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Ladies, Say Hello to Verily Magazine!

Written By : Anna Maria Hoffman
May 17, 2013

by Anna Maria Hoffman


Ladies, are you tired of women’s magazines, like Seventeen and Cosmopolitan, that fail to honor your unique beauty, present distorted images of femininity, and promote clothing that does not celebrate your dignity?Are you looking for a fashion magazine that cherishes your natural beauty, features tasteful fashion, and honors your individuality and self-worth? Look no further than to Verily Magazine, a new fashion magazine that we have been waiting for!Unlike most fashion magazines, which pressure young women to look, act and dress alike, Verily is a fashion and lifestyle magazine that values who you are and provides you with tips to live life to the fullest.Verily’s emphasis on valuing self-worth is especially evident in its style section. According to co-founder and style editor Janet Sahm, Verily’s style department features classy, tasteful fashion that never forgets to honor you:

We believe fashion is such a powerful tool in communicating who we are as women. For better or for worse, what we wear says something. Within Verily’s style department, we hope to help women fully understand their own worth and to dress in a way that reflects that. Fashion can actually be fun, so we aim to curate truly beautiful, wearable looks -from street style to runway trends – in order to inspire in women to not only embrace their personal style, but the best of who they are.   

Breaking the hypersexual mold of today’s fashion magazines, Verily naturally portrays female beauty. While magazines like Cosmopolitan present altered images favoring one type of female “beauty,” Verily presents images of women who are found in real life. That best exemplifies Verily’s commitment to celebrating natural uniqueness, which is especially evident in a statement from Ashley Crouch, Verily’s relationships editor:

Whereas other magazines photoshop to achieve the “ideal” body type or leave a maximum of three wrinkles, we never alter the body or face structure of our models. We firmly believe that the unique features of women–be it crow’s feet, freckles, or a less-than-rock-hard body–contribute to their beauty and therefore don’t need to be removed or changed.

And thankfully, Verily offers relationship advice that is not narrowly focused, like most fashion magazines we are familiar with. Instead, Verily offers its readers relationship tips that will help them cultivate real romance and achieve life-long marriage.Verily Magazine is truly a breath of fresh air and a beacon of hope for our nation’s young women. Finally, there is a fashion magazine that promotes our dignity, offers trustworthy relationship advice, and features clothing that naturally complements who we are.Verily is our hope in a culture that constantly praises fashion magazines that promote female sexual degradation, a false sense of empowerment, and deceptive relationship advice.Subscribe to Verily Magazine today to receive the first full issue in June. Spread the good news and hope that Verily has to offer to other young women you know!

This blog post was originally published on Counter Cultured’s “Conservative Attire” column.

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