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The psychology of war and warriors
  23 Jun 2011     2:19 pm      Bookworm

Peter Wehner writes about Obama’s decision to draw down troops in Afghanistan, something that (just coincidentally, of course) will take place right before Obama’s reelection bid. Wehner is appalled, and he explains that this gross political calculation isn’t the way it needs to be:
I have the advantage of having served a president during wartime. And whatever faults one might be tempted to lay at the feet of George W. Bush, he never allowed politics of the Obama kind to infect his decisions. I know of what …

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UnAssing AFPAK
  23 Jun 2011     9:06 am      Courtney Messerschmidt

44′s hello ’bout ‘nnouncing the AFPAK Surge will be scaling down by 10K troops this year enroute to unSurging the force levels had some interesting stuff in it. Kinda.
Zooming out of AFPAK (which featured only tiny bite sized bits about Land of the Pure – the PAK part of AFPAK) 44 unveiled a fake argument:
“…Already this decade of war has caused many to question the nature of America’s engagement around the world. Some would have America retreat from our responsibility as an anchor of global security, and embrace …

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Obama: Who Needs Victory When We Can Negotiate With The TahleeBahn?
  22 Jun 2011     9:41 pm      Warner Todd Huston

President Barack Obama came before the American people tonight to unleash his latest campaign speech disguised as a foreign policy address. It was a presentation that even Politico calls “boring and predictable, balanced to please critics,” and one that “did not change the debate about the war.” But, one thing does seem like news. Obama never used the word victory and he also said we’d negotiate with the Taliban – an enemy he annoyingly insists on calling the Tahleebahn.
One singular theme emerged from this speech. Apparently, to President Obama, “victory” …

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Quick Analysis Of Obama’s Foreign Policy Speech
  22 Jun 2011     8:23 pm      John Hawkins

These notes were jotted down as a I watched Obama speak. I wanted to get them out first thing, before I heard what everyone else had to say.
* Obama’s starting to look a little more grey.
* By the time I got into office Afghanistan was falling apart. Not so.
* I ordered 30,000 additional troops into Afganistan — which was less than the generals wanted. He also put a timeline in place, which told the Taliban they could just wait us out.
* We are meeting our goals. Everything in …

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Sirens Of Isolationism
  21 Jun 2011     9:44 am      Courtney Messerschmidt

“O Tay Mr Peabody! Set the dial on the Way Back Machine to 1911!”
Prob the best descrip of the recent GOP Debatery that CNN King Grunting Guy kept grunting through (yeah – it was kinda gross)
“…Mitt Romney sounded not so terribly different from Obama on Afghanistan, with the crucial difference that he wants out faster. Michele Bachmann and virtually all of them thundered that we had no need to be involved in Libya, least of all by playing second fiddle to France (a …

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How a U.S. Military Contract Could Impede Women’s Progress in Afghanistan
  13 May 2011     11:12 pm      Jenn Q. Public

Four Afghan women have achieved something that would have been unimaginable a decade ago: they are training alongside male recruits to become pilots in the Afghan Air Force. Amidst headlines about poverty, illiteracy, and breathtaking levels of violence against women, their accomplishments are beyond heartening.
Second Lt. Sourya Saleh hopes to serve as a role model for other Afghan women after completing her aviation training in the United States.
“We are very happy to be going to open these doors for the other women to come …

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Is Obama Deliberately Trying To Sabotage Our Own War In Afghanistan? It Sure Looks Like It.
  10 May 2011     12:04 pm      John Hawkins

Barack Obama’s entire presidency has been characterized by bumbling and amateurishness. This is an inexperienced President who doesn’t know how to govern and either doesn’t have advisers capable of explaining how things work to him or he doesn’t listen to those advisers.
This has been particularly noticeable in foreign affairs where his bowing and bungling have created issues in Britain, Russia, Israel, Poland, and Honduras among other places.
The place where Obama’s inexperience and arrogance has the potential to create the most dangerous problem, however, is in Pakistan.
Here’s a statement …

