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Planned Parenthood Covered Up Rape to Avoid the Hassle of a Police Report
  15 May 2014     11:23 am      Cassy Fiano

Abortion advocates have attacked undercover investigations of Planned Parenthood as faked or manipulated, even though organizations like Live Action repeatedly found a pattern of criminal behavior in clinics across the country. Unfortunately for Planned Parenthood’s defenders, real life continues to prove that Live Action was right, with the latest example coming from Arizona.

A Planned Parenthood counselor in Arizona intentionally miscoded a sexual assault as a consensual encounter to avoid the “hassle” of reporting it to authorities, months before other victims came forward to stop an alleged 18-year-old serial sex …

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Mainstream Media Shows No Interest in Warren Buffett Giving $1.2 Billion to Abortion Groups
  14 May 2014     3:41 pm      Dave Blount

Yesterday, on the 1-year anniversary of abortionist Kermit Gosnell getting convicted of first-degree murder for the horrors that took place in his neonatal abattoir, there appeared another story we can count on the liberal establishment media to spike. Crony capitalist zillionaire Warren Buffett – a favorite among his fellow liberals because he calls for higher taxes even as he evades paying them — donated a staggering $1.2 billion to abortion organizations during 2001–2012:
That’s equal to the cost of roughly 2.7 million first-trimester abortions — more than twice the number of …

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Planned Parenthood is Defunded in Kansas After Finally Dropping Legal Battle
  14 May 2014     3:34 pm      Cassy Fiano

Planned Parenthood is a ridiculously profitable organization, raking in hundreds of millions of dollars every year. But they still feel entitled to hundreds of millions more from the taxpayers, which is why they fought Kansas for years after a bill was passed defunding them. Fortunately for taxpayers though, they eventually gave up, and

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The Silencing of American Christians
  9 May 2014     1:17 pm      Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

I am bitterly disappointed in HGTV. They are arguably one of my very favorite channels. That they would bow to censorship, especially of Christians, boggles my mind.
Twin brothers, Jason and David Benham, were preparing to launch a show on HGTV this fall entitled: “Flip It Forward.” In the show, the brothers would be helping families in need to renovate their homes. But when their staunch Christian beliefs were brought into the limelight by Right Wing Watch, a hateful organization that targets conservatives, HGTV cancelled the show before it …

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Lib Group Pressures UN to Tell Catholic Church It Doesn’t Have the Right to Oppose Abortion
  9 May 2014     12:58 pm      Cassy Fiano

A lot of liberals were in full hope-y, change-y fever thanks for rampant misunderstandings or outright manipulations of the teachings of Pope Francis. But upon realizing that the Pope is, indeed, still Catholic, they’ve gone on the attack, with the latest being a pro-abortion liberal group insisting that the UN tells the Church that they have no right to oppose abortion.

The Center for Reproductive Rights, a non-governmental organization that advocates for legalized abortion, is urging the United Nations Committee Against Torture to tell the Catholic Church that “the freedom …

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Video: Far Left Activist Films Her Own Abortion
  6 May 2014     12:18 pm      Cassy Fiano

The time of just wanting abortion to be “safe, legal, and rare” is long gone. Rabid abortion fanatic Emily Letts is the latest example of that, filming her own abortion and calling it cool. Because, you know, abortion is such a cool thing to do.

Emily Letts, a 25-year-old abortion counselor at a clinic in New Jersey, knew that she wanted to use her own abortion story to help other woman making their own decisions about whether to end a pregnancy. At first, she thought she would write …

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Boxer Floyd Mayweather Dumped His Fiancee After She Aborted His Twins
  2 May 2014     9:14 am      Cassy Fiano

What is a man supposed to do when he finds out his partner aborted his baby? For boxer Floyd Mayweather, the answer was obvious.

