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Obama Orders 290,000 Illegals to Take Up Residence Inside the US
  6 Jul 2014     8:52 am      Warner Todd Huston

I am, sure that by now we all know of the crisis of alien lawbreakers swamping our southern border. But now Obama is quietly shipping hundreds of thousands at a time deeper inside the USA instead of sending them back to the countries they left.

That’s right, Obama has already rubber stamped an approval for upwards to 290,000 of these criminal aliens to take up residence in the US and has released them to to go wherever they want.

The vast majority of 50,000 unaccompanied youths and children who have illegally crossed …

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Is America Really That Polarized?
  5 Jul 2014     8:27 am      William Teach

Yes, and no, as The Washington Post’s Dan Balz points out
Forget what you’ve heard about an America divided into warring camps, living in red and blue states or congressional districts. We actually agree on lots of things.
That, at least, is the conclusion of a study conducted by the Program for Public Consultation (PPC), whose goal is to give the public a louder voice in the policymaking process. (The study is also available on the Web site of Voice of the People.)
The group analyzed answers to more than 300 survey questions …

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No, It is NOT the ‘July Fourth’ Holiday, and Stop Saying It Is!
  4 Jul 2014     11:00 am      Warner Todd Huston

It is well known that John Adams had imagined that July second would be the day that future generations of Americans would remember as their day of independence from England, the nation’s birthday, if you will. It was, after all, on the second that it was proclaimed “(T)hat these United Colonies are, and of right ought to be, free and independent States, that they are absolved from all allegiance to the British Crown, and that all political connection between them and the State of Great Britain is, and ought to …

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SCOTUS Unanimously Slaps Down Obama on Recess Appointments
  26 Jun 2014     3:21 pm      Warner Todd Huston

This one is pretty amazing. The US Supreme Court has delivered a unanimous slap to the President saying that his recess appointments were illicit. Even the court’s liberals said Obama was wrong on this.

If you are out of the loop, here is what happened: Obama wanted to make some extremely partisan appointments to the National Labor Relations board (NLRB) so that he could deliver even more pro union decisions in the disputes between labor and businesses that the NLRB is set up to adjudicate.
The U.S. Senate did not like his …

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Discrimination Hoax Phenomenon Appears to Spread
  26 Jun 2014     12:40 pm      Dave Blount

Pretending you were discriminated against so as to gain fame and fortune isn’t just for politically privileged demographic groups anymore. Others can join in the fun:
The story of a three-year-old girl who was asked to leave a KFC because her dog attack scars were scaring the other customers has been accused of being a hoax.
Kelly Mullins, the grandmother of Victoria Wilcher, who was left with severe facial injuries after being attacked by her grandfather’s pitpulls, claimed KFC staff at a branch in Jackson, Mississippi, asked them to take the three-year-old …

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Income Inequality FAR Worse in Liberal States Where Socialist Policies Reign
  8 Jun 2014     1:46 pm      Warner Todd Huston

The left’s latest, most favorite drum to beat is “income inequality” where they whine that the rich are too rich and the poor are barred by conservative policies from ever being able to catch up in pay.

But it turns out that liberal states have worse income inequality than red states.
Richard K. Vedder and Stephen J. Moore recently crunched the numbers…

For those in Washington obsessed with reducing income inequality, the standard prescription involves raising taxes on the well-to-do, increasing the minimum wage, and generally expanding government benefits—the policies characterizing liberal, blue-state …

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Eric Holder Using Money Meant To Secure Border To Pay For Lawyers For Illegals To Avoid Deportation
  7 Jun 2014     6:11 pm      Katie McGuire

Eric Holder once again demonstrates his passion for the leftist agenda of keeping illegals here in the US. Holder has decided that he deserves $2 million of a secure borders fund to pay for lawyers for illegals! Obama has requested $2 billion — not to deport the illegals from this unprecedented invasion — but to house, clothe and feed them, and even deliver them to relatives already here illegally, so they can stay here indefinitely.