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Most US Deaths in Afghanistan Under President Peace Prize’s Watch
  5 Apr 2011     2:59 pm      Dave Blount

Here’s an interesting fact: the majority of US deaths in the decade-long war in Afghanistan have occurred in the two years since the Moonbat Messiah’s Ascension to the White House.
Of the 858 U.S. deaths since Obama’s inauguration, 791 have been combat-related. This means that for the 1,241 combat-related deaths that occurred since the Afghanistan war began in October 2001, about 64 percent happened in the two years since Obama took office.
Last year was the deadliest for U.S. forces in Afghanistan, with 497 combat and non-combat fatalities. Improvised explosive devices (IEDs), …

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Afghanistan Murder Apologists Reid & Graham Call for Free Speech Limits & Koran Burning Inquiry
  4 Apr 2011     8:00 am      Lori Ziganto

FromNewsreals Thats What She Said blog. Please followus on Twitter andsubscribe to our feed!
This isutterly revolting:
U.S. lawmakers said Sunday they would consider a request byAfghanPresidentHamid Karzai to formally condemn a Florida pastors decisionto burnthe Koran, after the act triggered deadly riots inAfghanistan.
Note that once again it is being said that one act the burningofpaper triggered the deadly riots. Not the ideology nor the people who committed the acts,of course. Reid flat-out says that Terry Jones caused the murders murders committed at thehandsof other people. People apparently so simple-minded that …

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Deadly Riots In Afghanistan Go For A Second Day
  2 Apr 2011     7:45 am      William Teach

The NY Times call these “deadly protests.” Sounds more like a riot to me
Violent protests over the burning of a Koran in Florida flared for a second straight day, with young men rampaging through the streets of this southern capital, flying Taliban flags and wielding sticks.
Eight people were killed and 61 injured in the disturbances, according to Zalmai Ayoubi, spokesman for the provincial governor. Kandahar has long been the heartland of the Taliban insurgency but has been relatively quiet in recent months since a surge of additional American troops arrived …

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Say, About That Afghanistan Surge Troop Withdrawl…..
  31 Mar 2011     7:47 am      William Teach

Remember when Mr. Obama said that his surge of troops for the war that was not a “stupid war” would end by July 2011? Yeah, how’s that working out?
Military leaders and President Obamas civilian advisers are girding for battle over the size and pace of the planned pullout of U.S. troops from Afghanistan this summer, with the military seeking to limit a reduction in combat forces and the White House pressing for a withdrawal substantial enough to placate a war-weary electorate.
Gen. David H. Petraeus, the top allied commander in Afghanistan, …

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Video: What The Heck Happened to the Anti-War Movement?
  21 Jan 2011     3:42 pm      Warner Todd Huston

Remember those hoary days of raucous protest when anti-war protesters sent thousands of people into the streets sometimes with only a days notice? Now consider this: have you seen any of these giant protests since 2008 presidential election?
Yeah, no one else has, either. Do you wonder why that is? Well, it’s because the anti-war movement was nothing else but a hypocritical proxy issue used solely to get rid of President Bush and the Republicans. It was never about war at all. At this point this is an indisputable fact.
These …

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Wa Post Editorialist Admires Members of Taliban’s Armies, Are Just as Good as U.S. Soldiers
  31 Dec 2010     11:14 am      Warner Todd Huston

Does anyone on the left understand right and wrong? Do any of them understand that some things humans do are morally reprehensible or is everything relative? If we could find one that understands it, it certainly won’t be Colman McCarthy. We can say this because this week the former Washington Post columnist and current director for the farcical Washington-based “Center for Teaching Peace” said that he “admires” people who “join armies” and, revealing his moral ignorance, he said he even admires those that join the Taliban’s “army.”
In a recent Washington …

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Assange’s Hideout: Journalist Club
  10 Dec 2010     2:22 pm      Dave Blount

