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Leftists Furious at Photo of Steven Spielberg Next to ‘Dead Animal’ (a Movie Prop Dinosaur) On ‘Jurassic Park’ Movie Set
  12 Jul 2014     9:28 am      Warner Todd Huston

So, a bunch of liberal anti-hunting activists got upset when a photo of director Steven Spielberg was posted to the Internet tubes showing the famed auteur sitting next to a movie prop of a “dead” dinosaur in the same fashion as a big game hunter photo. They were mad that Spielberg would be sitting next to a “poor dead animal” like that.

I mean, seriously? How stupid do you have to be, liberals?

The photo was posted from Jay Branscomb’s Facebook page as satire. Branscomb was poking fun at the controversy surrounding …

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WACKOS: 44,000 Sign Petition To Save Pit Bull That Mauled Child
  18 Mar 2014     6:13 am      John Hawkins

I am not one of these people who thinks Pit Bulls are naturally vicious or should be banned. I have seen very sweet and friendly Pit Bulls. I’ve let my dog play with them. I’ve petted them. I think they can be wonderful animals. However, I would also never own a Pit Bull for the simple reason that dogs are dumb animals, instinctive animals — and owning one that has the capacity to seriously injure you is dangerous. In my experience, Chihuahuas are often much more unsociable, bad tempered, and …

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PETA Animal Holocaust Balanced by Chicken Memorial
  7 Feb 2014     2:23 pm      Dave Blount

Despite all the lettuce bikinis and talk about renaming fish “sea kittens” to protect them from the insensitivity of speciesists, the last place an animal would want to find itself is in the clutches of PETA:
Animal rights group PETA may go to extreme lengths to save animals from the slaughterhouse but the Virginia-based organization’s animal shelter killed nearly 2,000 stray cats and dogs at its shelter in 2013.
The Center for Consumer Freedom released its annual review of PETA’s Norfolk shelter and it shows a surprising 82 percent euthanization rate.
Despite outcries …

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Dying Girl Attacked with Hate Mail and Death Threats from Animal Rights Activists
  1 Jan 2014     7:36 pm      Duane Lester

Caterina Simonsen has a rare genetic disease.  She is alive today because of new forms of treatment resulting from research, some of which involved experimenting on animals.  She recently thanked those researchers who have kept her alive:

“I am 25 thanks to genuine research that includes experiments on animals.  Without research, I would have been dead at nine. You have gifted me a future.”
There are some who value human life over that of a rat.  Then there are these people:
“You could die tomorrow, I wouldn’t sacrifice my goldfish for you,”
“If you …

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Using Lawsuits to Redefine Monkeys as Humans
  4 Dec 2013     10:29 am      Dave Blount

If this is a parody, I am going to feel mighty foolish about getting punked by a story so outrageously absurd — but it does appear in Science:
[Monday] morning, an animal rights group known as the Nonhuman Rights Project (NhRP) filed a lawsuit in a New York Supreme Court in an attempt to get a judge to declare that chimpanzees are legal persons and should be freed from captivity. The suit is the first of three to be filed in three New York counties this week. They target two research …

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Rare Obamacare Success Story: A Dog in Colorado Gets Insured
  22 Nov 2013     4:51 pm      Warner Todd Huston

Obamacare has been an absolute disaster all across the United States. Millions of Americans have lost their insurance due to the new rules that Obama put in place with his Obamacare law. But there is one success to report. In Colorado a man just learned that his dog got covered by Obamacare.
A man in Fort Collins, Colorado, received an interesting letter in the mail from his Obamacare administrators. His 14-year-old Yorkie dog got covered by Obamacare.
As Fox 31, Denver, reports, “Shane Smith, of Fort Collins, says his dog Baxter received …

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This Is Proof That God Loves Us
  28 Aug 2013     12:01 am      Jaz McKay

Ben Franklin said “Beer is proof that GOD loves us.”
And while I agree that the magic of hops and barley are a wondrous thing, I strongly feel that it is our four legged friends that provide the proof of the divine love that GOD holds for mankind.

Dogs are all the proof we need that GOD loves us. Our dogs are the simplest message we receive about the love of GOD.
GOD blessed us with our wet nosed, furry faced friends to bring us not just love but unconditional love. …

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Detroit’s Dead Dogs
  2 Aug 2013     2:56 pm      Dave Blount

As moonbattery destroys everything around us, everyone suffers except the oligarchs driving the ideology — even dogs. In Detroit, the city where liberalism reigns supreme and unchallenged:
Action News went looking for answers after tipsters told us that it appears the bodies of hundreds of dead dogs are piled up in Detroit Animal Control’s cooler because the city has not paid contractors to remove them for cremation.
One source tells 7 Action News that a contractor would typically make removals twice a week, but because of payment problems it has been over …

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Elderly Man Arrested for Defending Himself From Bear
  9 Apr 2013     1:04 pm      Dave Blount

Liberty is only a fading memory in a country run by kooks so authoritarian that an elderly man can be arrested for defending himself from a wild beast on his own property. From Taxachusetts:
A 76-year-old Auburn man is facing charges after killing a bear in his backyard.
Richard Ahlstrand told WBZ-TV he was stocking his bird feeder Friday night when a bear about seven feet tall and 300-to-400 pounds started chasing him.
That’s when he turned his shotgun on the bear.
“I didn’t have time to aim through the sights, but I aimed …

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The Short Path to a Rodent King’s Doom
  24 Dec 2012     9:37 am      Dave Blount

Christmas week is notoriously slow, news-wise — so slow that I will now report on Justin Bieber’s hamster. Via TMZ:
FEAR NOT JUSTIN BIEBER FANS … his former pet hamster (ya know, the one he gave away) is now living in the lap of luxury with its new owner … who has vowed to treat the little guy like a tiny rodent king!!! …
We spoke to 18-year-old Tori — huge Bieber fan — who tells us she was shocked when the Biebs randomly offered her the cage … but is excited …

