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Welfare, Not Work: Obama Shuts Down Minority Business Agency
  20 Mar 2012     5:00 pm      Warner Todd Huston

Hosannas. Obama has finally cut some federal spending. But noting which agency he shut down is sort of emblematic of his whole welfare/big government-pushing presidency.
On Friday, the Department of Commerce announced that it would be shutting down all five regional offices of the Minority Business Development Agency, an agency that was created by Richard Nixon to help develop minority businesses.
The administration claims that it will be saving around $30 million per year by eliminating the offices in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.
Chicago Congressman Bobby …

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Green Failures
  30 Jan 2012     5:12 pm      Michael Fell

Here are a few of the latest companies to join the growing list of “green” “sustainable energy” failures that have been supported by the current Administration’s deficit “stimulus” spending. All this financing has been done using your tax dollars…well, actually tax dollars to be paid in the future by your grandchildren and great grandchildren to China. Plus interest:
Evergreen Energy-Which has filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, saying it’s “impossible to maintain operations” due to funding shortfalls. This announcement comes after the company received $5.3 million in “stimulus” funds.
Amonix Inc.-A manufacturer of …

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After Billions in Federal Bailouts, Now GM Lobbying States for More?
  30 Jan 2012     12:49 pm      Warner Todd Huston

How much bailing out does one company need? (The correct answer is none, of course) After receiving some $50 billion in tax dollars from us courtesy of Obama’s “cash stash,” GM is claiming success with a “

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An Open Letter to the Occupiers from Generation X
  20 Jan 2012     11:04 am      Rachel Alexander

To the Occupy movement:
I know some of you mean well. I even share some of your concerns. The dismal economy has made it difficult to find a good job with benefits. Meanwhile, the government is bailing out the wealthy banks and mortgage lenders that helped precipitate this depressed economy.
I hear your frustrations about student loan debt. Generation X has a lot of student loan debt too, with little relief available. The older generations have indebted our generations for years down the road, and with the rising costs of school tuition, …

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Republicans pushing to rescind Democrats’ $100 billion EU bailout fund
  18 Jan 2012     12:00 am      Wintery Knight

Here’s a shocking story from Matthew Boyle of the Daily Caller.
When California Democratic Rep. Nancy Pelosi was the Speaker of the House in 2009, President Barack Obama and congressional Democrats authorized $100 billion in spending as a line of credit for the International Monetary Fund to be used in times of emergency — funds that could now be used to bail out European banks.
As the Eurozone takes a turn for the worse and chatter heats up about more European Union and IMF bailouts across the continent, Republicans in Congress are pushing to rescind the $100 billion set-aside.
That …

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Every Year Boondoggles Pile Up in California
  15 Jan 2012     12:20 pm      Warner Todd Huston

The left-wing idea that it’s good for government to always wildly increase spending is dying a quick death these days. But this good sense has not made it to every state in the union yet — two disastrous states in particular; California and Illinois.
These two states have not learned the lesson about the ruinous government spending that is causing the country to teeter on the brink of bankruptcy.
Apparently, Illinois and California are vying for worst-state status. Moody’s Investment service, for instance, has rated Illinois the worst, but Standard & Poor’s …

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Video: Obama: Capitalism and Liberty Don’t Work
  8 Dec 2011     12:00 pm      Warner Todd Huston

Barack Obama, President of the United Deniers of America, is slamming the country again. This time he ways that capitalism, liberty, and American principles have never worked.
Speaking in Osawatomie, Kansas, where in 1910 an off-the-rails Teddy Roosevelt laid out a new socialist-inspired dream for America he entitled the “New Nationalism,” Obama had a few choice words for our American principles.
In his speech, Obama went for the gusto in class warfare rhetoric characterizing anyone that makes a few dollars as the eeevil rich that refuse to be “fair” to the poor. …