America’s enemies certainly find undignified places to hide. Remember Saddam Hussein’s spider hole? Julian Assange found a still more unsavory sanctuary — a British club for journalists:
The Frontline Club in London is the kind of place where war correspondents and investigative reporters mingle with admirers and wannabes, fired by a shared passion for exposing government spin, revealing the truth — and fine dining.
So when WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange found himself at the center of an international firestorm over the website’s publication of leaked U.S. diplomatic cables, he knew where he …

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Smitty, Good Luck and Godspeed….
  12 Nov 2010     3:03 pm      Susannah Fleetwood

Smitty (AKA, Chris Smith) over at The Other McCain has announced in a recent blog post that he will be reporting to Kabul, Afghanistan in time for Christmas, and that he will not be writing anymore blog posts until late 2011. To be specific, Smitty wrote the following about his upcoming deployment to Afghanistan:
“Stacy has greased the skids here, but there will be a hiatus in regular blogging activity for the Smitty portion of this blog duo at the close of this post. I hold orders to activate in …

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Oh, Snap! Obama Officials Walk Back 2011 Afghanistan Exit Date
  10 Nov 2010     8:29 am      William Teach

They are really unhappy about this in Liberal World, but, they should have known that the majority of Obama promises all come with an expiration date
The Obama administration has decided to begin publicly walking away from what it once touted as key deadlines in the war in Afghanistan in an effort to de-emphasize President Barack Obama’s pledge that he’d begin withdrawing U.S. forces in July 2011, administration and military officials have told McClatchy.
The new policy will be on display next week during a conference of NATO countries in Lisbon, Portugal, …

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George Schultz Observes That Obama Is Out of His Mind
  5 Oct 2010     1:29 pm      Dave Blount

At least by this point we can dispense with the charade that Obama is even remotely competent to hold his position. Former Secretary of State George Schultz apparently has:
Reagan-era Secretary of State George Shultz blasted President Obama Monday night for his scheduled July 2011 date to begin withdrawing U.S. forces from Afghanistan. …
“You’re out of your mind,” he said at a question-and-answer forum, when asked his opinion of the president’s drawdown date. “How can you say that ‘if I haven’t won by six or nine months from now, I’m leaving?’”
Obviously, …

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Obama’s Afghanistan Strategy: They Win, We Lose
  24 Sep 2010     2:16 pm      Dave Blount

Remember when Afghanistan was the “war of necessity” that we must win, whereas Iraq was the losable “war of choice”? Bush’s surge having turned the tide in Iraq put a whole new perspective on Afghanistan. Evidently, losing is not only an option now, it’s Obama’s plan:
President Obama urgently looked for a way out of the war in Afghanistan last year, repeatedly pressing his top military advisers for an exit plan that they never gave him, according to secret meeting notes and documents cited in a new book by journalist …

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Movie Review: Newt Gingrich’s America At Risk
  16 Sep 2010     10:31 am      Warner Todd Huston

In Washington D.C. on Sept. 12 I attended the star studded premiere of the new film America at Risk: The War With No Name, featuring Newt and Callista Gingrich and a dozen well respected experts on the subject of the War on Terror. The event was held at the Newseum, a block or so from the National Mall.

America At Risk clearly reveals the dangers that radical Islam still presents to American security and safety. We are still at war with radical Islam and it is a war we are at …

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John Kerry: Obama Preparing to Negotiate With Afghan Terrorists?
  24 Aug 2010     12:00 pm      Warner Todd Huston

If one can believe a word Senator John Kerry (D, Mass) says, the United States is launching efforts to negotiate with Taliban terrorists in Afghanistan.
“I can report without being specific that there are efforts under way. They are serious and I completely agree with that fundamental premise — and so does General [David] Petraeus and so does President Obama — there is no military solution,” Kerry told NPR. “And there are very active efforts now to seek an appropriate kind of political settlement.”
So that means that Obama is willing to …

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