Floyd Mayweather, who faces the heavy-handed Marcos Maidana on pay-per view Saturday night from Las Vegas, tweeted out that his recent breakup stemmed from his fiancee’s abortion. The Tweet quickly coaxed a delete.
“The real reason me and Shantel Christine Jackson @missjackson broke up was because she got a abortion,” the undefeated welterweight tweeted, “and I’m totally against killing babies. She killed our twin babies.”
Reportedly, Jackson, …

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NARAL and Google Team Up Against Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers
  30 Apr 2014     3:00 pm      Dave Blount

Now that the SS and the KGB are no longer with us, the most openly evil organization on the planet may be the death cult calling itself the National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League, a.k.a. NARAL. It doesn’t hurt just babies, although in a soft tyranny like ours, only babies are killed. Others get removed from public view:
Bowing to pressure from abortion-rights groups, Google is removing advertisements from its site for “crisis pregnancy centers” that discourage people from having abortions.
The phrase “abortion-rights groups” apparently means NARAL, the worst of …

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The Only Abortion Clinic in Mississippi Could Soon Shut Down
  28 Apr 2014     2:48 pm      Cassy Fiano

Abortion activists are tearing their hair out over the possibility of Mississippi’s last abortion clinic possibly closing. Jackson Women’s Health has been fighting a 2012 law that requires all abortionists to have admitting privileges at a hospital, and if the Supreme Court doesn’t strike down the law, then the clinic will be closed for good.

Mississippi could soon become the first state in the nation without a single abortion provider.
The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit is set to hear oral arguments next week regarding a 2012 law …

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Hobby Lobby: Should Employers be Forced to Provide Abortifacients?
  31 Mar 2014     4:22 pm      Rachel Alexander

The U.S. Supreme Court heard oral arguments last week in the Hobby Lobby case, to decide whether a business that provides health-care insurance to its employees can be forced to include abortifacients in its coverage. Hobby Lobby filed a lawsuit against the federal government over the Obamacare mandate of providing abortifacients.
Hobby Lobby is a family-owned arts and crafts store, run by Christians based out of Oklahoma. The family has devoted itself to Christian mission work, and Christian music is played over the loudspeakers in its stores. The owners are not …

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Aborted Babies Incinerated to Heat Britain’s Socialist Hospitals
  24 Mar 2014     12:48 pm      Dave Blount

Jonathan Swift was onto something with his “A Modest Proposal,” in which he suggested solving both overpopulation and hunger by feeding people babies. His approach has been applied by the socialist bureaucrats running the healthcare system in Britain to solve a similar pair of problems: what to do with the babies resulting from casual, irresponsible sex; and how to heat hospitals when our liberal overlords are deliberately causing energy prices to “necessarily skyrocket” on behalf of the polar bears. The ingenious solution:
The bodies of thousands of aborted and miscarried babies …

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‘Queer Theory’ Professor Charged For Assaulting a Teenaged Pro-Life Demonstrator
  23 Mar 2014     7:35 pm      Warner Todd Huston

Yesterday I wrote about how Democrats in Cincinnati threw a big welcome home party for a criminal convicted of vote fraud. Even MSNBC’s Al Sharpton, a man guilty of inciting to murder, came on down to Cincy to celebrate this criminal. Well, now, with the tale of a “queer theory” professor from the U of California who has been charged of physically assaulting a teenaged girl who was protesting abortion, I have yet another story that shows that to be a Democrat/liberal/communist is to be a supporter and promulgator of …

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Leftist Professor Assaults Child Over Pro-Life Display
  13 Mar 2014     2:48 pm      Dave Blount

Remember when college campuses were revered as places for the free interchange of ideas? A recent incident at University of California, Santa Barbara is emblematic of how distant that ideal has become:
A department of feminist studies professor has been accused of going berserk after coming across a campus prolife demonstration that used extremely graphic displays, leading a small mob of students to chant “tear down the sign” before grabbing one of the signs, storming off with it, then allegedly engaging in an altercation with a 16-year-old prolife protestor who had …

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New Texas Law Leads To Closure Of Houston Abortion Clinic
  22 Feb 2014     5:52 am      Lou Ann Anderson

The state of Texas has shut down a Houston abortion provider for non-compliance with a new law requiring doctors have admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles.