Yes, that headline is real. You have not gone insane, although we wouldn’t be surprised if …

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Woman Mailed Citation From Chicago Area Park District After Social Media Post
  29 May 2014     12:24 pm      Warner Todd Huston

Apparently police are now cruising the web looking for people who make claims that leads one to believe they could or might or perhaps broke some jackbooted rule, regulation or law and then they are punishing them through the U.S. mails on this hearsay evidence.
The police department of a Chicago area forest preserve district used a local woman’s social media post as a basis to send her a citation in the mail after she made a Facebook post about a county park.
The woman says she wrote a Facebook post that …

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Department of Agriculture Seeking to Purchase Submachine Guns
  25 May 2014     12:12 am      Alyssa Lafage

The militarization of the many bureaus of federal regulators should be a concern to all Americans. From the Social Security Administration to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to the Department of Homeland Security, and others, there is a disturbing trend for federal agencies which have historically not been armed, to now acquire ammunition and/or weaponry. The latest agency to follow this trend is the Department of Agriculture, which is reportedly seeking to purchase submachine guns.

A May 7th solicitation by the U.S. Department of Agriculture seeks “the commercial acquisition of submachine guns …

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House GOP Bill Would Roll Back Michelle Obama’s School Lunch Rules
  20 May 2014     5:21 pm      Warner Todd Huston

Apparently schools are getting some stuff in their spines and looking for ways to shed Michelle Obama’s unpopular and bland school lunch rules. The Department of Agriculture–the agency responsible for regulations and funding–has agreed to delay adding more whole-grain foods to school meals because schools are complaining about the new rules.

As the Associated Press reports:

The Agriculture Department will allow some schools to delay adding more whole-grain foods to meals this year, responding to criticism from school nutrition officials and Congress that the standards were too difficult to put in place.
The …

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Obama Forces Lenders to Cut Off Gun Sellers With ‘High Risk’ Label
  20 May 2014     5:02 pm      Warner Todd Huston

Obama is sneaking a backdoor gun ban on the nation by pushing new regulations that forces banks and lenders to refuse to loan money to firearm oriented businesses. Calling their businesses “high risk,” this is just another defacto gun ban.

Despite the fact that every state now has its own concealed carry law and despite that more Americans than ever are supportive of our Second Amendment rights–hence why they’ve urged their states to enact those CC laws in the first place–Obama and his know-better-than-you liberal buddies are desperately looking for ways …

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Second Gun Shop Reverses, Now Won’t Sell Smart Gun
  2 May 2014     1:30 pm      Warner Todd Huston

Earlier this year a gun shop in California began to gear up to sell a “smart gun,” but gun enthusiasts raised such a stink about the sale that the store backed off and even claimed they never intended to sell the gun. Now a shop in Maryland has had the same experience with similar results.
The gun in question is the Armatrix iP1, a so-called “smart” pistol that cannot be made to fire unless the shooter is also wearing a wrist watch that emits an electronic signal unlocking the gun’s firing …

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Michigan Muslims Demand Christian Church’s Easter Egg Hunt Fliers Be Banned
  5 Apr 2014     4:55 pm      Warner Todd Huston

Remember, liberals say that we need to be “tolerant” of Muslims in the U.S. because, gosh darn it, they are Americans just like you and me. While you are remembering that, Muslims in Dearborn, Michigan are trying to oppress a local Christian Church because it is hosting an Easter egg hunt. Proof that Muslims are just as American and tolerant as you and me.
As it happens, Cherry Hill Presbyterian Church sent a bunch of fliers about their secular Easter egg hunt to a local school district as an out reach …

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VIDEO: This Children’s spontaneous rendition of national anthem in movie theater will move you
  5 Apr 2014     8:35 am      Tom Tillison

A spontaneous display of patriotism by a group of U.S. military children in Spain will give you reason to feel better about America’s future.