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CNN Soft Peddles ‘Occupy’ Lawbreaking, Asks if Police Have ‘Sympathy’ With Occupiers
  3 Dec 2011     10:00 am      Warner Todd Huston

On November 30, CNN’s T. J. Holmes gave us a great example of how the Old Media is soft peddling the law breaking going on at the Occupy events in order to make these events seem far less dangerous and illicit than they are. Like many in the Old Media, Holmes seems desperate to give lawbreaking Occupiers as much cover as possible — a benefit they never offered the Tea Partiers.
In an interview with an L.A. city police commander about the clearing of Occupy Los Angeles, Holmes did his best …

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The Chevy Volt: Detroit’s Hottest Car (Cuz They Catch on Fire and Stuff)
  29 Nov 2011     1:04 pm      Warner Todd Huston

Government Motors has finally found its hottest car and the Chevy Volt is it. Unfortunately for Chevy, it isn’t because it is popular. It’s because the car seems to catch on fire a lot. Industry watchers are preparing for the Volt to undergo a recall to fix whatever problem the car’s lithium-ion battery pack has that seems to be causing the vehicles to spontaneously burst into flames.
Of course, this little catching on fire problem seems emblematic with everything about Government Motors. After President Barack “Lee IaJokka” Obama pumped $53 billion …

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How Radical is Obama? This Radical…
  29 Nov 2011     8:00 am      Warner Todd Huston

Barack Obama is very successful at one thing: the bait and switch. He stands before America presenting a picture of a hard-working moderate and claims that he wants to work with the Republicans to get things done. In reality he won’t even meet with them. He talks about compromise, but never offers any. He mouths kind words abut the business sector but uses his powers to make new regulations to destroy its profitability. In short, he’s a radical even though he doesn’t play one on TV. His modus operandi is …

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Kinder, Gentler OWSer Vows to Assassinate Governor
  26 Nov 2011     2:12 pm      Warner Todd Huston

-By Warner Todd Huston
A whack nut Occupy Wall Street sympathizer in South Carolina was a bit miffed when Governor Nikki Haley “allowed” the police to begin arresting the dregs at Occupy Columbia. In fact, he was so mad that he took to his Facebook account and threatened to murder the Governor.
So much for the Occupy-Whatevers being wedded to “non-violence,” eh?
KLTV Channel 7 News in Jacksonville, Texas has the story…

When 26-year-old Nathan Shafer heard about the arrests of 19 Occupy Columbia members outside the State House last Wednesday, he did what …

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There Isn’t More Political ‘Polarization,’ There’s More Government
  23 Nov 2011     1:52 pm      Warner Todd Huston

Ron Fournier of the National Journal has committed the same mistake in political analysis that far too many others on both sides of the aisle make. He thinks, like many do, that there is somehow more “polarization” in Washington today than ever. Like all the others, he’s wrong. There isn’t any more than there’s ever been.
He then leaps to the claim that the political system is “broken.” It really isn’t.
Fournier goes on to make an even more egregious mistake assuming that this “polarization” will cause the rise of a third …

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Democrats, Sen. Schumer Shut Down Citizen’s Forum
  22 Nov 2011     12:57 pm      Warner Todd Huston

You know, it is unfortunate that the Democrat Party’s name has the word “democracy” as it root because the modern Democrat Party is 100% opposed to both democracy and our system of government. Senator Chuck “Hitman” Schumer just proved this to be true once again.
Last week Senator Mike Lee (R, Utah) had reserved a room in the Senate and invited a retinue of Tea Party representatives and the folks of Freedom Works to discuss the Tea Party Budget proposal drawn up by Freedom Works.

