions and businesses were private concerns and if the two entities agreed to co-exist, who was an anti-union activist to say anything against the arrangement?
This is a …

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VA Whistleblower: ‘They Had Us Stop Work Processing Vets Applications’ for ‘Obamacare Enrollment’, Complaint Was Leaked to His Boss by WH in Retaliation
  6 Jul 2014     9:19 am      Warner Todd Huston

A whistleblower who was trying to help save the lives of our veterans at the Veterans Administration hospitals guilty of leaving many soldiers to die was tattled on by a White House eager to silence the warnings (and snuff out the careers) of these whistleblowers.

Last week VA whistleblower Scott Davis was on with Niel Cavuto and reported that after he told the White House of the endemic problems at the VA, Obama and his cohorts turned around and told Davis’ boss that he was dissing them!
(See HERE and HERE for …

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Group of New York Parents and Students Files Suit to Eliminate Teacher Tenure
  5 Jul 2014     11:50 am      Warner Todd Huston

Parents are starting to realize that teachers unions are detrimental to our childrens’ education. And this month a group of students and their parents have filed a lawsuit to tear down union power.

I hope these parents win their lawsuit. Anything that tears down unions is a good thing.

A group of fed-up students and parents on Thursday declared their independence from incompetent New York City teachers shielded by the state’s tenure and seniority laws.
In the wake of a landmark anti-tenure ruling in California, the coalition of 11 students filed a class-action …

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EMAIL COVERUP EXPOSED: IRS Has a Contract with an Email Backup Company Since 2005
  22 Jun 2014     12:41 pm      Warner Todd Huston

Wait a minute? Last week the IRS commissioner claimed that he lost all the emails of the very IRS hacks that are under investigation. But now we find that the IRS had hired an email backup company?

So… shouldn’t this backup company have the emails in question?
Here is what I wrote at yesterday:

As IRS commissioner John Koskinen sat on Capitol Hill belatedly informing a Congressional committee of the “disappearance” of years of email communications from a host of IRS employees under investigation–including Lois Lerner–it was discovered that the IRS had …

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The University of Chicago Needs Some Occupy Wall Street
  17 Jun 2014     4:26 pm      Warner Todd Huston

If you’ll recall, the brief but noisy Occupy Wall street movement was all about protesting the “One Percent,” those evil rich folks that apparently return nothing to the nation. Well a look at the compensation of those at the University of Chicago in President Obama’s home city shows that the Occupy folks were protesting the wrong people! It looks like the one percent reside at the UofC.

A very in depth article by David Francis Mihalyfy reveals what he calls a university mired in outsized compensation “hidden by a PR machine, …

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Illinois Ranks as ‘Worst’ For Small Businesses
  16 Jun 2014     2:13 pm      Warner Todd Huston

Once again Illinois and California are neck-and-neck in the calculations for the worst of the worst U.S. states, this time in a measure of how friendly the states are for the growth of small businesses.

Earlier this month released its third annual survey of the climate for small businesses exploring such ratings as the overall friendliness of the state to small businesses, the ease of starting a business, regulations, ease of hiring new employees, taxes, and other criteria.
The poll was conducted among over 12,000 small business owners across the country.
The …

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Obama is Forcing the Border Patrol to Allow Illegal Alien Gang Members to Enter the US
  14 Jun 2014     1:53 pm      Warner Todd Huston

With his newest attempt to erase our borders, Obama is now also letting known gang members into the US.

Illegals streaming into the US from Mexico and Central and South America have been told by the Obama administration and its surrogates that all they have to do is get here and they will be awarded permanent US citizenship and “the government will take care of them.”
And as soon as they get their amnesty, they can turn around and bring in dozens of their family members.

Border Patrol officials struggling to keep up …

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Sarah Palin: Obama Orchestrated Border Crisis & Deserves to be Impeached
  14 Jun 2014     1:48 pm      Warner Todd Huston

Personally, I think we need to block this man, not impeach him, because an impeachment will never work–due to weak Republicans in Congress-and we’ll get all the turmoil and trouble without any of the benefits. However, like Palin says, there are a LOT of grounds for the effort, nonetheless.

Anyway, on her Facebook page Palin is calling the thousands of illegals streaming across our southern border as a result of Obama’s border destruction of our sovereignty a “humanitarian crisis.”

Finally, they have won me over. I actually agree with the liberals’ war …

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Leftist Donna Brazile Warns The GOP Civil War is Over, The Tea Party Won
  13 Jun 2014     1:35 pm      Warner Todd Huston

Old Clinton hack Donna Brazile has a message for her readers: the GOP civil war is over and the Tea Party won. While Brazile is usually fully expected to be typically and wholly wrong in her left-wing proclamations and while asking a liberal what is going on with conservatives is usually a waste of time, like the stopped clock, Brazile got this one more or less right.

Brazile piece written her piece for CNN notes that the whole of Washington was surprised by GOP strongman Eric Cantor’s primary loss and is …

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1%er Michael Moore Fights To Keep More Of His Vast Fortune In Divorce Battle
  8 Jun 2014     2:02 pm      Warner Todd Huston

He wants YOU to pay more taxes and have more of your money taken away for “the poor” and he pretends to be the champion of the poor, but Michael Moore is just as much a member of the super rich 1% as any of the CEOs that he attacks and nothing drives that home more than the divorce he is going through.

The New York Post also notes that Moore has asked super lawyer Ari Emanuel, brother of former Obama Chief of Staff and current Chicago Mayor Rham Emanuel, to …

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