Per the Houston Chronicle:
The Department of State Health Services has revoked the abortion license of A Affordable Women’s Medical Center and the Texas Medical Board has temporarily suspended the medical license of Dr. Theodore M. Herring Jr., the facility’s medical director and sole provider of abortions, the agencies announced Friday.
Herring unlawfully performed 268 abortions between Nov. 6 and Feb. 7, according to the two agencies.
The disciplinary actions against …

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The Girl Scouts Threaten LifeNews For Reporting Its Links to Planned Parenthood
  19 Feb 2014     6:29 am      John Hawkins

Instead of cutting its ties to left-wing organizations, the Girl Scouts is attempting to silence one of the new organizations that’s reporting on its activities. That’s not very smart and it’s working about as well as you’d expect — which is to say that it’s backfiring in a major way by drawing even more attention to the story..

During the last two weeks, LifeNews has brought international attention to the link between the Girl Scouts and the Planned Parenthood abortion business and the national boycott of Girl Scouts cookies sponsored by …

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Kim Jong-un Gives The Nazis A Run For Their Money
  18 Feb 2014     10:32 am      Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

A woman holds up a poster with photos from an internment camp in North Korea. (AFP)
The United States should be deeply ashamed of itself. Not just under Barack Obama, but Presidents who came before him have ignored the monstrous atrocities going on in North Korea now for five decades. Instead, our media focuses on celeb Dennis Rodman, who is absolutely nuts and has a serious bromance with the murderous NoKo dictator. Every once in a while, the Obama Administration will wag their finger and say, “Naughty, naughty!” to …

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Time to Stop Supporting the Girl Scouts
  2 Feb 2014     2:46 pm      Warner Todd Huston

For a few years now I have been seeing stories about how the Girl Scouts are pushing abortion harder and harder. At first the references to the organization’s campaign in favor of abortion was disparate and isolated. But now that they are pushing for Texas candidate Wendy Davis, it’s finally all too much. It is time to stop supporting the Girl Scouts.

For me, in years past I maintained that you shouldn’t hold the national organization to task for what local groups did. But as the connections mounted year in and …

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Just Say No to Girl Scout Cookies
  31 Jan 2014     2:10 pm      Dave Blount

If you find it difficult turning down cute little girls who want to put an inch or two on your waist by selling you tasty cookies, maybe this will help:
A few weeks ago, the Girl Scouts designated Wendy Davis as an “incredible woman” who deserved to be on the list of 2013 “Women of the Year.” Only a month earlier, the organization promoted Kathleen Sebelius as a woman of “courage” on its Facebook page.
Wendy Davis (a.k.a. Abortion Barbie) is not only a phony, but a single-issue political phenom whose sole …

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How The Democrats are Lying About Huckabee’s ‘Women’s Libido’ Comment
  24 Jan 2014     1:46 pm      Warner Todd Huston

Mike Huckabee did not say a single thing that was outrageous during his remarks to an RNC winter meeting on January 23. But that won’t stop the Old Media complex from lying about his comments and desperately trying to spin his comments as some sort of attack on women. It was, in fact, just the opposite.
Left-wing spin artists that pretend to be journalists, like CNN’s Wolf Blitzer and Dana Bash, immediately launched into an attack on Huckabee as if he was disparaging women or attacking their rights–because, you know, Republicans …

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SHOCKING: ‘Conscience for Liberalism’ journalist calls for impeachment of ‘most destructive, dangerous President’ in history
  23 Jan 2014     4:20 pm      Tiffiny Ruegner

You know the country is in trouble when the man considered the ‘conscience of civil libertarianism and liberalism for decades’ calls for the impeachment of the sitting king of the liberals, President Barack Obama.

WASHINGTON — Worse than Richard Nixon. An unprecedented abuse of powers. The most un-American president in the nation’s history.
Nat Hentoff does not think much of President Obama.
And now, the famous journalist says it is time to begin looking into impeachment. t convince Congress to do things his way.”
”” The First Amendment expert still hews left on many issues, railing against …

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