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The 30 Best Conservative Twitter Feeds Of 2012
  22 Mar 2012     12:43 am      John Hawkins

As I read through Time’s The 140 Best Twitter Feeds of 2012, I couldn’t help but think, “Geeze, these are really boring.” Well, as a Twitter aficionado, let me suggest some conservatives who I think are a little more worthy of a follow. Keep in mind that I didn’t take raw numbers of followers, status, or who follows me back into account. I just picked out what I believe to be the best conservative Twitter feeds. No disrespect meant to anyone who wasn’t included.
Before I get started, here are my …

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My 25 Favorite Tweets From February
  7 Mar 2012     1:33 am      John Hawkins

Trusting government with your freedom and your money is like trusting NAMBLA to babysit your kids.
— John Hawkins (@johnhawkinsrwn) February 27, 2012

Planned Parenthood is all about women’s health, well, unless the women are babies, in which case they want to kill them. For profit.
— John Hawkins (@johnhawkinsrwn) February 25, 2012

I think whether you find people who genuinely seem to be more moral than you to be appealing or repellent says a lot about your character
— John Hawkins (@johnhawkinsrwn) February 15, 2012

The only thing worse than trusting everyone is believing everyone …

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My 30 Favorite Tweets From January
  1 Feb 2012     3:44 am      John Hawkins

This time, I’m trying something a little different: 15 tweets from me, 5 from my quote accounts (all of which you should follow), and 10 from other people. Enjoy!
Liberalism says enjoy yourself, someone else will pay for it, & anyone who says there’s more to life than that wants to ruin your good time
— John Hawkins (@johnhawkinsrwn) January 8, 2012

I think the GOP should put Mexican family members of people killed by Fast & Furious weapons in front of Congress to demand answers.
— John Hawkins (@johnhawkinsrwn) January 2, 2012

A lot …

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My 25 Favorite Tweets From November
  5 Dec 2011     7:58 am      John Hawkins

* If you really think everybody can be a winner, then you’re probably a loser
* I admire the way my dog spots a half dozen cats lounging around & immediately moves to charge the whole kitty legion solo.
* The real cost of anything is the amount of your life you have to give in exchange for it.
* You’re either striving to go forward or you’re dying inside.
* If you want something, you better ask for it because very seldom do people think you’re so great that they just hand you …

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My 25 Favorite Tweets From October
  2 Nov 2011     3:29 pm      John Hawkins

– If you think bankers make an “unfair” amount of money, then the simple solution would seem to be to become a banker.
– I’m opposed to the gov’t giving ANYBODY, protesters, jobless, students, banks, corporations, etc more of our money than they already get
– What #OWS can learn from the Tea Party: 1) Bathe 2) Have a job 3) Don’t crap in the street 4) Don’t get arrested 5) Commies & Nazis suck
– A woman asked for advice for dressing for guys. Here it is: If you dress slutty, expect …

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My 20 Favorite Tweets For September
  4 Oct 2011     4:00 am      John Hawkins

* Once you start catering to people’s pathologies, it seldom ends well or at a reasonable point.
* Tolerance, diversity, and “not being mean” are part of a pseudo-morality. Real morality is difficult & requires firm lines.
* God > Family/Friends > other Americans > America’s allies > Everyone else > Animals
* Women complaining that men are hard to understand is like Chess saying that Tic-Tac-Toe is way too complicated.
* One ounce of good will from the person you’re talking to is worth more in any kind of relationship than a pound …

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My 20 Favorite Tweets For August
  6 Sep 2011     7:20 am      John Hawkins

* Liberals aren’t striving for future prosperity, they’re just trying to delay our day of reckoning for our debt until after they’re dead
* Obama’s new hurricane prevention measure: He borrows trillions from China, hires unions to dump it in the ocean, & blames Bush when it fails
* There’s nothing shameful about being poor. But, if you stay poor over the long haul in a country like America, you’re doing something wrong
* I do hope people realize that freaking out over the Bilderberg Group makes them sound like loons.
* Politifact =’s …

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My 30 Favorite Tweets From July
  4 Aug 2011     6:14 am      John Hawkins

From Johnhawkinsrwn
* The government thinks it’s in charge. Break its rules, fight the power, defy, and rebel. That’s conservatism.
* If Obama had migraines, the press would be calling them “head parties” and would say they’re caused by “caring.”
* I wonder how many poor people ever consider that Dems want them to stay poor & dependent because it keeps them voting Dem
* Project gunrunner is a much bigger scandal that the Joe/Valerie Wilson silliness. Which one has gotten more coverage?
* Greed isn’t being rich and not wanting to pay more taxes, …

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My 25 Fave 140 Character Thoughts For June
  11 Jul 2011     3:51 am      John Hawkins

* Diet soda “makes you fat” for the same reason anti-depressants “cause” suicide. Hint: Correlation isn’t causation.
* You don’t find yourself so much as you create yourself.
* If there are enough people who’ll buy anything, then you can be sure that eventually someone will come along and sell it
* The merit of an idea and the charisma of the people pushing it are often completely unrelated concepts.
* Intelligent people gone wrong do much more damage to the world than stupid people.
* When people can’t deal with the major issues in …

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My 25 Fave 140 Character Thoughts For May
  8 Jun 2011     5:27 am      John Hawkins

These are from my Twitter account, johnhawkinsrwn.
* One of the biggest problems w/ the gov’t is that there’s no consideration of whether taxpayers are getting value for their money
* Proving you’ll die if you kill Americans is a hell of a lot more important than proving we’re more moral than our enemies
* We’re creating an America that will make it structurally impossible for people to be as successful as they were in past generations
* For most of human history, people DID NOT assume life would be better for them than …