In recognition of April being the “Month of the Military Child,” forty children at Naval Station Rota in Spain were taken to a matinee at the local theater, according to Hannah Kunze.
The self-described manager of an after school program on the base, Kunze posted a video of the children’s visit on her YouTube account.
She wrote that movie goers are asked to stand before each showing while the national anthem is played, and …

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Garbage collector’s patriotic gesture brings resident to tears
  24 Feb 2014     5:44 am      Michele Kirk

An Oregon trash collector is getting national attention for a gesture he thought nobody saw him make.
Unable to stomach seeing a U.S. flag discarded as trash, Jeremy Fischer  quietly stopped what he was doing along his route and gave Old Glory the respect it deserved, WPTV reported.
The simple gesture brought a neighboring resident to tears, according to ABC News.
“I was looking out my window up here, and I saw him carefully folding the flag over the garbage can, and I thought, Wow, he’s going to fold it military-style,” neighbor Nancy Neet …

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America Coddles Nuclear Iran – Iran Plots Death for Great Satan
  3 Feb 2014     11:06 am      Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard (Photo: AP)
Good news, boys and girls! Iran has just received their first installment of blood money from the US!! Their “frozen assets” have just been thawed by Obama and gifted back to them, just in time for that all important ‘kill all the infidels’ event. Now, they can speed up their nuclear enrichment and the production of bombs to wipe out Israel and deliver death blows to America. It’s a dream come true for the bloodthirsty, theocratic Iranian terror regime and they owe it all …

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Obama’s speech: translated so useful idiots and low information voters can understand it
  31 Jan 2014     4:16 am      Josh Bernstein

Last night was without a doubt the most vile, disgusting, and terrifying State of the Union speech in our Nation’s history. I do not mince words here. What the people that are paying attention witnessed last night was the first American dictator.
Comrade Obama’s speech was exactly what you would expect to hear from a Socialist third world leader. He did what all dictators do; he refused to take responsibility for his failures. He promised to rule without Congressional approval and he mandated, dictated, and cut off all debate; and he …

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SHOCKING: ‘Conscience for Liberalism’ journalist calls for impeachment of ‘most destructive, dangerous President’ in history
  23 Jan 2014     4:20 pm      Tiffiny Ruegner

You know the country is in trouble when the man considered the ‘conscience of civil libertarianism and liberalism for decades’ calls for the impeachment of the sitting king of the liberals, President Barack Obama.

WASHINGTON — Worse than Richard Nixon. An unprecedented abuse of powers. The most un-American president in the nation’s history.
Nat Hentoff does not think much of President Obama.
And now, the famous journalist says it is time to begin looking into impeachment. t convince Congress to do things his way.”
”” The First Amendment expert still hews left on many issues, railing against …

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Government bullies S&P to punish them for doing their job
  23 Jan 2014     2:24 pm      Tiffiny Ruegner

It comes as no surprise that the former US Secretary of the Treasury, Tim Geithner (close buddy to Barack Obama), tried to bully S&P’s parent company chairman of McGraw-Hill Financial Inc, for its 2011 decision to strip the United States of its coveted “triple-A” rating.

Jan 21 (Reuters) – Former U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner angrily warned the chairman of Standard & Poor’s parent that the rating agency would be held accountable for its 2011 decision to strip the United States of its coveted “triple-A” rating, a new court filing shows.
Harold …

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VIDEO: A Canadian Warns America NOT To Register Our Guns
  11 Jan 2014     1:58 pm      Warner Todd Huston

A Canadian newscaster has a warning for Americans: Do NOT register your firearms because if you do, the government WILL confiscate your guns and throw you in jail.
Brian Billey, a host on Sun News in Canada, hosted a commentary proving that if we Americans are stupid enough to register our firearms (I’m talking to YOU Connecticut) then we should expect to have our guns confiscated at some point in the future.

Billey isn’t just talking mere opinion, here. He has proof. It happened in his own country. Once certain guns …

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