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Animal Rights Kooks At The Lexus Project Want To Save A Dog That Killed A Baby
  10 May 2012     8:00 am      John Hawkins

I love dogs. I really do. In fact, I like them better than most people — in the abstract at least.
No wonder.
Dogs are fun, they’re loyal, they throw a little celebration when you get home even if you’re just gone for a few hours. Still, they’re not human beings. They’re just not. If you don’t get that all the way down at the core of your being, there’s just something fundamentally wrong with you.
The fate of “Onion” a 6-year-old mastiff-Rhodesian ridgeback mix will be decided on Friday. Onion …

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Animal Anthropomorphists and their ‘Bullied’ Dolphin
  2 May 2012     3:25 pm      Warner Todd Huston

Dolphins smile, you know? Oh, and they have a bigger brain than a human, too. Ipso facto, they are the most intelligent creature on the earth, or something. How often do we hear the animal rights nuts make these statements? Well, now add downtrodden, bullied, and sad to the anthropomorphist’s list of the assumed traits of the most wondrous creature of the seas, won’t you?
That’s right. Dolphins too are now victims of evil bullies. No, not human bullies, though I assume most animal rights wackos take that for granted. No …

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PETA Suing Sea World, Claims Whales Are “Slaves”
  7 Feb 2012     8:27 am      William Teach

Back in October, I brought you a quick bite story about how PETA planned to get killer whales constitutional rights, saying that keeping them violated the 13th Amendment (slavery). The lawsuit against Sea World has now gone to a judge
(LA Times) A federal judge appeared dubious Monday about a lawsuit filed by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals that seeks the release of orcas from SeaWorld on anti-slavery grounds.
PETA attorney Jeffrey Kerr told U.S. District Judge Jeffrey Miller that invoking the anti-slavery 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution in …

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Looks Like Obama Lost These Boobs as Fans, Anyway
  2 Dec 2011     12:47 pm      Warner Todd Huston

The Barbi Twins are no longer big fans of the Obammessiah. They think he’s turned his back on the horses. No, not the ones at the race track — well, maybe after they retire from the track they’ll fit in this story. No the Barbi twins think Obama has abandoned the horses that had until now been protected by a federal ban from being sent to U.S.-based horse slaughter houses.
Now, I did not choose to write about this story because it features two “hot” blondes with big boobs — though …

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New Low for PETA
  30 Sep 2011     12:03 pm      Dave Blount

Among the most terrifying beasts are those that live in the sea, as a Longboat Key, Florida resident learned recently:
Charles Wickersham, 21, was bitten by an apparent shark while he was spearfishing several miles off the coast of Anna Maria Island.
Wickersham remains in intensive care after the apparent shark attack.
But moonbats found a silver lining to the horrific attack. PETA was able to exploit it by launching an appallingly tasteless propaganda campaign. This ad will go on benches and billboards near Anna Maria Island:

Bleats campaign director Ashley Byrne:
“We do hope …

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Shocker! ACLU Decries Targeted Killing Of al-Awlaki
  30 Sep 2011     11:53 am      William Teach

I thought this deserved a stand-alone post rather than an adder to the previous post on al-Awlaki
(ACLU Statement) U.S. airstrikes in Yemen today killed Anwar Al-Aulaqi, an American citizen who has never been charged with any crime.
ACLU Deputy Legal Director Jameel Jaffer said, “The targeted killing program violates both U.S. and international law. As we’ve seen today, this is a program under which American citizens far from any battlefield can be executed by their own government without judicial process, and on the basis of standards and …

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Conviction Upheld in Murder by Veganism
  12 Sep 2011     2:27 pm      Dave Blount

Abortion isn’t the only means moonbats have of killing children. There is also veganism — although it has the shortcoming that it can subject progressive parents to justice:
Georgia’s top court on Monday upheld the conviction and life sentence against an Atlanta vegan couple over the death of their malnourished 6-week-old boy, who was fed a diet largely consisting of soy milk and apple juice.
The Georgia Supreme Court’s unanimous ruling rejected appeals by Jade Sanders and Lamont Thomas, who were convicted and sentenced after a jury found them guilty of malice …

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“The Butter Cow Represents Humankind’s Tyranny Over Defenseless Animals.”
  16 Aug 2011     4:59 am      John Hawkins

Hard core animal rights activists have become such a cabal of out-of-touch fruit loops that they’re almost impossible to parody.
A small sign reading “Go vegan” was briefly hung around an Iowa State Fair butter cow Sunday morning, and animal rights activists took responsibility.
…An email to The Des Moines Register from an animal rights group said that one or more activists from another group got past a guard in the Agriculture Building, scaled a wall in a back hallway, got in the refrigerated case with the sculptures, and “redecorated the …

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No “Glo-Bull” Warming in Canada and Way too Much Bull ‘Moose-ing”
  10 Jul 2011     4:00 am      Jane Jamison

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Calling Pets “Pets” Is a Thought Crime
  28 Apr 2011     1:45 pm      Dave Blount

It’s time for a new edition of the Newspeak dictionary. According to the pointy-headed circus clowns who pass down surrealist moral judgments from atop their ivory towers, our current vocabulary oppresses animals:
Animal lovers should stop calling their furry or feathered friends “pets” because the term is insulting, leading academics claim.
Domestic dogs, cats, hamsters or budgerigars should be rebranded as “companion animals” while owners should be known as “human carers”, they insist.
Other forbidden terms include “critters” and “beasts.” Pet owners are not to be referred to as “owners,” because this “harks …

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