A New Front in the War on Christmas: Inappropriate Underwear Ads

by: Spencer Chretien: 

As soon as they stopped calling it “Christmas Break,” something like this was bound to happen.

A new ad: from K-Mart features a bunch of young men, dressed curiously in tuxedo tops and their underwear, who appear to be playing the tune “Jingle Bells” with their, well, bells.:  If I haven’t left enough to your imagination, replace the: e: in “bells” with an: a,: and there you go.

Other than to declare that I won’t be doing my Christmas shopping at K-Mart this year, where do I begin?:  No words are uttered in the ad until it’s almost done, and then it’s just one of the ad’s stars encouraging people to “get in” to K-Mart so they can get more Christmas, as if that’s possible.:  At least in the Victoria’s Secret ads we get some cheesy voiceover and typical commercial music that serenade us throughout the whole thing.:  And what’s with the weird canned clapping?

This ad is uniquely distasteful because it combines the commercialization of Christmas (which assumes, correctly, the secularization of Christmas) with the common decline in the quality of our societal discourse, including in advertizing.:  Just like everything else, Christmas ads must now include something at least vaguely sexual if they are to appeal to the masses.

Judging from ad’s number of “likes” and “dislikes,” and from the simple fact that K-Mart’s marketing team wouldn’t release an ad that they thought wouldn’t bring in revenue, this stuff sells.:  A group of men can successfully advertize boxers by twerking–I think this would at least qualify under a broad definition of twerking–to “Jingle Bells.” : No talent is on display; no actual reasons to shop at K-Mart are offered. As I mentioned earlier, there is not even any narration to accompany the inappropriateness that is on display. : In other words, if you muted this ad, you would still get its message.:  A more basic summary of the appeal would read:: “Shop at K-Mart, because hot men’s underwear.”

And remember, this is not an ad about new summer bathing suits; it’s about Christmas. I understand that companies need a way to advertize their underwear, but it’s possible to encourage people to stuff their Christmas packages with underwear without actually showing off their packages.:  This type of raunchiness crosses the line and must be criticized, especially when the whole reason for the season celebrated by this ad is the birth of Jesus Christ.

Those of who make a point of saying “Merry Christmas” instead of “Happy Holidays” should also step up and excoriate ads like this one.

This blog post was originally published on: Counter Cultured’s “Spiritually Awakened” column.

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