Everything was duly arranged and the participants …

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Now is Not the Time to Be More Like Europe
  19 Nov 2011     7:04 pm      Brian Garst

The ongoing crack-up of Europe, and the pending collapse of the Eurozone, is an ugly thing to behold. But their failure can be our gain, if we just learn from their mistakes.
A new video by the Center for Freedom and Prosperity provides 5 lessons from the European fiscal implosion that US policymakers should take to heart. In short:
1) Higher taxes lead to higher spending, not lower deficits.
2) A value-added tax would be a disaster.
3) A welfare state cripples the human spirit.
4) Nations reach a point of no return when the …

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GM Bailout: Bait And Switch And Drive That Lemon Away
  18 Nov 2011     1:59 pm      Warner Todd Huston

General Motors was too big to fail. This is why President Obama had to ride in on his white steed with billions of taxpayers dollars in hand to bailout GM rechristening it Government Motors. Besides, we were told it would be a great deal, a money maker, right? Well, not so much. The Administration has reported a dramatic increase in the money We The People have lost on the GM bailout.
This week the Treasury Dept. has announced that the estimates of our loss has gone from $14.33 billion tax dollars …

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Ripping Off California at the Speed of High Speed Rail
  9 Nov 2011     12:40 pm      Warner Todd Huston

One of President Obama’s favorite go-to items to “stimulate” the economy is building new rail lines, especially high-speed rail. Many states have been smart enough to cancel the high-speed rail projects, but oh, not California. California’s project rolls inexorably onward. Still, California does help show the rest of the country why high-speed rail is a boondoggle that should be avoided.
The high-speed rail line that is being built between San Diego and San Francisco was initially sold to California voters as a $40 billion project with Prop 1A back in 2008. …

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Obama-Emperor Less Than Zero’s Open Deceit
  25 Oct 2011     5:05 pm      Michael Fell

The current White House occupant is spending taxpayer money (again) flying around the country going to fundraisers (again) extrapolating on his 2012 re-election strategy to blame Republicans for the failure of policies implemented by himself, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi (again).  Now he’s going around a “do nothing Congress” (see the U.S. Senate, controlled by “progressive” Democrats) via Executive Order (again). 
Never mind that when emperor less than zero was a State and/or U.S. Senator, ruling by decree was a gianormous NO NO.  Now that he (a self imagined and self appointed member …

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VIDEO: Suspected Terror Supporter Attacks Jews at Occupy Chicago
  22 Oct 2011     11:40 am      Warner Todd Huston

Chicago’s RebelPundit came across some of those nice Occupy Chicago folks wishing good thoughts for all the kind participants at the protest… they kindly wished that Israel be destroyed.
Worse, one of the guys these Occupy-Whatevers allowed to speak is a suspected funder of Middle Eastern terrorists.

Just like the left, eh? Haters, racists, and anti-Semites galore.
Note also that a Chicago TV station was filming the event. Note also that said film was never aired in Chicago.
The “news,” you see, don’t want to discredit the Occupy-Whatevers as much as they can avoid …

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What Are We Protesting Again?
  19 Oct 2011     12:37 pm      Rachel Alexander

As the Occupy Wall Street protesters finish their first month of protests, they seem more confused and disorganized than ever. It is not clear exactly what they are protesting other than big banks and high unemployment. One protester on the Twitter #OccupyPhoenix channel asked a few days ago, “What are we protesting again?” The Occupy Phoenix protest was organized by three teenagers. Fox News interviewed several protesters who could not explain why they were at the rallies. To many observers, the protests appear to be mindless babble on Twitter and …

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Occupy Wall Street College Grads Should Sue Their Schools
  14 Oct 2011     6:06 pm      Michael Fell

What’s most puzzling about Occupy Wall Street is a persistent resistance by recent college graduates to acknowledging the cause and effect phenomenon manifested by big government interference in business.

When you employ the economic policies of Woodrow Wilson, FDR and Jimmy Carter you’re going to get a lousy economy because you’ve created a climate that’s unfriendly to business.  To blame corporations and especially small business for not hiring when the business climate dictates they take steps to insure their survival is wrong.
If you’re the CEO of a corporation who’s responsible for ensuring …

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