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My 25 Fave 140 Character Thoughts For April
  5 May 2011     6:07 am      John Hawkins

* The type of life you have is created by the choices you’ve made. Either accept the consequences of your choices or change your choices
* Men have a natural urge to tame the wild, spoil the pure, and asset dominance over their environment.
* When human beings have difficult work to do, all too often they opt for pleasant, but meaningless distractions instead.
* One of the great difficulties in getting expert advice is that everybody thinks they’re an expert these days
* You can usually tell how hot a woman THINKS she …

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My Fave Twenty 140 Character Thoughts For March
  4 Apr 2011     7:35 am      John Hawkins

* We’d be a lot better off if most people in DC learned to love 3 little words, “Not our problem.”
* If both sides are criticizing you, it may mean you’re doing twice as much wrong, not splitting the difference to be right
* Just because there are bad guys on one side doesn’t mean the good guys are on the other side. It may be all bad guys.
* Just because it’s a “good idea” doesn’t mean the government should fund it. Even “good ideas” have to be paid for.
* Why …

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My Fave Twenty 140 Character Thoughts For January
  1 Mar 2011     12:52 pm      John Hawkins

* If Democrats are so concerned about shutting down the government, why have they just done it in Wisconsin and Indiana?
* The Dems are now the “Party of No.” No to cutting spending. No to reducing gov’t. No to saving the American Dream.
* I’m not so sure having Obamacare overturned by the SCOTUS would hurt Dems. It would take GOP issue #1 off the table.
* If none of the global warming models predicted the last 15 years, why should we believe they’ll be right in 100 years?
* Why is it …

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My Fave 20 140 Character Thoughts For January
  1 Feb 2011     1:40 am      John Hawkins

* Hey Westerners, if life were “fair,” you would probably be a lot poorer, less educated, & living in an unfree society.
* In the real world, there’s no such thing as a “race to the bottom.” Businesses raise the bottom by being there.
* Libs may be able to do what the Nazis & Soviets couldn’t: Destroy America. They used guns. Liberals use debt. Same result
* My advice for kids getting into politics: Do something more normal 1st to get perspective. Politics skews your thinking.
* As I look at Pelosi on …

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My 50 Favorite Tweets of 2010
  22 Dec 2010     5:31 am      John Hawkins

Every month, I put out a list of my favorite tweets from my Johnhawkinsrwn account. Since I think of Twitter as a blog, with a 140 character limit on the size of posts, that seems to work out pretty well.
Here are the best of the best: My fave tweets from 2010.
* I wonder what the consequences are of having such a youth-centric culture when the average lifespan is 78.4 years.
* Getting angry at women for liking men with money is like being angry at dogs for chasing cats. It’s …

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My Fave 20 140 Character Thoughts For November
  2 Dec 2010     7:57 am      John Hawkins

* Environmentalists: Wasting billions on global warming, killing millions by banning DDT, & starving children by fighting frankenfood
* Liberal feminism: Devotion to abortion, copying the worst traits of men, & pretending to be outraged by the real world.
* Liberals find a rationale for supporting just about anything that degrades morality, tradition, and American culture.
* Zombie flicks reveal innate optimism. They all feature 99.9% of people dying, but everyone pictures themselves surviving.
* I’ve eaten rabbit, alligator, turtle, deer, bear, ostrich — everything tastes like fish, chicken, or beef.
* If you have …

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My Fave 25 140 Character Thoughts For October
  15 Nov 2010     6:02 am      John Hawkins

* The Swift Boat Vets told the truth, the Willie Horton ad wasn’t racist, and Max Cleland’s patriotism wasn’t challenged in his Senate race.
* You can’t have good without naming evil, rights without responsibilities, or decency without limits on behavior.
* The GOP has completely rejected the advice of Frum, Brooks, Meggie Mac, etc. & it’s thriving. #notacoincidence
* Having a good heart can get you in trouble when you’re dealing w/ unstable people. Help if you like, but protect yourself
* The corollary of that old “the enemy of my enemy is …

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My Fave 25 140 Character Thoughts For September
  4 Oct 2010     4:59 am      John Hawkins

* In America, it’s usually the bully who says he’s a victim, the extremist who cries over extremism, & the bombthrower who demands civility.
* If you live in a great country like America & don’t think life is “fair,” you better pray life never gets “fair” for you.
* The more the government acts like a parent, the more the American people become like children.
* If a charity gave out the same % of money they received in aid to the poor as the gov’t does, they’d be considered a scam.
* …

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My Fave 25 140 Character Thoughts For August
  1 Sep 2010     11:10 am      John Hawkins

* Sarah Palin blasted Lisa “RINO” Murkowski’s political career like it was a wolf running from her helicopter & I love it
* Some day, when I have a less demanding job, I look forward to taking as many vacations as Obama.
* Women get their nails done and get zillions of shoes for other women, not for men. Men don’t care about that stuff.
* Not the best way to begin your generic form letter to me, “Dear (Contact First Name),”
* Why is it that people who go on & on about …

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My Fave 25 Random 140 Character Thoughts For July
  2 Aug 2010     3:16 am      John Hawkins

* Ever notice Obama regularly “takes full responsibility” for things & then immediately points the finger elsewhere?
* Poor Roman Polanski. You rape a girl and these conservatives never want to let you forget it – even though you’re famous!
* It would be a better world if more people in politics were close enough to punch each other in the nose.
* Odd, but true fact: The farther off a poll is, the more attention it draws. So, the worst polls make the most news.
* America needs to do more to punish …

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